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Giuseppe Gentile, new Meridiana fly CEO

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In the last days Meridiana fly has appointed Giuseppe Gentile as new airline CEO in place of the demised Massimo Chieli. Its part of a new business connected with acquisition from Meridiana fly of Air Italy Holding which Air Italy is controlled at 100%. Giuseppe Gentile is the CEO and President of Air Italy.

The new way for Meridiana fly in the hands of Giuseppe Gentile, 70 years old is the new challenge for changing the sorts of an airline with a lot of troubles amassed in the last decade where lack of decisions concerning strategies, developments and also the membership with global alliance has favoured the loss of market share and consequently the increase of debts especially in the last pair of FYs.

Giuseppe Gentile is a well known person with a great know how. Pilot in Itavia and Aliitalia. He has founded together with Lapo Rattazzi, Isabella the Italian branch of Air Europe in 1989 and succesfully sold to Volare Group at end of 90s. By 2005 is newly in business with Air Europe Italy a mix charter leisure and no frills carrier with a fleet of 7 B737s, 1 B757s, 4 B767s and 2 B737/800s in Poland under the AOC of Air Italy Polska.

Speaking in the press conference had in Olbia Giuseppe Gentile wants to have the bbrand of Meridian fly in the bright times of ALisarda of 70s and 80s. Yhis is the desire reveled by Giuseppe Gentile. In the business plan a little bit announced duri8ng the press ocnference, Meridiana fly will fly with 35 jets in future composed by Airbus, Boeing amd MD aircrafts.

Its a great challenge because Meridiana fly with various management was not gone out from the balck hole since the acquisition of Eurofly. Giuseppe Gentile. who is well known as a men with kerosin in the blood veins has a lot of experience especially in the operative side.