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NBAA 2013

Welcome to Flightglobal’s coverage of
NBAA 2013.

NBAA iFlight coming soon

"Jackie's Legacy 650 supports his intercontinental travel…he has chosen the 500 for shorter range requirements". Ernest Edwards, President - Embraer Executive Jets

"The Falcon 5X represents our biggest investment since the beginning of the Falcon programmes." Eric Trappier, Chief executive - Dassault Aviation





Day One

Out now

  • Falcon 5X breaks cover
  • Jackie Chan adds to Legacy
  • Viking's executive makeover

NBAA iFlight day 2 out now

"There are no other twin engine jets that can come close to the Eclipse in terms of cost and economy". Bruce Dickinson, Chairman, Aeris Aviation and lead singer of Iron Maiden

"Customers do not want to be locked in with one supplier on an avionics suite…we are proposing an open platform." Richard Perrot, Head of marketing, Thales Avionics




Day Two

Out now

  • Marriage maiden heaven
  • Thales back in business
  • Legacy 450 gets a makeover

NBAA iFlight

"When we fly, we get dehydrated and oxygen depletes from our skin. These products will change that". Erin Lear, Granddaughter of Learjet founder Bill Lear and owner of Lear organics

"This marks the first time that a Chinese operator has registered their assests in the USA" Sean Xu, Chairman, Deer Jet





Day Three

Out now

  • Retro party for Learjet 50th
  • Beechcraft set for jet sale
  • Gulfstream G280 interactive cutaway