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February 2011 - Posts

04th February 2011


During a short visit yesterday I've made some nice shots with sun and blue sky. Hornet '009 shows you the fascinating mechanism of gear recovery. Note also the very clean doors.

With a little luck, one of the Hornets made some technical errors during startup and the pilot had to change into the spare-aircraft for the mission - the special decorated J-5018 Cool

 During there mission over the canton of Wallis I had time to catch some Helicopters. No more Alouette III in duty of the Swis Air Force means more Eurocopters in Payerne - here T-358 and 366 on the Tarmac.

In the background an interesting sight - two Hunter's and a not modernized PC-7 ! Cake

Hunter J-4003 was used for training the mechanics - but missing a lot of parts and better not to be seen from near Broken Heart . The other two aircrafts belonging to the Museum Clin d'Ailes.

And with the returning Hornets I was also leaving. C u next time

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Saturday, 29th January

Oh yes - after nearly a week in the fog, the sun came back also to Payerne. But the first departures where again in the fog Cool


The Sun came with the Tigers - here you can see 'the Which' during taxiing for the flight behind the seven mountains Big Smile

J-5005 in BIG (1400px)

A Picture possible during WEF nearly every hour at X:40h LT - Hornets and Tigers taking off for their mission.

Tiger J-3030 also in BIG (1400px)

 I was standing there again 'till late in the evening. But with very good company with some of the best photographers in Swiss Military Aviation Photography it's never too cold to go home

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