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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, both of which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings

Aeroflot A319 VQ-BCO (3942) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Moscow/Sheremetyevo on 18/6.
Aeroflot-Nord B735 VP-BKV (27155) was delivered from Dinard to Archangelsk on 20/6. This aircraft was previously with Xiamen A/L & China Southwest as B-2593.
Aigle Azur. See under Belle Air.
Air Algerie. See under Neos.
Air Alps will reduce its fleet from seven to three Do328s at the end of the summer season.
Air Arabia Maroc A320 CN-NMC was delivered from Tel Aviv to Casablanca on 21/6. Its previous identity is currently unknown.
Air Berlin A319 D-ABGD (2335) is becoming F-OARA with Belle Air & was noted at Dusseldorf on 18/6 & 25/6 in full scheme. B738 D-ABAD (30876) was ferried from Eindhoven to Budapest on 22/6 after painting all white for Garuda, while D-ABBN (30293) was ferried from Munich to Oberfaffenhoffen for painting for Yakutia A/L. A320 D-ABDW (3945) was delivered from Toulouse to Berlin/Tegel on 23/6.
Air Caraibes A333 F-GOTO (1021) was delivered from Toulouse to Paris/Orly on 18/6.
Air France B773 F-GZNG (32968) made its first flight on 19/6 & F-GZNF (37433) was delivered to Paris/CDG on 24/6.
Air India B772LR VT-ALF (36305) left Paine Field on 23/6 on delivery to Delhi.
Air Italy B738 I-AIGN (35074) arrived at Bournemouth on 17/6 all white for painting & was returned to Verona on 23/6. This was formerly B-KBL of Hong Kong A/L. 
Air Nostrum ordered ten ATR72-600s (with ten options) & 15 CRJ-1000s at the Paris Show. The airline now has thirty-five CRJ-100s on order. Despite these orders, the airline intends to cut its fleet by ten aircraft this year.
Air Slovakia B752 OM-ASB (24371) was registered to Pegasus Aviation as N579SH on 18/6 & left Istanbul, where it had been stored, bound for Keflavik & the USA on 23/6.
Amsterdam A/L received its second A320 on 24/6 with the delivery of PH-AAY (0527) from Miami. Originally with SAETA Air Ecuador & LAPSA as HC-BUJ, this aircraft more recently flew with America West/US A/W as N619AW.
Athens A/W. See under Flybe.
Atlant-Soyuz is to lease thirty An-148s & fifteen Tu-204s, with deliveries starting next year.
Atlantic A/W B462 OY-RCW (E2115) was ferried from Malmo to Kemble on 18/6 following a period of storage.
AtlasJet A320 TC-OGJ (0676) is currently being operated on behalf of Alajnihah A/W. Also see under Eurofly.
Augsburg A/W EMB190 D-AEMB (19000297) is due to arrive at Munich on delivery on 28/6.
Aurela. See under Sprintair.
Belle Air A320 F-ORAE (0561) was delivered from Paris/Orly to Tirana on 26/6. This was previously with Aigle Azur as F-HBAD. Also see under Air Berlin.
Binter Canarias. See under Danube Wings.
BMI Baby. See under Jet2
BMI Regional. See under Flybe.
British A/W B772 G-YMMU (36519) made its first flight on 16/6 & G-YMMT was delivered to Cardiff (36518) on 26/6 (service entry expected in August). B733 G-LGTE (24908) flew its last revenue service on 14/6 & was ferried to Glasgow on 19/6.
Cirrus Air EMB170 D-ALIB (1700017) will shortly be delivered to Trip Linhas Aereas.
CityJet B462 EI-RJF (E2337) was withdrawn from service on 11/6 & is now stored at Norwich.
Clickair A320s EC-GRF (0136) was ferried from Madrid to Kemble on 16/6 on return to the lessor & was followed on 17/6 by EC-GRE (0134) 
Contactair Fk100 D-AFKF (11470) was ferried from Woensdrecht to Amsterdam on 19/6 in Kostar scheme for paining into Contactair colours. Originally delivered to TAM as PT-MRO, this aircraft then served with Alpi Eagles as F-HALP before being due to go to failed start-up Kostar as HL7777 & then receiving the registration PH-MJK.
Croatia A/L DHC-8 9A-CQC (4258) arrived at Zagreb on delivery on 14/6. Sister ship 9A-CQD (4260) was delivered to Zagreb on 24/6 as C-FWZU
CSA A313 OK-WAA (564) left Prague for Manas (Kyrgyzstan) on 19/6 on delivery to Krgyz Transavia/Mahan Air.
Danube Wings ATR72 OM-VRC (307) will shortly be delivered from Saint Brieuc to Bratislava. This aircraft was previously with Binter Canarias as EC-IPJ.
Danu Oro Transportas ATR72 LY-PTK (324) was ferried from Kaunas to Maastricht on 26/6. Still in Hansung scheme, it is ex HL5233.
