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  • NBAA: Learjet 85 makes its debut

    Bombardier’s Learjet 85 is making its debut at NBAA where the airframer is insisting that it is business as usual for...

  • INTERVIEW: AEA chief executive Athar Husain KhanPro Article

    The AEA’s regeneration last year as a more outwardly focused, transparent organisation has given the association more...

  • AUVSI: Researchers look for MQ-8C performance boost

    Studies are underway to further enhance the at-sea performance of the US Navy’s Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout.

  • AUVSI: AeroVironment pushes UAVs into new markets

    ​After a decade of rapid growth fuelled by war spending, AeroVironment is busy creating markets for new applications...

  • AUVSI: Police find new roles for small UAVs

    A two-year experiment by a North Dakota police agency has identified several key roles for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs)...

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