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News and Pics about an independant Air Force in the middle of europe


Finally - after nearly a half month of xmas holiday the action had begun again on 3rd of January. And because of Ice on the runway in Meiringen, Fighter Squadron 11 had to fly also from Payerne for some days. Remember, the runway in Meiringen receive no sunlight in between November 'till February - too many mountains around.

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In this movie I tried to show you the 'Mirage-Feeling' every older Swiss Guy is talking 'bout when you ask him for the nicest memories with Swiss Air Force's fleet. For the script I used some Preparation/Take-Off and Taxi-shots of former Jet Bases Dübendorf and Buochs too - but also the real action on Axalp shooting Range in between 2000 'till 2009. Don't forget that I'm a Photographer - Video is only a 'sidekick' - and I do not have the real expensive material there. Enjoy some real Fighters like the Mirage III RS in their natural habitat


Grimmi was hunting again low flying aircrafts - but this time not over the training area of Grandvillard (see Part I, II and III). A bigger exercise of some Anti-Aircraft-Units in between Fribourg - Bulle - Lausanne - Romont and Payerne was on the schedule the last two weeks.

The area was very big and it posed some difficulty to stand at the right place - but I've made some quite nice shots there. Last week with some blue sky and today with a cold snowstorm - enjoy the pictures Coffee

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Yes - each year in November we loose a good part of our Hornets ... they where in Norway for the training of Nightflights !  They will come back again on 3rd of Dezember, but until then there is not much activity to expect of the rest of our Hornet-fleet - with ten of them in Oerland.

Hornets going to Norway where J-5003/06/07/09/15/16/26 and J-5232/36/37. Support was an Avro (HB-IYY) of SWISS International Airways.


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Tomorrow is the last official basevisit in Meiringen for this year, but before I've got some pictures left from two weeks Axalp. I hope you will enjoy them 

Indian Summer in BIG

A Hornet on the search for some sun - in BIG

Real Swiss Pilots know the way - without GPS Stick out tongue

Picture in BIG

And yes - you have also to watch the trees in the area - this picture I've made on the crashsite of Tiger J-3078. Pilot ejected safely and the Tiger crashed near Windegg in 1994. Pieces must be flown like projectiles in the trees there - looks heavy !






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Sorry for the delay of posting the pics  - but I had to regain my breath after the 5h up - and 4h down walk for 'my position' on the other side since 2003. I was surprised by a lot of snow up there, making the ascend heavy (icy snow) and the descend difficult (weak snow).

But on Top it was like every time very nice - and this year we had the possibility to sunbath at nearly 3000m over sealevel !

Ok, I will finish with writing and give you what you want already - Pictures !!!!

In the 'swiss midlands' was partially very heavy fog - which affected even the flight activity @ Meiringen (-Unterbach) Airbase (Hornets needed a Follow Me to taxi for the runway, and had to land in Sion).

But above - golden autumn in Switzerland ! With Hornets and Tigers playing in the valleys 

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Another wonderful day in the Swiss Alps today - deep blue sky and a lot of Fighter Action on the Shooting Range. But writing is difficult - lets speak with pictures !

 And in five hours I will climb up again for the 'other side' - I think you know already which shots you can expect tomorrow evening ....


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 Yes - Airshow Axalp begins early for a Grimmi Stick out tongue

But I was not alone up there today - for the hundreds of visitors expected there had to be a lot of things ready. This Super Puma - Picture in BIG - was used for transporting Toilets, Speakers, Wood and Humans to fix everything for the Show next Wednesday / Thursday.

 I was also lucky to catch a lot of Hornets and Tigers during shooting - the shooting range is open since 1st of October. Hornet J-5012 turns in during reconnaissance fly-bye:

Hornet J-5015 - Picture in BIG - producing some G-forces after a strafing run with his 20mm cannon

 Sometimes you have to delete some color to make a picture really stunning - Tiger J-3072 on straight on to the mountain

 Fighter Squadron 8 is the 'Master of Axalp Range' - but due political reasons they had to fly the Demo/shooting also this year out from Sion and not Meiringen.

And now I have to go catch some sleep - early tomorrow morning I'm biking and hiking already up again for some more shots.

Sincerely, your mountain goat Grimmi Stick out tongue


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Ok, not really an Airshow - but an Open Day with some activity in the air (meaning not only the rain) ...