Denim Air Fk50 PH-JXK (20233) was ferried from Tamanrasset (Algeria) to Maastricht on 17/6 following its lease to Arik Air Niger.
EasyJet A320 G-EZTG (3946) was delivered to Gatwick on 17/6 & was followed by G-EZTH (3953) on 19/6. A321 G-TTIG (3382) was ferried from Gatwick to Shannon on 21/6. Its last revenue flight was back on 10/4. G-EZJN (30249) left Stansted as HK-4635 on delivery to Aires Colombia on 19/6. G-EZJO (30244) was ferried from Southend to Stansted on 12/6 in Aires Colombia scheme & will become HK-4641. G-EZJP (32412) was flown from Southend to Stansted in Eastar Jet scheme on 19/6 & will become HL8205. Also see under Monarch.
El Al B738 4X-EKL (35487) arrived at Tel Aviv on delivery on 23/6.
Emerald A/W. Five HS748s belonging to this former airline were cancelled from the UK register on 15/6 as permanently withdrawn from use. The aircraft concerned were G-ATMJ (1593), G-BPNJ (1680), G-OPFW (1714), G-ORAL (1756) & G-OTBA (1712). Sad to see these ending their days.
Emirates A345 A6-ERG (608) is to be repaired after all following its tail strike at Melbourne back on 20/3. Having been temporarily patched up, it was flown unpressurized from Melbourne to Toulouse between 19/6 & 22/6 for the completion of repairs, which are expected to cost $80 million.
Eurofly A332 I-EEZB (364) was ferried from Madrid to Zurich on 25/6 in Saudi Arabian scheme & is due to become TC-ETL with AtlasJet.
Eurowings B463 D-AEWP (E3165) was ferried from Nuremberg to Exeter on 22/6 on return to the lessor.
Finnair A333 OH-LTP (1033) was delivered from Toulouse to Helsinki on 18/6.
Flybe B463 G-JEBG (E3209) was cancelled from the UK register on 17/6 & delivered from Exeter to Erfly at Malta as 9H-ELE. EMB145 G-EMBI (145126) was delivered from Exeter to BMI Regional at Aberdeen on 23/6 & G-EMBM (145196) was ferried from Alverca to Norwich for painting into Athens A/W scheme & will become SX-CMD. Also see under Olympic A/L.
Gulf Air B763 A9C-GZ (26237) was ferried from Dublin to Bournemouth on 15/6 for further storage.
Hamburg International. See under Star1.
Iberia. See under Ural A/L.
Iberworld A320 EC-KBQ (1657) was ferried from Barcelona to East Midlands on 16/6. It was painted into Rossiya scheme & returned to Madrid on 19/6. EC-LAQ (3933) was delivered from Toulouse to Palma on 15/6.
Jet2 B733 G-CGET (27455) was delivered from East Midlands to Leeds Bradford on 25/6, all white & untitled. The aircraft was formerly with BMI Baby as G-TOYE & is understood to be on a three-year lease. It will remain all white, but with Jet2 titles. 
Jet4you. See under Thomson A/W.
KLM B734 PH-BDS (24529) was ferried from Amsterdam to Woensdrecht on 16/6 for storage.
KLM Cityhopper EMB190 PH-EZE (19000288) left Brazil on 26/6 on its delivery flight to Amsterdam.
Livingston has leased A332 I-LIVL (627) to Kuwait A/W for six months.
Malev has signed a LoI with Sukhoi for thirty Superjets. B763 HA-LHC (28884) was ferried from Budapest to Filton on 23/6 for painting from S& A/L scheme to all white after a lease deal fell through. 
Martinair Cargo B744CF PH-MPQ (24975) left Amsterdam on 23/6 destined for storage at Pinal Air Park/Marana, AZ. PH-MPR (24226) is awaiting a cargo for Tucson, AZ & will follow shorlty.
Meridiana will return one of its A319s to the lessor at the end of the summer season.
MK A/L DC-8-55F 9G-MKA (45804), which has been languishing derelict at Manston for a few years, is to be shipped to Lelystad later this year where it will be repainted as PH-DCZ of KLM. The aircraft started life with SAS as OY-KTC, before joining KLM as PH-DCZ. It subsequently served with Inair Panama as HP-927, Nationair as C-GMXP, Aero Uruguay as CX-BLN, Kitty Hawk as N855BC & then MK A/L as 9G-MKA.
Monarch. The planned acquisition of A321 G-OZBV (3382 ex G-TTIG) from easyJet will now not go ahead.
Montenegro A/L has amended its order for a third EMB195 to an EMB175.
MyAir A320 I-LINB (0363) left Ljubljana on 16/6 bound for Bangor, ME & return to the lessor.
Neos B763 EI-DOF (27610) has been leased to Air Algerie until December.
NordStar B738 VQ-BDP (28221) arrived at Moscow/Sheremetyevo on 12/6 on its delivery flight from Atlanta, GA. This aircraft was formerly with Sterling as OY-SEC. This was followed on 19/6 by VQ-BDO (32906), which was delivered from Hannover to Moscow/Domodedovo. This was previously with Hapag-Lloyd/TUIfly as D-AHLQ.  
