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Melisa Corrigam, new Ryanair Italy's sales & marketing manager

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Today in Milan has been introduced the new entry of Ryanair in Italy! Its 'Melisa Corrigan, Italian-Irish destined to fill the new role of sales and marketing in Italy. The new company position was officially presented in Milan at the same press conference where this morning Michael O'Leary in Milan have described the picture about Italy traffic and news for Ryanair. She has the competence over 10 bases and 23 airports in Italy (plus four in talks, top secret), where Ryanair aims to handle 22 million passengers in 2010, compared to the 20 lifted last year. The manager has also released its first declaration, "In Italy we see a consolidation of traffic in all Italian airports, for an average of 2% in 2009 and against growth of 13% of Ryanair," said the young manager. In his presentation focusing on airport charges "that amount to three euros between Malpensa, Linate and Fiunicino while in several European airports, it was decided to cut them, for example in Holland and Belgium, while in Greece and Spain have lowered the 100%. "