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News and Pics about an independant Air Force in the middle of europe

December 2012 - Posts

This year is now near the end and in January is already again full programm in aviation for Switzerland - Gripen in Emmen and WEF out of Meiringen, nice things to catch.

This year I decided to crawl very low in my archives - with 17 I began to take pictures of aircrafts ... this Beauty was later in use in South Africa, but last pictures on where already a bit old...

I whish you all the best and I'm still in some big scanning sessions of my archive ... nearly 20 big case binders are full with Negatives and Diapositives, quite a thing to scan :D At the Moment I'm scanning some of the years 1995, 2001 and 2003 - with Phantom's, Mirages and quite a lot of different aircrafts visiting Aerosalon 1995 in Le Bourget !

I think I will show you some of them here in the new year - it's very fascinating to find some pictures you had forgotten about

C u in the new year - somewhere near an aircraft or two ...

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