Nordwind A/L B752 VQ-BJK (29380) arrived at Moscow/Sheremetyevo on delivery on 17/6.
Olympic A/L has placed an order with Bombardier for eight DHC-8Q-400s & taken out options for a further eight. In the short term, it is to lease four similar machines with pilots, cabin crews & engineers from Flybe from August this year until September next year.
Pegasus A/L B738 TC-AAL (35984) was delivered to the airline on 20/6.
Primera Air MD-83 TF-JXC (49627) was noted at Stockholm/Arlanda on 22/6 being painted for Skywings of Greece.
RAM Express ATR72 CN-COC (470?) was delivered from Saint Brieuc to Casablanca on 18/6.
Rossiya. See under Iberworld.
Ryanair B738 EI-EFJ (37536) arrived at Dublin on delivery on 19/6. EI-EFK (37537) made its first flight on 15/6, followed by EI-EFL (37534) on 21/6 & EI-EFM (37535) on 22/6. EI-CSW (29935) was ferried from Lasham (where it had been since 1/5) to Norwich on 22/6 for painting for its next operator.
SAS DHC-8 LN-RDT (4038) was ferried from Exeter to Stockholm/Skavsta on 16/6 for further storage. B737 LN-RRJ (34547) made its first flight on 26/6.
SAS Norge B735 LN-BUD (25794) was ferried from Shannon to Oslo on 24/6 all white for storage.
Sky A/L B739 TC-SKP (36087) arrived at Antalya on delivery on 16/6.
Skywings. See under Primera Air.
Sprintair is currently using B733 LY-SKA (23972) & B752 LY-SKJ (30735). Both are being operated by Aurela.
Star1 B737 LY-STG (29083) was delivered from Shannon to Moscow/Vnukovo on 25/6 & this aircraft was formerly with Hamburg International as D-AHIB.
Strategic A/L is an Australian outfit with a Paris-based aircraft & A320 F-GSTS was noted with its titles at Toulouse on 24/6. Although unconfirmed at the moment, it is though to be ex N436BV (0436). See the Skyliner site for a photo.
Thomas Cook A320 G-TCAD (2114) was delivered from Madrid to Manchester on 23/6. Originally with Thomas Cook Scandinavia as OY-VKN, this then became EC-JDO with Vueling. 
Thomson A/W B752 G-BYAS (27238) became N925FD for FedEx at Shannon on 15/6 & departed to Victorville, CA for freighter conversion on 18/6. B738 G-FDZP (34692) was cancelled from the UK register on 12/6 & delivered from Luton to Jet4you as CN-RPG on 13/6.
THY has disposed of B734 TC-JET (26077) to Pamir A/W as YA-PIB & it was ferried all white from Istanbul to Kabul on 17/6.
Transavia B738 PH-ZOM (29677) made its first flight on 15/6 & was followed by PH-HSA (34171) on 17/6. PH-HZN (32943) left Trinidad/Piarco on 23/6 on return to Amsterdam following lease to Caribbean A/L.
Travel Service. See under Viking.
TUI A/L Belgium B763 OO-JAP (30840) left Taipei on delivery to Brussels on 25/6. Originally with Asiana as HL7595, this later served with Skymark A/L as JA767F & was recently registered to GECAS as N308MT
TUIfly. See under NordStar.
UPS B763F N335UP (37856) made its first flight on 21/6.
Ural A/L A320 VQ-BCY (1484) was delivered from Madrid to Ekaterinburg on 13/6. This aircraft was previously with Iberia as EC-HQM. A further A320, VQ-BDJ (2175?), was delivered to Ekaterinburg on 26/6 (the c/no needs confirmation & may be 2187 rather than 2175).
US A/W A332 N280AY (1022) left Toulouse on delivery to Mobile, AL on 13/6.
Viking B733 SE-RHU (28560 ex B-2977) had been delivered to the airline by 14/6. B738 SE-RHR (30637) was painted in full Travel Service scheme by 19/6. Future deliveries during July will be B733 SE-RHV (28566 ex PP-VPT, N566HE, PK-GGT) & SE-RHX (28592 ex TC-IAJ, CN-RNN, EC-IEN, N975RY, EI-DJT). The latter was ferried from Budapest to Shannon on 25/6 for painting into Viking scheme.
Virgin Atlantic is to lease ten A333s from AerCap, five to be delivered in 2011 & five in 2012. These are needed to allow expansion to destinations such as Beijing & Vancouver prior to delivery of the much-delayed B787.
Wizz Air A320 HA-LPW (3947) was delivered from Toulouse to Budapest on 23/6. The airline has signed a LoI with Airbus for a further fifty A320s.
Yakutia A/L took delivery of former ATA B752 VQ-BJK (27974 ex N518AT) at Moscow/Sheremetyevo on 17/6. Also see under Air Berlin.