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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, both of which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings

Catching up on news from the last couple of weeks.

Adria A320 S5-AAC (0114) left Ljubljana on 2/10 en route to a new operator in the Philippines.
Aer Lingus A333 EI-JFK (086) was ferried from Bordeaux to Shannon as EIN2507 on 6/10 in full Vladivostok Avia scheme prior to delivery.
Aeroflot-Don reverted to its old name of Donavia on 25/9.
Aerosvit has added two former Estonian Air B735s to its fleet. UR-VVU (26323 ex ES-ABD) was delivered from Tallinn to Kiev/Borispol on 14/9 & was followed by UR-VVS (26324 ex ES-ABC) on 26/9.
Afriqiyah A332 5A-ONH (1043) was delivered from Toulouse to Tripoli on 1/10.
Air Algerie. See under Saga A/L.
Air Asia X A333 9M-XXC (1048) left Toulouse on 30/9 on delivery to Kuala Lumpur.
Air Berlin A320 D-ABDZ (4033) was delivered from Toulouse to Berlin/Tegel on 30/9. B738 D-ABKF (37745) made its first flight on 18/9 & arrived at Berlin/Tegel on delivery on 1/10, while D-ABAE (30877) has become HL8206 with Jeju Air & left Munich on delivery on 30/9.
Air Contractors received ATR72 N642AS (395) at Edinburgh on 1/10. It arrived from the USA still in basic Delta scheme & is to become EI-SLK.
Air Dolomiti has taken delivery of the first of two former Contactair ATR72s. I-ADCA (658 ex D-ANFG) was ferried from Verona to Montpellier on 4/10 & will enter service shortly. This will be followed by I-ADCB (660 ex D-ANFH).
Air France. See under Surinam A/W.
Air India B773 VT-ALR (36316) left Paine Field, WA on delivery to Delhi on 29/9. The airline is to retire its last B744 later this month, having operated B747s since accepting B742 VT-EBD (19959) way back on 22/03/71. The airline is offering three B772LRs & four A310Fs for lease.
Air Nostrum DHC-8 EC-IBT (561) left Valencia on 7/10 routing via East Midlands & Reykjavik on return to the lessor.
Alitalia A320s EI-DTH (3956), EI-DTI (3976) & EI-DTJ (3978) were all delivered from Toulouse to Rome/Fiumicino on 26/9.
Armavia took delivery of former Lufthansa CRJ-200 EX-20014 (7282 ex D-ACJI) on 28/9 when it was delivered from Cologne to Yerevan.
Astraeus will reportedly receive former British A/W B735 G-GFFI (27425). A320 G-STRP (0136 ex EC-GRF) was noted at Kemble on 8/10 with the UK registration applied.
Athens A/W returned DHC-8 9H-AFD (458) to Med Avia at Malta on 1/10 following summer lease.
Augsburg A/W EMB190 D-AEMF (19000310) arrived at Munich on delivery on 19/9.
Austrian A/L B738 OE-LNL (30137) was delivered back to Vienna on 5/10 following lease to the US Navy.
Austro Jet. See under Olympic Air.
Bangladesh Biman is to take delivery of three former Singapore A/L B772s later this year. SIA is to dispose of 9V-SQA to SQD, with the other one going to Euro Atlantic.
BMI. SAS has sold its 20% stake in the airline to Lufthansa. Also see under Flybe.
British A/W A318 G-EUNB (4039) was delivered to Gatwick from Finkenwerder on 30/9. B772 G-YMMU (36519) positioned from Cardiff to LHR on 23/9 prior to service entry. EMB170 G-LCYE (17000296) arrived at Exeter on delivery on 20/9, while B463 G-BZAX (E3356) was withdrawn from use on 25/9. Another withdrawal was B752 G-BPED (25059) on 13/9. B744 G-BNLH (24050) is due to be ferried to Cardiff for storage later this month. Also see under Astraeus.
Brussels A/L has parked B462s OO-DJE (E2164), OO-DJF (E2167), OO-DJG (E2180), OO-DJH (E2172), OO-DJJ (E2196) & OO-MJE (E2192) at Brussels prior to disposal.  
Cargolux B744F LX-ICV (25632) was registered as N580UP on 29/9 & left Luxembourg on 30/9 on delivery to Roswell, NM.
Cathay Pacific B773 B-KPL (36161) made its first flight on 30/9.
Cirrus A/L has already grounded two of its Do328JETs & is to return all four to the lessors.
Clickair A320s EC-HQL (1461), EC-HTD (1550), EC-JZQ (0992), EC-KCU (3109), EC-KDT (3145) & EC-KLT (3376) were all repainted into Vueling scheme at Bournemouth or East Midlands during late September/early October.
Contactair Fk100 D-AFKE (11505), which made the wheels-up landing at Stuttgart on 14/9, was ferried back to Woensdrecht for repairs on 25/9. Also see under Air Dolomiti.
