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February 2010 - Posts

Falcon 900 N468GH at Dublin
Sun, Feb 28 2010 8:58 PM

Highland Alternate LLC operate Falcon 900 registered N468GH. The aircraft was built in 2001 with msn 190 and was a visitor to Dublin on Friday last February 26. Pictured above by Derek Gannon the aircraft is parked next to Gulfstream 550 VP-BJK.

G-SRBN, N835BA at Dublin
Sun, Feb 28 2010 8:43 PM

It was a case of both ends of the business aircraft scale (sizewise at any rate) in Dublin on Friday. At the VLJ end, Oxford based Flairjet visited with Embraer 500 Phenom G-SRBN. Registered in October 2009 the aircraft is number 56 off the Embraer production line and was the first Embraer Phenom 100 to be registered in the UK. 

 At the top end of the scale Boeing Company's in house run around B737-7BC BBJ BBJ registered N835BA (msn 30572) was also in town and could probably fly with a Phenom perched on each wing ! Both aircraft were pictured by Derek Gannon during their layovers.

VT-EYG, VT-EYI night stopping at Shannon
Sun, Feb 28 2010 6:45 PM

Following the lunchtime arrival of Indian Airlines A320 VT-EYG at Shannon, sistership VT-EYI arrived in mid afternoon from Bratislava.

VT-EYI is msn 478 and was built in 1994. Through a succession of registrations it too served with Shorouk but as SU-RAC. The aircraft has previously visited Shannon., having been with Shannon Aerospace in July 1999 as F-OHGA of Krygyzstan Airlines

Both aircraft are due to depart Shannon tomorrow morning, taking the Iceland route to the US.

VT-EYG was the first to arrive at lunchtime

....followed by VT-EYI approximately two hours later.

Indian Airlines VT-EYG at Shannon
Sun, Feb 28 2010 2:01 PM

Indian Airlines are currently in the process of handing back three Airbus A320 aircraft to their lessor. The first of the aircraft, A320-231 registered VT-EYG departed Mumbai for Larnaca en-route Shannon yeseterday along with sister VT-EYI. At lunchtime today VT-EYG arrived in Shannon with VT-EYI expected later, it having routed Larnaca - Bratislava - Shannon.

VT-EYG is a 1992 build machine with msn 326. Prior to being placed on the Indian register the aircraft was registered F-WQSM for a brief period having been registered SU-RAB with Shorouk Air who leased it to a number of operators.

Thankfully VT-EYG hadn't been "whited out" prior to lease handback and is seen in full colours on finals to (a sunny !) R24 at Shannon this lunchtime. The aircraft is night stopping with sister ship -EYI due later. The third aircraft, VT-EYH departed Mumbai for Larnaca today so is a good candidate for dropping into Shannon tomorrow. 

Arik Air's 5N-MJQ at Shannon
Sun, Feb 28 2010 11:07 AM

Arik Air's latest B737-8JE was delivered through Shannon over February 19th / 20th. In common with other Arik 737's the aircraft day stopped in Shannon. Pictured below in Luke Cranitch's picture, 5N-MJQ, msn 38971 is sen on finals to R24 at Shannon.

EI-EKN marks delivery of 250th B737-800 to Ryanair
Sun, Feb 28 2010 10:51 AM

Ryanair passed another significant milestone in the airline's history Friday with the delivery of B737-8AS EI-EKN. The aircraft is the 250th B737-800 to be delivered to the carrier. EI-EKN, msn 35026 (hex code 4CA80E) arrived in Dublin from Seattle on Friday afternoon last, February 26.

Irish Air Corps EC135 serial 271 at Dublin
Fri, Feb 26 2010 12:08 AM

With the Irish Air Corp's base at Baldonnel just down the road, visits to Dublin Airport by Air Corps helicopters tend to be dash and go rather than long layover. Eurocopter EC135 serial 271 made a notable visit to Dublin this week, arriving on Tuesday and departing today, Thursday. Pictured above by Derek Gannon, 271 is seen parked up complete with its full compliment of "Remove Before Flight" covers.


Global 5000 N50DS at Dublin
Thu, Feb 25 2010 11:57 PM

Bombardier Global 500 registered N50DS to Tampa Fl. based First South East Aviation Corp. was a visitor to Dublin yesterday. The aircraft which is unmistakably American is msn 9140 and suffered significant damage to the wing flaps, fuselage and undercarriage when it collected a set of approach lights on finals to Vance W. Amory airport at Charlestown, St. Kitts in the Caribbean in 2007. 

G-SONE, M-ONAV at Dublin
Thu, Feb 25 2010 11:44 PM

It was a case of a current Manx and an ex Manx registered aircraft when M-ONAV and G-SONE visited Dublin yesterday. 

Citation Jet CJ2 registered G-SONE was added to the UK register as recently as January 7 last. The aircraft, msn 525A-0031 is now registered to CJ525Ltd but was previously registered M-XONE up until January. G-SONE visited Dublin using the CLF flight designator of Bristol Flight Centre and is pictured above by Derek Gannon.

Hawker 900XP, registered M-ONAV also visited Dublin Wednesday. The aircraft is msn HA-0073 and has been Manx since 2008. It was pictured above by Derek Gannon during its layover in Dublin, operating with the HGR flight designator of Oxford based Hangar 8 Ltd.

