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  • Bombardier CEO suggests new CSeries delay possible

    News | 27 Mar 2015 21:05 | Stephen Trimble

    ​Bombardier’s new chief executive appeared to disclose a new delay for first delivery of the CS100 at a press conference in Montreal on 27 March, but a company spokeswoman says there has been no change.
  • Back to life: nine civil types revived

    News | 27 Mar 2015 16:05 | Kate Sarsfield

    ​As our report on Viking’s ​Twin Otter shows, reviving civil aircraft programmes that have foundered can be a gamble that pays off – or, not.
  • Airbus sale of Dassault stake shows Rafale, Falcon maker's appeal

    News | 26 Mar 2015 11:36 | Dan Thisdell

    ​Airbus’s 25 March move to offload a second tranche of its shareholding in Dassault Aviation has advanced its strategic plan to pare away non-core assets – and underscored the attractiveness to investors of Dassault, a company whose shares have until now been essentially untraded.
  • Airbus raises stakes in move to divest Dassault

    News | 25 Mar 2015 15:02 | Dan Thisdell

    ​Airbus’s bid to sell off non-core holdings is set to take a significant step forward, when it offloads a second tranche of shares in Dassault Aviation, taking its stake in the maker of Rafale fighters and Falcon business jets down to about 27%.
  • No US military aircraft in Paris flying display

    News | 24 Mar 2015 17:05 | Ghim-Lay Yeo

    ​US military aircraft will be absent from the flying display at this year Paris air show, although show organisers are holding out hope that the Bombardier CSeries would make its major show debut at the event.
  • Air Canada A320 comes off runway on landing at Halifax

    News | 29 Mar 2015 11:31

    ​An Air Canada Airbus A320 has come off the runway after landing at Halifax International airport in Nova Scotia, in an incident which  has seen 23  passengers and crew sustain non-life threatening injuries.
  • Would two-crew cockpit rule prevent another Germanwings tragedy?

    News | 27 Mar 2015 15:34 | Dan Thisdell

    Among the many repercussions of the shocking revelation that Germanwings flight 9525 was deliberately crashed by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz while alone at the controls, the most immediate has been a move to require that there be two crew members in a cockpit at all times.
  • Germanwings parent to adopt two-in-cockpit rule

    News | 27 Mar 2015 14:42

    ​Germanwings parent company Lufthansa Group is the latest to adopt a new cockpit occupancy procedure in the wake of the French Alps Airbus A320 crash.
  • Germanwings crash pilot concealed illness: prosecutor

    News | 27 Mar 2015 12:37 | David Kaminski-Morrow

    ​German prosecutors in Dusseldorf have disclosed the contents of documentation indicating that the first officer on the crashed Germanwings Airbus A320 had been concealing an illness from his company.
  • OPINION: Aviation must address risk within the cockpit

    News | 27 Mar 2015 11:12 | Flight International

    ​The Germanwings Airbus A320 loss, it seems, was another deliberate act by a pilot. That statement is not intended to imply that this is becoming commonplace – because that is far from true – but the very fact that there have been several deliberate acts of destruction by pilots, even if over many years, makes it clear that the issue needs to be addressed.
  • OPINION: Time to reverse declining private pilot numbers

    News | 30 Mar 2015 09:29 | Flight International

    ​It is a curious anomaly. At a time when more people than ever are flying as airline passengers, the number flying as private pilots is plummeting. UK Civil Aviation Authority figures show that flying activity at schools and aerodromes has fallen 40% since 2005. The pattern in other mature markets is similar, while in most of the fastest growing regions for airline travel, there is barely a recreational aviation sector to speak of.
  • HondaJet gains provisional type certificate, deliveries near

    News | 27 Mar 2015 21:35 | Stephen Trimble

    ​A newly-awarded provisional type certificate for the HA-420 HondaJet moves the North Carolina-based manufacturer a major stiep closer in its 12-year-long quest of entering the light business jet market.
  • GE Honda Aero engines receives US approval for HF120 production

    News | 25 Mar 2015 09:21 | Kate Sarsfield

    ​GE Honda Aero Engines has cleared a key milestone for its HF120 turbofan, which powers the HondaJet light twin-engined business jet, with the US Federal Aviation Administration granting production approval for its new manufacturing plant in Burlington, Massachusetts.
  • Royal Jet sets sights on FBO expansion

    News | 25 Mar 2015 09:07 | Kate Sarsfield

    VVIP charter operator Royal Jet is planning to add its third fixed-base operation to its portfolio this year and is also eyeing three other possible destinations, which currently have little or no aircraft and passenger handling provision.
  • Daher opens new North American TBM headquarters

    News | 25 Mar 2015 09:00 | Kate Sarsfield

    Daher has moved the North American headquarters for its TBM aircraft business to a much larger facility nearby, in response to the growing demand for new aircraft after-sales support for its high-speed single-engined turboprop from within its largest market.
  • SpyLite claims new range record

    News | 30 Mar 2015 10:48 | Arie Egozi

    ​A SpyLite mini unmanned air vehicle with a launch weight of 9kg (19.8lb) has achieved a communication range of 65nm (120km), which its manufacturer claims is a new world record for this category of system
  • ​KAI tapped as preferred bidder for KFX

    News | 30 Mar 2015 09:45 | Greg Waldron

    Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has been selected as the preferred bidder in South Korea’s proposed KFX fighter programme to build an indigenous fighter.
  • Netherlands moves closer to CH-47F acquistion

    News | 28 Mar 2015 12:01 | Dominic Perry

    ​The US State Department has approved a request from the Netherlands covering the acquisition of 17 Boeing CH-47F Chinooks.
  • RAF C-130J deployed to South Sudan

    News | 27 Mar 2015 18:48 | Beth Stevenson

    ​The Royal Air Force says that its Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules strategic transport has been deployed to northeastern Africa to deliver supplies to a remote region under the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) humanitarian relief effort.
  • DARPA selects two firms to compete for sea-based UAV

    News | 26 Mar 2015 18:48 | Stephen Trimble

    AeroVironment and Northrop Grumman will compete to build a Predator-sized unmanned air system (UAS) that can be launched and recovered from a naval patrol vessel, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced.
  • As our report on Viking’s Twin Otter shows, reviving civil aircraft programmes can sometimes be a gamble that pays off. Here we survey other winners and a few hopefuls in the resurrection stakes

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