Yes, the Weather was not really on our side this year for the 100-years celebrations of Aviation in Switzerland. The biggest event in Emmen was already under heavy rain and Payerne was coming near. But  the personnel of the base and the organisators had made there best and I have to admit - I was really stunned to see what they prepared for 'only' an Open Day !!!

My main 'target' for those two days was the new SHOTS - Swiss Hornet Tactical Simulator - now up to four pilots can train the same time with a resolution of the ground upto 0.5m !

Controller station:

 The 'old' Simulator - F/A-18 WTT (Weapons Tactics Trainer) - was in service in between January 1997 'till February 2009. More pictures of the new/old simulator can be seen on the official Homepage (german/french).


Flying activity during the Open Day's includes some older and newer aircrafts of the history in Swiss and worldwide Aviation.

Together with an Antonov AN-2 the biggest visitors was the famous DC-3 in Breitling-scheme:

 One of the many biplanes was the colorful Stampe-SV4A

The Swiss Air Force dominated the sky with the PC-7 Team, Super Puma Display Team and Hornet Solo Demo - and on the ground we had the possibility to 'touch' the new FLIR-Pod

The Leader of the PC-7 Team trains his neck-muscles

and 'Deasy' during dirty fly-bye and high-g-turn (latter in BIG)

Good Bye also to you - 'till the next show in two Weeks at Axalp Airshow on Ebenfluh Shooting Range !


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For the 1st time the Swiss Air Force had gone to the TLP in Spain (before it was in Belgium). The Tactical Leadership Programme is an international exercise held in different courses each year.

This Morning, five Hornets leaved Payerne with three external tanks each and will be coming back 8th October.

 F/A-18C J-5004 with folded Wings departs from the southern Boxes - normally used by F-5 E/F Tiger II aircrafts. The other three C-versions going to Spain where J-5008, J-5019 and J-5023 - joined by the F/A-18D Hornet J-5237.


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On Monday I've not seen the whished jets at Payerne - but NAVCHECKER'311 (Flight Calibration Services Beech 350 Super King Air) made some very nice calibration flights with low passes for the photographers

Summer Break is finished and it was time to collect some sun, fun and kerosene this week 

 Have you known that you can see the highest peak of the alps from Payerne ? I had not ! Ok, such nice weather like Wednesday is quite rare ....

 After the visit of the famous Mirage 2000-5F of French Air Forces 'Cigognes'-Squadron in June it was quite a surprise to see again those Stork's - and 23 pieces of them !


 Ok, some Metal-Birds where also flying

One or two Hornets of each wave where gone to France for the training of Air-to-Air Refueling

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On 2nd of july I've seen the modernised 'Hornom'  of the Swiss Air Force during a photoflight over Payerne Airfield Wink ...


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For the first exercise in the new CBA with italy, the Air Force of Italia pays on the 8th of june a visit to Payerne with two of there newest Eurofighters and an Piaggio as 'target'. Latter flew as intercepted target from Italy direction switzerland and the two Typhoons had to gave it to two Hornets from Switzerland who's forced it for landing in Payerne. Together with using the new CBA, Italian and Swiss Air Force Fighters can now intercept targets and force them for landing on some of the airfields in the other country.

 The two Typhoons where some of the newest in service - 4-15 with Pirate-Sensor in front of the cockpit and 4-22. Picture in BIG

The picture of the 'target' in BIG




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Why do I love the Haslital Valley ? Fresh air ? Clean water ? Impressive View ? Axalp ?

Hmm - I think all of the above - and don't be afraid when one of the local Hornets looks a bit grim on you ...

The Hornet does not bite people - it just wanna play against some Tigers Wink

On 23rd of June it was again time for the very popular base visit - organized by the Tourist Office of Meiringen and the Swiss Air Force. During those visits you can see the new movie about the military Airbase Meiringen-Unterbach, watching a demonstration of the Guard dogs and visit the different parts of this very modern base in the middle of the alps. Repair hall, parachute shop, Fire Brigade - nearly everything you can see from near. And of course the aircrafts !

This time I made mainly Video  - but first of all one of my morning pictures  - available also in BIG


 The game during Base visit in the afternoon was called 'Hands up' - first with one to greet the photographer-group on the QRA-Shelter 


And some seconds later with both hands up - not a bank robbery I hope Angel


 For the answer I would say - watch the video Movie ... but be sure to Fasten your seat belts, please! Idea


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