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Well, it's a start.
Thu, May 29 2008 8:43 PM

I'm toying with the idea of blogging. I like the idea and ran a non-aviation photoblog on MOBLOG for quite a while..., but then I got a conscience and actually decided that the "no cameraphones on site" rule ought to apply to me even if it didn't to anyone else in this French factory. If the French supplier I'm based with didn't pay enough attention to this rule for their own staff, the American factories I hope to work in CERTAINLY will. So that was the end of the "Wow that looks cool", snap, post that was my moblog. 

Yes, most (English and French) aviation factories in which I've worked had a generic no camera rule..., except for the ones in Inspection...., oh and Development & Test..., sometimes in Engineering too, but generally Engineers are at the bottom of the pecking order and have to borrow theirs. But these are all company issue so won't be used for industrial espionage. Cameraphones are forbidden. Kinda.

BTW, just how difficult IS it to find a non-camera mobile phone in Europe now, one that actually does all of the shiny high-tech stuff and doesn't resort to the big buttoned black and white, frozen in time, first user style. Can you guess which one I chose?


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