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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, both of which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings

Aerofan. See under IMD A/W.
Aeroflot Cargo B733F VP-BCJ (23499) was ferried from Karaganda to Ostrava on 6/5 following a period of storage.
Air Algerie. See under Saga A/L
Air Arabia Maroc A320 CN-NMB (3833) was delivered from Shannon to Casablanca on 1/5.
Air Baltic B733 YL-BBS (29267) was delivered from Southend to Riga on 8/5. This aircraft was previously with Flyglobespan as G-GSPN.
Air Berlin A319s D-ABGE (2139) & D-ABGF (3188) have become LZ-AOA/B respectively for BH Air to be operated for the Bulgarian Government. They were noted as such in basic Air Berlin scheme at Berlin/Tegel on 1/5 & LZ-AOA was ferried to Dinard for cabin configuration & painting on 5/5, followed the next day by LZ-AOB. DHC-8 D-ABQG (4250) set off from Toronto on its delivery flight on 5/5, arriving at Munster/Osnabruck the following day.
Air Europa B738 EC-JEX (32569) was noted at Palma on 7/5 all white & carrying PK-GEQ for delivery to Garuda.
Air France. Although I reported A321 F-GTAV (3884) as being delivered from Finkenwerder to Paris/CDG on 30/4, that flight was postponed & delivery did not take place until 6/5. A320 F-GKXT (3859) was also delivered on 6/5 to Paris/CDG from Toulouse. B777F F-GUOA (32967) will not be taken up by the airline, at least for the time being, & has been registered N453BA prior to going into storage.
Air One A320 EI-DTE (3885) was ferried all white from Toulouse to Norwich on 7/5 for painting into Alitalia scheme.
Alitalia. See under Air One.
American A/L has so far reconfigured 2 of an eventual total of 18 B752s for transpacific & transatlantic services. Modifications include the fitting of winglets & the addition of lie-flat seats in business class. The first of these aircraft to be seen in Europe, N185AN (32379), operated a New York/JFK to Brussels service as AAL171 on 8/5. These are to replace B763s on certain routes, with New York/JFK to Barcelona to follow in August.
Astraeus should soon have its B733 as EI-DOM (24011) of KD Avia was ferried from Kiev to Lasham on 7/5 & will become G-TRAW. B735 G-GFFJ (27355) was ferried from Southend to Gatwick all white on 8/5 & will soon be reregistered as G-PJPJ.
Atlantic A/L B733F G-JMCL (23951) was ferried from Dothan, AL via Newcastle, DE & Goose Bay, arriving at Coventry on 7/5. It will be operated on bloodstock flights around Europe. Starting life with United A/L as N319UA, this aircraft then became D-AGEA with Germania, Deutsche BA & Air Berlin before undergoing freighter conversion.
Austrian A/L B763 OE-LAZ (30331) returned to Vienna on 7/5 following the fitting of winglets at Greensboro, NC.
Axis A/W took delivery of B738 F-GIRS (28612) on 7/5 when it was delivered from Shannon to Marseilles. This aircraft started life with Sun Express as TC-SUA, before moving to Futura as EC-IUC & then EI-DND.
BH Air. See under Air Berlin.
BH A/L has leased B734 TC-JDH (25184) from THY & it was noted at Istanbul on 4/5 in full scheme (see the Skyliner website for a photo).
Blue1 B463 OH-SAN (E3387) has become A6-AAB & was ferried from Kemble to Stansted on 6/5 & will be delivered from there to the Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight.
Blue Panorama B763 EI-EED (27619) arrived at Rome/Fiumicino on 3/5 on delivery.
Blue Wings had its AOC reinstated by the German government on 5/5.
BMI A321 G-MEDU (3926) is scheduled for delivery from Finkenwerder to LHR as BMA9552 late evening on 29/5. This aircraft was originally ordered by British Mediterranean.
CargoItalia MD-11F EI-UPI (48428) was delivered from Dothan, AL to Milan/Malpensa on 6/5.
Cathay Pacific Cargo B744F B-KAF (26547) left Hong Kong on 8/5 still in Dragonair scheme for storage at Victorville, CA.
Cimber Sterling will soon be adding a fifth B737 to its fleet. OY-MRG (28010) was photographed at Shannon on 5/5 in a new Cimber Sterling scheme featuring a red tail with a Viking helmet in white, red cheat line, engines & winglets, with black "CIMBER" & red "STERLING" titles low on the forward fuselage. See the Skyliner website for a photo.
Cirrus International is now the operator of ex Lufthansa A306 D-AIAR (546). It was ferried from Dresden to Kiev on 7/5.
Contactair ATR42 D-ANFK (666) was flown from Amsterdam to Toulouse all white on 7/5 on return to ATR.
CSA A319 OK-OER (3892) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Prague on 7/5.
Eagle Aviation B752 F-GTIQ (24497) has been registered N497EA & left Shannon on 6/5 bound for Victorville, CA via Keflavik & still in Saudi Arabian scheme. 
EasyJet B737 G-EZJO (30244) made its last revenue flight on 7/5 & was ferried to Southend the following day for end-of-lease checks. 
El Al B738 4X-EKJ (35846) made its maiden flight on 7/5.
Finnair A333 OH-LTP (1023) was flown from Toulouse to Chateauroux as F-WWYQ in primer with Finnair tail scheme for painting into full colours.
Flybe may be on the point of parking four EMB195s & deferring further deliveries of new DHC-8s. G-ECOB (4185), currently with Wideroe as LN-WDT, is understood to be returning to Flybe around the 23rd or 24th May.
Flyglobespan B738 G-CEJP (29646) was ferried back to Edinburgh from Bacau on 8/5 following its ease to Oman Air. Also see under Air Baltic.
