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Swiss Air Force by Grimmi

News and Pics about an independant Air Force in the middle of europe

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With the bases of Payerne and Meiringen closed, the Swiss Air Force flew most of the training missions with Jets out of Emmen near Lucerne. The local newspapers and always the same bunch of  people had a hard time to accept this 'music' - but hey, what would they say when the Air Force is shutting down this airfield and the big RUAG Factory nearby with all it's money and good tax payers is gone to Payerne ....  People should really think bigger than only to there garden fence, in Switzerland and elsewhere.

Anyway - it was strange to visit my old home again with all those Pilatus Aircrafts not normally seen in the daily operations of Payerne, like the PC-9 in Emmen and all those new PC-12's at Buochs. Now it's Emmen in holidays and I hope for a lot of action at Payerne this month.


Testflight of an PC-9 with VISTA-Pod in BIG

At last one of the new PC-7MkII of the Botswana Defence Forces - other side in the air and in BIG

Published Fri, Aug 10 2012 4:06 PM by Grimmi