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May 2010 - Posts

Yes - the 'frenchies' are back 

After last  years  visit of swiss Hornets in Corsica the French Air Force visiting now Payerne again for two weeks. EPERVIER is a traditional binational exercice, one year in France and the other year in Switzerland.

Trained where mostly DACT missions - focused already to the Francophonie summit held in Montreux, Switzerland. During this event, Swiss and French Air Forces will cover the area together with Live ammunition.

 A Mirage 2000B brings in more pilots - picture in BIG

 Yesterday only the Mirage 2000's  where in the Air - but from today on there will also be flights of the civil owned Mirage IIIDS @ Payerne - Delta's will rule the sky Cake

Once per year the units belonging to the Swiss Air Force bases have to make a WK (Wiederholungskurs), meaning repetition course in german. For Payerne and Sion you will also hear CR (french for cours de répétition) for this time period with much more flight activity than in normal days. Also the flying times are longer, the first departures can be seen from 0800 AM 'till 0600h PM, without break. You have to bring some drink and food with you if you don't want to miss something Pizza

The good thing for latter comment in Payerne is that you can sit outside of the Clin d'Ailes-Museum  and drink some coffee, without missing a thing ! In the afternoon with nearly the sun in the back.

 View from the Cafeteria of Clin d'Ailes-Museum in direction of the Run- and Taxyway. Coffee sipping and photographing military aircrafts - where else you can get that combination ?

 Another picture taken in front of the museum - in the background (right from NCPC-7) you can see part of the new 'Spotters place' at Payerne Airfield. Those who know the former U70-spot have to know that this is forbidden now. Picture in BIG.

 Repetition Course in Payerne as it can be seen from the new Spotter's Place - three Tigers and two Hornets taxying and one Hornet on Take-Off. Sometimes there where up to 12 aircrafts simultaneousely at different activities !


 Pilot of EscAV6 during Touch-and-Go. Squadron markings on Swiss AF aircrafts are not meaning that they are flown only by pilots of those Squadrons. But it's a question of honor to not let other squadrons fly with the special marked Hornets J-5011, J-5017 and J-5018.


 Super Puma just before break to left

 Late afternoon Take-Off of two F-5 Tiger II

 Heavy loaden Hornet acting as shooter during an Live-ID exercice with a NCPC-7


 Hornet J-5006 during nice Take-Off on last day of repetition course - Picture in BIG


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