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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, both of which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings

Aegean A/L. See under Swiftair.
Aer Lingus A332 EI-EWR (330) had become PK-YVI at Shannon by 10/8 prior to delivery to Batavia. A333 EI-JFK (86) flew its last revenue service on 12/8 & was ferried from Shannon to Chateauroux on 14/8. It is destined for Vladivostok Avia.
Aeroflot A319 VQ-BCP (3998) made its first flight on 5/8 as D-AVYZ & was delivered to Sheremetyevo on 13/8. A332 VQ-BBG (1047) made its maiden flight on 12/8 as F-WWKD.
Afriqiyah A332 5A-ONF (999) was delivered from Toulouse to Tripoli/Mitiga on 11/8. The airline's second A332, 5A-ONG (1024), made its first flight on 12/8 as F-WWYS.
Air Berlin B738 D-ABAD (30876) has become PK-GER & left Budapest on 11/8 all white on delivery to Garuda.
Air Dolomiti B463 I-ADJH (E3129) was ferried from Exeter to Southend on 13/8, joining an ever-growing number of this type stored there. Unusually, it used Lufthansa callsign DLH9931 for the ferry flight.
Air India B772LR VT-ALH (36307) made its first flight on 7/8.
Alitalia has reportedly sold B763s I-DEIF (27908) & I-DEIL (28147) to Omni Air International.
AlMasria Universal A/L A320 SU-TCB (0943 ex VT-ADY) had entered service by 8/8 on a service to Copenhagen. The airline also has (or is due to have) SU-TCA (0932 ex VT-ADX).
Athens A/W. See under Denim Air.
Atlant-Soyuz B738 VQ-BBR (32778) was delivered from Chateauroux to Brno/Turany on 12/8. This was previously with Ryanair as EI-CSX.
Augsburg A/W EMB195 D-AEMD (19000305) arrived at Munich on delivery in Lufthansa Regional scheme on 8/8.
Aurigny ATR72 G-BWDA (444) was cancelled from the UK register on 13/8 as exported to France. It was ferried from Guernsey to Saint Brieuc Armor back on 14/7 & is due for RAM Express as CN-COB.
Carpatair Fk100 YR-FKB (11369) was ferried from Timisoara to Tripoli on 13/8 on lease to Petro Air. This joins YR-FKA (11340), which took the same route on 31/7 & is covering for EMB170 5A-SOC (17000162), which was ferried to Clermont-Ferrand for overhaul on 30/7.  
Cathay Pacific B742F B-HIH (23120) arrived at Cardiff from Hong Kong as CPA3335 on 11/8 for scrapping.
Denim Air Fk50 PH-JXN (20239) was ferried from Athens to Maastricht on 11/8 following lease to Athens A/W.
EasyJet A321 G-TTIC (1869) was ferried back from Shannon to Gatwick on 11/8 as EZY8030 following a period for storage & is now all white. B737 G-EZJF (30243) was noted at Southend on 12/8 in full Aerolineas Argentinas scheme prior to delivery. A320 G-EZTL (4012) made its first flight on 10/8 as D-AVVC & was delivered to Gatwick from Finkenwerder on 14/8. Further deliveries this month (both to Gatwick) are scheduled to be G-EZTM (4014) from Finkenwerder on 20/8 & G-EZTN (4006) from Toulouse on 26/8. The airline currently plans modest fleet growth over the next few years, as follows:
30/09/09 - 181 aircraft
30/09/10 - 187 aircraft
30/09/11 - 196 aircraft
30/09/12 - 207 aircraft
EgyptAir B738 SU-GDA (35565) made its first flight on 13/8.
Emerald A/W. ATP G-JEME (2027), formerly with this now defunct operator, left Coventry all white on 6/8 on delivery to PT Deraya of Indonesia & it was cancelled from the UK register on 13/8.
Emirates B773 A6-ECT (35591) made its first flight on 10/8.
Eurowings B463 D-AEWP (E3165) left Exeter on 12/8 as DLH9920 bound for Nuremberg & then on to Bacau for further storage.
Flybe DHC-8 G-FLBD (4259) was ferried from Birmingham to Norwich on 9/8 for painting into Olympic Air scheme.
JetranAir MD-83 YR-MDK (49139) returned to Bucharest/Baneasa on 14/8 following lease to Air Ivoire.
KLM B773 PH-BVD (35979) made its first flight on 11/8 & is painted in Sky Team colours. B734 PH-BDU (24857) was ferried from Amsterdam to Woensdrecht on 12/8 for storage (it was previously stored at Norwich).
KLM Cityhopper EMB195 PH-EZF (19000304) is due for delivery to Amsterdam on 15/8. Fk70 PH-KZV (11556 ex F-GLIV) was ferried from Woensdrecht to Amsterdam on 12/8 for painting. 