FlyLAL Charters is now operating B733 LY-AQV (25069), which was on lease to Norwegian Air Shuttle until 30/4. See also FlyLAL Charters Estonia.
FlyLAL Charters Estonia is operating B733 ES-LBC (24664), which was previously with its parent company as LY-AQX.
Gadair B752 TF-LLY (22691) was ferried from Birmingham to Madrid on 4/5 following its short lease to Air Sylhet (which ceased operations after only 4 weeks).
Hapag-Lloyd B738 D-AHFT (30413) returned to Hannover on 2/5 after winter lease to CanJet.
HiFly A332 CS-TFZ (1008) was delivered all white from Toulouse to Lisbon on 30/4.
Iberia put some of its older A320s into long-term storage at Madrid from 1/5. The aircraft concerned are EC-FGH (0223), EC-FGR (0224), EC-FGV (0207) & EC-FLQ (0247).
Iberworld A320 EC-LAJ (3889) was delivered from Toulouse to Madrid on 7/5. EC-KEN (1597) was ferried from Menorca to East Midlands on 6/5 for painting prior to return to the lessor.
IMD A/W (formerly Aerofan) MD-87 EC-KSF (53207) was noted at Madrid on 2/5 all white & about to undertake UN operations on behalf of Swiftair.
Jet Time B733 OY-JTE (27834) was delivered from Eindhoven to Copenhagen on 4/5 following painting into full scheme.
Karthago A/L B733 TS-IEE (24790) became N790AW with AWAS on 27/4 & was due to be ferried from Tunis to Santa Maria (Azores) on 7/5, presumably en route to the USA.
KD Avia. See under Astraeus.
Korean Air B773 HL7782 (37643) made its maiden flight on 4/5.
Lufthansa A346 D-AIHZ (1005) was delivered from Toulouse to Frankfurt on 7/5. A306s D-AIAL (405) & D-AIAT (618) were ferried from Frankfurt to Hamburg for storage on 2/5. Also see under Cirrus International.
Nile Air A320s SU-BOA (3183) & SU-BOB (3219) were noted at Singapore/Seletar on 2/5 awaiting delivery. Both were formerly with Air Deccan.
Norwegian Air Shuttle. See under FlyLAL Charters.
Privatair A319 D-APAC has been parked at Dusseldorf since 2/5 minus titles & tail logo. 
Rossiya A319 VQ-BAT (1876) arrived at St Petersburg on delivery on 4/5. This was formerly with Frontier as N916FR. B735 EI-CDH (25739) returned to St Petersburg on 5/5 following a period of storage at Southend & operated a service to Gatwick the following day.
Ryanair B738 EI-CSP (29929) left Lasham as PK-GEN on 1/5 on delivery to Garuda. EI-EFE (37533) made its first flight on 4/5. B738s EI-EFA (35005) & EI-EFB (37532) were delivered to Dublin on 8/5.
Saga A/L B734 TC-SGD (25773) was returned to Istanbul from Algiers following lease to Air Algerie.
SAS took delivery of its sixth CRJ-900 with the arrival of OY-KFF (15231) at Copenhagen on 3/5.
Seagle Air B733 OM-HLB (25011) returned to Bratislava on 8/5 after lease to Iraqi A/W.
Sky Europe B733 OM-CLB (24246) made its acceptance flight at Tucson, AZ on 29/4 & arrived at Bratislava on delivery on 7/5. This aircraft was previously with United A/L as N342UA.
Sterling former B737 OY-MRP (34401) was ferried from Berlin/Schonefeld to Stockholm/Arlanda on 4/5. Also see under Viking A/L.
Swiftair MD-83 EC-JUG (49847) arrived back at Madrid from Khartoum on 30/4 following UN operations. Also see under IMD A/W.
Tarom ATR72 YR-ATH (861) was delivered from Toulouse to Bucharest on 7/5.
Thomson A/W B733 G-THOK (28660) left Lasham on 28/4 all white as PR-WJM on its delivery flight to Sao Paulo for WebJet. G-THOI (29327) was cancelled from the UK register on 6/5 & left Lasham the following day on delivery as PR-WJN. B763 G-OOBM (27568) left Gatwick on 4/5 en route to Bangor, ME & bound then for Greensboro, NC for the fitting of winglets. A321 G-OOAV (1720) has become VQ-BCX with Ural A/L & left Manchester on 5/5 on delivery to Ekaterinburg. A320 G-OOPW (1777) flew its last revenue service on 30/4 & then positioned from Gatwick to Luton. It is to go to Maastricht later this month for painting for Ural A/L. B752 G-OOBG (29942) was restored to the UK register on 6/5.
THY placed an order this week for 5 new B773s. These are scheduled for delivery between October 2010 & February 2011. Also see under BH A/L.
Travel Service. The B738 N977RY (32740) that is being painted for the airline at Shannon will become OK-TVJ.
Viking A/L has leased Sunwing A/L B738 C-FEAK (30292) for the summer & it arrived at Gatwick on delivery on 7/5 in the new Viking scheme. This was previously with Sterling as OY-SEK (see the Skyliner website for a photo). A further Sunwing A/L B738, C-FYLC (33029), is due to be added on summer lease from 15/5 & this one was previously with the short-lived Ajet as 5B-DCE & then the ill-fated XL A/W as G-OXLC. Further aircraft expected to be delivered to the airline are B733s SE-RHU (28560 ex B-2977) later this month & SE-RHV (28567 ex PP-VPU, N567HE, PK-GGU) later in 2009.
XL A/W B738 G-XLAG (33003) was finally cancelled from the UK register on 6/5 & may now have taken up Indonesian marks with Garuda.
XL A/W France received A320 C-GTDP (1780) at Paris/CDG on 3/5 on summer lease from Skyservice. The aircraft is white with titles.