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ITALYNEWS Ed. July 27 2009

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 AIR ARABIA MAROC will add 5 more weekly flights from Aug 17 to Aug 31 on Bergamo-Casablanca. Today is daily and than for a short time is operated 12xweek. By Sept 1 to Sept 12 is 10xweek, after Sept 13 2009 the route will run daily.

AIR MEDITERRANEE was been selected by Holding Turismo to operate the flights from Rimini to Paris CDG after that MyAir was grounded.

AMESTERDAM AIRLINES was been selected by Holding Turismo to fly the routes Rimini-Amsterdam and Rimini-Lampedusa after that MyAir was grounded.

BELLE AIR will srve 3 times a week Bologna-Tirana along the winter time, same as now like day of operations on mo-we-sa. They'll ass new weekly flights from mid Dec 2009 to Jan 31 2010 on tu-th-su.

BLUE AIR have immediately increased the route Naples-Bucarest to five weekly operated on mo-tu-we-th-sa.
Two more weekly flights on Bucarest-Catania on mo and sa by Aug 1 2009. Five are the weekly flights now scheduled.

BLU EXPRESS have recently presented its first half figures in Rome during a press conference. 360000 passengers were carried from Jan to Jun 2009 in the services in departure from Rome. Turin, Genoa, Lamezia Terme, Brindisi, Nice, seasonal to Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Ibiza, Lampedusa and Pantelleria. They offer also flights to Mykonos and Palma de Mallorca. In 2010 they estimate to have more passengers thanks to the enlarged network of destinations especially in domestic market.
A new check-in area is planned to be open at Terminal A in Rome FCO.

LUFTHANSA ITALIA definitively will colose the Milan Mxp-Bruxelles.

MERIDIANA is on Venice-Catania market by Aug 7 2009 as thrice a week on fr-sa-su. Daily is by Oct 1st 2009.

MYAIR is off from the market from July 24 2009 since the AOC has been revocked by Italian CAA. 220 employees are now unemployed, the fleet is grounded and prosecutors are on the way to check the companies financial status affected by huge losses in 2008 and in 2009 and in some medias figures speaks about probably more than 100 million €. Carlo Bernini have wrote to the board sending the formal demise act from the leading position in the airline. The board revocked, but now everything is in the hands of Vincenzo Soddu, today VP with Chairman functions. They are on the way to find the way to survive, probably investors are announced in the week, but in another side is clear the sooner insolvency declared by the court just in case the bankruptcy is requested from creditors.
Stranded passengers has obtained  ad hoc fares in order to have the possibility to be back home with Meridiana, Alitalia, Ryanair, Blue Air.

RYANAIR these are new changes on winter 2009/10 network:
Bologna-London STN is increased from daily to 11xweek,
Bologna-Lamezia Terme is increased from 4xweek to daily
Bologna-Brindisi is increased from 4xweek to daily.
Treviso-Malta is confirmed on W09/10 ad three times a week on we-fr-su.

TRAVEL SERVICE have take over on MyAir flights operated on behalf for Holding Turismo. Lampedusa to Bergamo (2 flights on saturday), Bologna (2 flights on saturday), Milan Mxp, Rome FCO are the routes operated.

TRAWEL will fly the route Bergamo-Pantelleria every saturdays afther that MyAir was grounded.
They increase to 6xweek the route Bergamo-Naples by Sept 18 2009 and 5xweek on Bergamo-Catania on same day.

VUELING/CLICKAIR will fly in winter the same routes currently operated except:
Twice a week only is the service Pisa-Barcelona available on tuesday and saturday.
WINDJET by Sept. 15 2009 will open the third daily flight in Venice-Catania.
They reduce in coming winter 09/10 schedule the network of new Adriatic hub built in Forlì with support of local airport managing company. Results was not very well than announced at the beginning. Only seven foreign destinations will compose the international network. London Gatwick, Berlin, Prague are the only new reconfirmed destinations. Continue to serve Bucarest, Moscow and St. Petersburg. All twice a week except St. Petersburg is once a week. Paris is only in December and January.
Published load factor speaks matured until now are: Cagliari 50%, Olbia 60%, Riga 76%, Bruxelles 70%, Londra 69%, Krakow 63%, Prague 68%, Amsterdam 70%, Berlin 65%, Parigi 60%. Seasonal leisure like Lampedusa have the '87% and Zakynthos is at 97%.
Windjet considers 70% the entry level step for a profitable flight. Many of them are lower than the break even factor and figures are calculated on effective flights effectively operated. Until now many flights were cancelled due to low performances, flights like Barcelona are going lower than 40%.

WIZZ will open these new routes after that MyAir have left the market.
Naples-Bucarest on we and su by Sep 20 2009,
Catania-Bucarest on mo and fr by Sept 21 2009,
Forlì-Bucarest on we and saby Oct 28 2009.


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