N283AY US Airways A330 diverts to Dublin
Thu, Feb 25 2010 6:07 PM

Today's flight AWE 707 routing Munich to Philadelphia diverted to Dublin with a problem in the Inertial Navigation System. The flight was over Northern Ireland when the problem was encountered. After initially electing to divert to Shannon the crew decided to change course and divert to Dublin instead , possibly due to the fact that the fix could be better effected in Dublin than Shannon. The flight, operated by Airbus A330-243  registered N283AY landed at Dublin at approximately 13.40 utc and departed again just under three hours later. N283AY is a very recent delivery to US Airways, having been taken in charge as recently as December 2009.  

On January 11 last Aer Lingus suffered a similar INS failure on Airbus A330 registered EI-EDY which turned back to Dublin shortly after passing the west coast of Ireland. The aircraft was operating flight EIN105.

Secretary Napolitano and Ambassador Rooney announce expansion of pre clearance at Shannon Airport
Thu, Feb 25 2010 5:45 PM

US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and US Ambassador to Ireland, Dan Rooney have announced the expansion of DHS pre clearance at Shannon to include private aircraft from March 1 2010.

“Working together to enhance aviation security is vital to ensuring the mutual safety of the United States and Ireland,” said Secretary Napolitano. “Expanding preclearance services at Shannon Airport underscores our commitment to protecting the safety and security of our citizens while streamlining legitimate travel and commerce between our two nations.”

“The relationship between Ireland and the United States is one of the strongest in the world,” said Ambassador Rooney. “Opening preclearance operations to private aircraft at Shannon is just one example of how our countries are working together to put in place programs that further strengthen this bond. The anticipated increase in flights through Shannon as a result of this service expansion will give an economic boost to the region around Shannon airport. We look forward to continuing our work with the Irish government on preparations for the opening of the preclearance facility at Dublin airport later this year.”

Preclearance inspection allows DHS to screen travelers before takeoff through essentially the same process a traveler would undergo upon arrival at a U.S. port of entry. Until now, aircraft arriving in the US have been restricted to landing at airports which offer full USCBP clearance. From March 1 next, aircraft departing Shannon will have a choice of 200 destination airports in the US.  

Time will tell just how successful the service will be. The processing time for passengers and crew on the ground in Shannon will take significantly longer than a fuel stop only. Most GA aircraft transiting Shannon are on a 45 minute turn around with the occassional "splash 'n dash" which can be accomplished in 20 or 25 minutes. It will be interesting in the coming weeks to see how many will be prepared to pay the time penalty on the ground for the luxury of a more direct routing to the US.

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DAA bond rating cut
Thu, Feb 25 2010 5:33 PM

Rating agency Stadard & Poors has cut the rating on certain DAA (Dublin Airport Authority) bonds to BBB+ which is just two steps junk bond. S&P said in its review that a further reduction in the airport operator's rating could not be ruled out as the Authority grapples with declining passenger numbers at the three state airports in its control - Dublin, Shannon and Cork. The DAA issued €1.1bn of bonds to fund the construction of Dublin's T2 and improvements at Cork airport. S&P said that  "The negative outlook reflects our view that a recovery in traffic is uncertain at this stage, especially in the context of the current economic position of the Republic, which could place further pressure on DAA's business and financial profiles."

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Ryanair launches 6 new routes to Greece
Thu, Feb 25 2010 4:57 PM

Ryanair today announced that it was introducing 6 new routes to Greece from May next, further evidence of the carrier's attempts to raise yield by shifting emphasis to longer sector and sun routes. The services are as follows :

Hahn to Kos and Volos.

Bergamo to Kos, Volos and Rhodes

Pisa to Rhodes 

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Ryanair criticizes decision by UK Competition Appeal tribunal on breakup of BAA
Thu, Feb 25 2010 4:39 PM

Ryanair today criticized the decision by the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal to overturn the previously made decision to break up the BAA monopoly and force the sale of Gatwick, Stansted and a Scottish airport.

Today's decision was made on the basis that there could have been an appearance of bias in the original decision since one of the six members of the Competition Commission had previously worked in an advisory capacity to the pension fund representing workers at Manchester Airport. As a result of today's decision the sale of Stansted Airport and a BAA owned Scottish airport will now be delayed for two years. The original decision to break up the BAA monopoly of the airports in the London area received an almost universal welcome when first announced. Ryanair intends to appeal today's decision and has urged the Court of Appeal to overturn the decision by the Competition Appeal Tribunal which was made on an apparent point of law rather than commercial sense. Ryanair has suggested that banning Manchester Airport from bidding for Stansted or a BAA controlled Scottish Airport would have been a more desirable solution to freezing the disposal of the BAA airports for up to two years.

US Navy C-9B 161529 diverts back to Shannon
Wed, Feb 24 2010 6:02 PM

United States Navy McDonnell Douglas C-9B, serial 161529 was anight stopper at Shannon yesterday. This morning the aircraft departed as flight CNV 9675 at 10:44 utc, but shortly after departure the aircraft developed a technical problem which necessitated a return to the field. The aircraft landed safely on R06 at 11:06 utc with four units of the Shannon Airport Fire and Resue Service in attendance as a precautionary measure. Pictured below 161529 is seen on roll out and taxi back to the ramp.

161529 coasts on R06 to the D2 exit on landing

...and taxies up D2 followed by four units of the Shannon Airport Fire and Rescue Service

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