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Start Ups and Launch Customers
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SouthWestJetBluezil just doesn't sound right, so David Neeleman is going to have to come up a more creative brand to fly his newly ordered 36 Embraer E-195s. The yet unnamed Brazilian start-up will go head to head with GOL, TAM and Varig in a rapidly growing market. The Sao Paolo-Rio De Janeiro Route is one of the busiest air corridors in the world, which fits Neeleman's MO to a tee. JetBlue started out flying between New York destinations and Fort Lauderdale, one of the busiest US air corridors. Interestingly enough, this order makes Neeleman's start-up the Brazilian launch customer for the homegrown E-Jet.

Launch Customers
This blog reported just days ago that ANA would be an order to become the launch customer of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet. At the time, I speculated that the order would be announced prior to the Farnborough Air Show this July. Well, the information was sound, it just happened even sooner than first thought. ANA ordered 15 MRJs, plus an additional 10 options today. Not only us ANA a launch customer for the MRJ, which is expected to enter service in Japan in late 2013, they will also be launching the fuel efficient Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbo Fan engine which will power the 70-90 seat regional jet.

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