Danu Oro Transportas ATR42 LY-OOV (005) has been operating from Lydd in an all-white scheme since 15/9 on behalf of Trans Euro Air. Also see under Olympic Air.
Darwin Air took delivery of SAAB 2000 HB-IYD at Lugano on 29th. This was previously with Polet Flight as VP-BPP.
Denim Air Fk50 PH-KXM (20252) left Maastricht on 3/10 on lease to Arik Air.
DHL B763F G-DHLG (37807) made its first flight on 18/9 & was ferried to Greensboro, NC on 25/9 for winglet installation. The airline began Leipzig to New York/JFK B763F flights on 22/9.
Eastern A/W. Having been cancelled as permanently withdrawn from use on 2/6, Jetstream 41 G-CDYI (41019) was restored to the UK register on 8/10.
EasyJet A319 G-EZFK (4048) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Gatwick on 2/10, while G-EZFL (4056) made its first flight on the same day & is due to be delivered to Milan/Malpensa on 16/10. A320 G-TTOI (2137) flew its last revenue service on 6/10 from Faro to Gatwick as EZY918P & was then ferried to Shannon as EZY1P on return to the lessor.
EgyptAir B738s SU-GDC (35564) & SU-GDE (35569) arrived at Cairo on delivery on 30/9 & 2/10 respectively, while SU-GDD (35566) made its first flight on 6/10.
Elite Air B747SR SX-DCB (22711) was damaged when it was pushed off the taxiway at Athens by strong winds on 3/10.
Emirates B773 A6-ECU (35593) left Paine Field, WA on delivery to Dubai on 29/9.
Estonian Air. See under Aerosvit.
Etihad A346 A6-EHL (1040) was delivered from Toulouse to Abu Dhabi on 23/9.
Euro Atlantic A/W will acquire a former Singapore A/L B772 later this year (one from 9V-SQA to SQD). The carrier took delivery of A343 CS-TQM (117 ex A6-EYC) on 18/9. B763 S9-DBY (26208) was noted in the carrier's scheme at Shannon on 1/10.
Eurowings B462 D-AJET (E2201) was ferried from Nuremberg to Exeter as DLH9920 on 1/10 & is due to be delivered to Star Peru in mid November. CRJ-900 D-ACNG (15245) was delivered to Nuremberg in Lufthansa Regional scheme on 9/10.
FedEx accepted its first B777F, N850FD (37721), on 22/9.
Flybe DHC-8 G-JECV (4148) became SX-BIT for Olympic Air on 24/9 & was delivered from Exeter to Athens via Corfu the following day. G-FLBE (4261) was registered on 30/9 & arrived at Birmingham all white on 2/10 - it is to go to Olympic Air on a 12-month lease & flew from Birmingham to Norwich on 7/10 for painting, after which it will be delivered direct to Athens. G-ECOF (4216) was ferried from Exeter to Athens on 30/9 for lease to Olympic Air. B463 G-JEBF (E3202) is in the process of being registered to the Bank of Scotland & is believed to have been sold to Ansett & will be broken up for spares at Exeter. The airline has announced that it would be interested in acquiring BMI.
FlyLAL Charters B735 LY-AWG (26700) left Vilnius on 1/10, bound for Dushanbe & lease to Tajik Air.
Freebird A320 TC-FBY (0283) was ferried from Antalya to Zurich as FHY901 on 20/9 in an all-white scheme prior to return to the lessor.
HiFly A333 CS-TMT (096) was ferried to Amsterdam on 30/9 for painting prior to a 4-year lease to the Belgian Armed Forces. This sees the aircraft returning "home" as it was delivered to Sabena as OO-SFX in April 1999. Prior to that, it had been with MAS as 9M-MKZ.
Iberia A346 EC-LCZ (993) was ferried from Toulouse to Lourdes for storage on 5/10.
I-Fly is a Russian start-up intending to operate three B752s. The first of these is EI-DUC (26248), which was delivered from Norwich to Moscow/Vnukovo on 8/10, while the other two, EI-DUA (26247) & EI-DUD (26249), are awaiting delivery from Miami, FL. These aircraft are no strangers to Moscow, all being former Air Union aircraft.
Italiatour A/L ceased operations on 29/9 & its B462 I-CLBA (E2300) has been ferried to Basle for storage. The airline was hoping to restart operations on 5/10.
JAL B773 JA742J (36129) was delivered to Narita on 1/10.
JAL Cargo B742F JA8171 (23391) was ferried from Narita to Victorville, CA for storage on 5/10.
JAT B733 YU-ANV (24146) skidded off the runway at Istanbul/Ataturk on 4/10 while operating JAT420 from Belgrade. Early reports suggested that it was probably an insurance write-off, though it is now thought that it will be returned to service. There were no injuries reported among the 125 passengers & 6 crew.
