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Swiss Air Force by Grimmi

News and Pics about an independant Air Force in the middle of europe

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For the first exercise in the new CBA with italy, the Air Force of Italia pays on the 8th of june a visit to Payerne with two of there newest Eurofighters and an Piaggio as 'target'. Latter flew as intercepted target from Italy direction switzerland and the two Typhoons had to gave it to two Hornets from Switzerland who's forced it for landing in Payerne. Together with using the new CBA, Italian and Swiss Air Force Fighters can now intercept targets and force them for landing on some of the airfields in the other country.

 The two Typhoons where some of the newest in service - 4-15 with Pirate-Sensor in front of the cockpit and 4-22. Picture in BIG

The picture of the 'target' in BIG




Published Fri, Jul 2 2010 3:26 PM by Grimmi