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What's in Boeing's storage?

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During these tough economic times, Boeing commercial airplanes have seen a number of deferrals in the past few months. Below is a list of deferred airplanes Boeing has yet to deliver to customers as of 26 November 2009. This list is off the top of my head, so If I've missed any, please feel free to leave a comment about it. As a reference point to how long these planes have been sitting around, I've included each airplanes first flight date. From first flight to delivery, it's takes around three to five weeks depending on many variables.

At Boeing Seattle (Boeing Field), we have the following:

  • Copa Airlines HP-1536CMP (cn 35127/2963), a 737-8V3. First flew on 30JUN09.
  • Arik Air 5N-MJQ (cn 38971/3065), a 737-8JE. First flew on 12OCT09.
  • All Nippon - ANK JA59AN (cn  33896/3073), a 737-881. First flew on 14OCT09. 

I've been told by a couple of people that the ANK 737 is not deferred, but delayed due to seat supplier problems.

At Boeing Everett (Paine Field), we have a bit more:

  • Air France Cargo F-GUOA (cn 32967/718), a 777-F28. First flew 15JUL08. The First 777LRF.
  • Air France Cargo F-GUOD (cn 32969/827), a 777-F28. First flew 4NOV09.
  • China Southern Cargo B-2073 (cn 37311/811), a 777-F1B. First flew 18AUG09.
  • China Southern Cargo B-2075 (cn 37312/820), a 777-F1B. First flew 14OCT09.

There is no sign in these planes going anywhere at the moment, well other than the possibility of going to the desert.

At Mojave, Arizona

  •  China Southern Cargo B-2071 (cn 37309/760), 1 777-F1B. First flew 5MAR09.
  •  China Southern Cargo B-2072 (cn 37310/770), a 777-F1B. First flew 18MAR09. 

 At Marana, Arizona:

  • LoadAir 9K-DAA (cn 37303/1416), a 747-4HQERF. First flew 21MAR09.
  • LoadAir 9K-DAB (cn 37304/1419), a 747-4HQERF. First flew 16MAY09. The last 747-400 variant.
  • Jet Airways Private Customer VT-JEL (cn 36563/802), a 777-35RER. First flew 21JUL09.

The latest on the Jet Airways 777-300ER is that it has been sold to a private customer to be used as a personal jet.

Past Deferrals resolved:
Earlier in the year, Arik Air had two 737-7BD's that sat around after initial flight testing at Boeing Seattle for close to seven months. These two planes, registered N353AT (cn 36724/2813) and N354AT (cn 36725/2815), finally delivered to AirTran, the original customer of the airplanes, in September 2009 with with N353AT flying to Orlando, Florida on the 23rd and N354AT leaving for Roswell, New Mexico on the 25th. Both planes were put into service with AirTran in October 2009.