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May 2008 - Posts

Problems with AirSpace (appearing to be logged out)
Thu, May 29 2008 2:47 AM

Hi All,

AirSpace, like the rest of Flightglobal, is always trying to improve, and so we get released updates from time-to-time. Some of these developments you can see (E.G. the photos page changes) others you can't (i.e. backend improvements). One of these updates happened today and with it has come an unexpected problem that you should all be aware of.

For the moment, when you go into an individual thread or photo, it will appear that you are logged out (your name will disappear and it will seem like you will need to sign in). You are still logged in though, so you can do all the things you should be able to, but it may just seem you are logged out.

We aim to get this problem fixed as soon as possible and will let you know when it is. We can only apologise for this and we are endeaving to fix this problem as soon as possible.

 If you have any problems,please contact me.




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Vote now for your 100 Greatest
Fri, May 23 2008 3:14 AM

The numorous nominations for the 100 Greatest in association with Bombardier have been collated and argued over (luckily with no fisticuffs involved), to produce a shortlist of 100 that you can now vote for.

The winners and categories will be announced at Farnborough Air Show, but meanwhile, why not vote for your chance to win a Sony Camcorder.

A big congratulations to Paul M, who was the lucky winner of an IPOD Nano, during our April competition.

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