Lufthansa A321 D-AIST (4005) made its first flight on 8/8 as D-AVZD.
Lufthansa Regional. See under Augsburg A/W.
Martinair B763s PH-MCG (24428) & PH-MCH (24429) both left Amsterdam on 12/8 as MPH161 & MPH163 respectively en route to Bradley, CT on return to the lessor. The former will continue on to Walnut Ridge, AR, with the latter going to Roswell, NM.
Olympic Air/Pantheon A/W. The updated situation regarding the present & future fleet of this airline is thought to be as follows:
SX-BIO DHC-8-100 (330 ex N826MA, LV-POD, LV-ZOD, C-GZQZ) in service
SX-BIP DHC-8-100 (347 ex N849MA, LV-BIP, LV-ZPM, C-GZRA) in service
SX-BIQ DHC-8-100 (361 ex N859MA, LV-ZLZ, C-GZRD) in service
SX-BIR DHC-8-100 (364 ex N865MA, LV-ZGB, C-GZRF) in service
SX-BIT DHC-8Q-400 (4148 ex G-JECV) still in service with Flybe
SX-BIU DHC-8Q-400 (4152 ex G-JECW) still in service with Flybe
SX-OAF A319 (3895 ex D-AHIP) at Norwich
SX-OAG A319 (3950 ex D-AHIQ) at Norwich
SX-OAH A320 (3316 ex VT-DNV) at Berlin/Schonefeld
SX-OAI A320 (3162 ex VT-DNY) at Berlin/Schonefeld
SX-OAJ A319 (3905 ex XA-MXR ntu) delivered to Athens 5/8
SX-OAK A319 (3317 ex PK-RMF, M-ABCK) at Southend
SX-OAL A319 (3252 ex PK-RMD, M-ABCJ) at Southend
SX-OAM A320 (3990) at Toulouse?
SX-OAN A319 (1727 ex D-APAC) at Shannon
SX-OAO A319 (1880 ex D-APAD) at Shannon
SX-OAP A320 (4065) under construction
SX-OAQ A320 (3748 ex VT-KRG ntu) at Toulouse
SX-OAR A320 (3812 ex VT-KRH ntu) at Toulouse?
SX-OAS A320 (4094) under construction
SX-OBA DHC-8Q-400 (4267 ex G-FLBF ntu) at Downsview
SX-OBB DHC-8Q-400 (4268 ex G-FLBG ntu) at Downsview
SX-OBC DHC-8Q-400 (4276 ex G-FLBH ntu) under construction
G-ECOE DHC-8Q-400 (4212 ex G-ECOE, LN-WDV) del to Athens 5/8
G-FLBD DHC-8Q-400 (4259) at Norwich
G-FLBE DHC-8Q-400 (4261) at Downsview
With thanks to
Oman Air A333 A4O-DA (1038) made its first flight on 13/8 as F-WWYM.
Pegasus B738 TC-AAN (38173) made its first flight on 14/8.
Pronair MD-87 EC-KJI (49836) returned to Barcelona from Munich on 10/8 following operations for Air Kosova.
Qantas A388 VH-OQG (047) made its first flight on 6/8 as F-WWAD.
Ryanair. See under Atlant-Soyuz.
Strategic A/L A320 F-GSTR (0436) was ferried from Toulouse to Le Bourget on 10/8 & then onward to Sharjah on 11/8.
Swiftair ATR72s EC-KUL (809) & EC-KVI (824) were ferried from Madrid to Shannon on 8/8 for painting into Aegean scheme.                                                                                                                                                               Thomson A/W B752 G-BYAK (26267) left Luton on 12/8 in basic Thomson scheme & wearing N924FD bound for Victorville, CA via Shannon & Bangor, ME.
THY B734 TC-JEZ (26088) was ferried from Istanbul to Kabul on 12/8 as YA-PIC for Pamir A/W. Leased B773 VT-JEF (35162) had been reregistered TC-JJB by 14/8.
Transavia has transferred B738 PH-HZY (30646) to its Danish subsidiary. It has been reregistered as OY-TDA & was ferried from Bordeaux to Copenhagen on 12/8
Transavia Denmark. See under Transavia.
UT Air will soon take delivery of former Continental B735 N14609 (27322) & it was ferried to Greensboro, NC on 6/8 for painting.  
Virgin Atlantic A346 G-VGOA (371) flew its last revenue service on 10/8 & was ferried from LHR to Lourdes on 12/8 for long-term storage. A346 G-VATL (376) will follow later this month or early next, while B744 G-VAST (28757) is to go to Mojave, CA, also for storage. 
Vladivostok Avia. See under Aer Lingus.
Volga-Dnepr has placed an order for an unspecified number of An-124-100M-150s.
Wizz Air has converted a LoI for 50 A320s into firm orders, taking the airline's total order for the type to 132.