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Yesterday was a great day in Payerne, the Swiss Air Force received the 1st of 12 used Super Etendard's of the French Marine. This is a gift from french president Sarkozy  in preparation for the possible future use of the new Rafale-Fighters and to reduce the flighthours of the Tiger-Fleet. Due to the political (and financial) situation in Switzerland, the order for new Fighters (TTE, Tiger TeilErsatz) was - as you maybe know - already two times postphoned.

During Evaluation for the TTE - meaning the Partial Tiger F-5 Replacement - armasuisse had tested Gripen, Eurofighter and Rafale for use in Swiss Air Force. TTE is only used for political reasons ('cause in the future there are no more Miliz-Pilots planned on Fighter Jet's in Switzerland), you will read now often the new term of NFA, meaning NewFighterAircraft, as it's the real thing. With the Tigers gone, only professional pilots will fly fighters in Switzerland. But don't say that to the opposition ;)

 The Super Etendard with Immatriculation J-6001 in Box 8 at Payerne





Published Thu, Apr 1 2010 7:53 AM by Grimmi