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December 2007 - Posts

Flight's Take-off Challenge

It seems like the gang at Flight have decided to bring out a Christmas game that is short on graphics but surprisingly addictive.

Like the old Track and Field game that basically involved hitting the keyboard as fast as you can, this game involves a similar ability to gain speed by hitting the direction keys and then the space bar to gain the right angle. I cannot seem to get beyond 6000 (with the A380) so i cannot believe that anyone has reached 68,000 miles like it says on the leader board but still for a five minute session it is okay...


VertiSim Toy Helicopter Flight Simulator game

This one is apparently based on a 1970s Mattel helicopter toy the Vertibird. You basically control the helicopter as it spins around and the aim of the game is to pick up certain objects (for example an Astronaut) and place them onto the shiip. Why one of the objects is an astronaut is beyond me Stick out tongue.

 You have to download the game onto your desktop but if you are a fan of seventies Mattel toys then give it a go...