Jet4you. See under JetairFly. 
JetairFly B734 OO-JAM (28867) was ferried from Orly to Perpignan on 1/10 following lease to Jet4you.
Jet A/W. See under THY.
Kenya A/W is considering obtaining between six & nine A332s due to delays in delivery of its B787s.
KLM B733 PH-BDA (23537) was ferried from Amsterdam to Kemble as KLM7451 on 8/10, possibly for scrapping. Happy birthday wishes to the airline, which celebrated its 90th birthday on 7/10.
KLM Cityhopper EMB190 PH-EZG (17000283) arrived at Amsterdam on delivery on 26/9. Fk70 PH-KZS (11540) was delivered from Woensdrecht to Amsterdam as FOP540 on 7/10 & commenced revenue services later the same day.
LOT EMB175s SP-LIG (17000283) & SP-LIH (17000283) arrived at Warsaw on delivery on 2/10.
Lufthansa A321 D-AISV (4047) was delivered to Frankfurt on 2/10. A388 D-AIMA (38) made its first flight from Toulouse on 7/10 wearing the test registration F-WWSH. The aircraft is still in primer, but with Lufthansa tail colours. Also see under BMI.
Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F D-ALCO (48413) has been parked at Mexico City since 14/9 following a heavy landing on arrival from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.
Lufthansa Cityline. Scheduled delivery dates & names (where known) for the EMB190/195s on order are as follows:-
EMB190s (all to be based at Frankfurt)
D-AECA 01/01/10 Deidesheim
D-AECB 29/01/10 Meißen
D-AECC 29/01/10 Eisleben
D-AECD 26/02/10 Schkeuditz
D-AECE 31/03/10 Kronach
D-AECF 30/06/10
D-AECG 30/07/10
D-AECH 31/08/10
D-AECI 30/09/10
EMB195s (all to be based at Munich)
D-AEBA 02/10/09
D-AEBB 30/10/09
D-AEBC 30/11/09
D-AEBD 30/11/09 Murrhardt
D-AEBE 30/04/10
D-AEBF 30/10/10 Füssen
D-AEBG 03/01/11 Kronberg/Taunus
D-AEBH 28/02/11 Oberstdorf
D-AEBI 28/04/11
D-AEBJ 30/06/11
D-AEBK 31/08/11
Also see under Armavia & UT Air.
Lufthansa Regional. See under Eurowings.
Mexicana will join the Oneworld alliance on 10/11.
Mistral Air B462QT I-TNTC (E2078) was restored to the UK register as G-BNPJ on 8/10. It is currently stored at Norwich.
MNG A/L has increased its order for A332Fs from two to four aircraft. The first two are due for delivery in 2011.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B738 LN-DYB (39163) made its first flight on 24/9 & left Boeing Field, WA on 8/10 on delivery to Oslo.
Norwegian se MD-83 SE-DLV (49965) left Stockholm/Arlanda as NDC1943 on 8/10 bound for Keflavik & the USA on delivery to Allegiant Air.
Olympic Air DHC-8 SX-BIW (289) was registered on 29/9. It was previously with Austro Jet as OE-HWG. ATR42 LY-LWH (148) positioned from Orebro to Athens on 28/9 for operation by Danu Oro Transportas on behalf of Olympic Air. Deliveries of A319/320s to Athens have been as follows:
SX-OAF A319 (3895) from Norwich on 24/9
SX-OAG A319 (3950) from Norwich on 24/9
SX-OAH A320 (3316) from Berlin/Schonefeld on 24/9
SX-OAI A320 (3162) from Berlin/Schonefeld on 25/9
SX-OAK A319 (3317) from Southend on 25/9
SX-OAL A319 (3252) from Southend on 25/9
SX-OAN A319 (1727) from Shannon on 25/9
SX-OAO A319 (1880) from Shannon on 24/9
SX-OAV A319 (3142) from Southend on 27/9
In addition, A320 SX-OAM (3990) was delivered from Toulouse to Bordeaux for painting on 6/10. Also see under Flybe.
Olympic A/L The airline ceased to exist on 29/9 when A343 SX-DFB (239) landed at Athens operating OAL424 from Toronto at the end of the airline's last service. B734s SX-BKU (25764) & SX-BMD (25765) left Athens on 28/9 for Goodyear, AZ & return to the lessor. B734 SX-BKF (25430) was damaged when it was pushed off the runway at Athens by strong winds on 3/10.
The following aircraft are currently stored at Athens.
A343 - SX-DFA (235), SX-DFB (239), SX-DFC (280), SX-DFD (292)
B733 - SX-BLC (26303), SX-BLD (25071)
B734 - SX-BKA (25313), SX-BKB (25314), SX-BKC (25361), SX-BKD (25362), SX-BKE (25417), SX-BKF (25430), SX-BKG (27149), SX-BKT (25377), SX-BKX (27000), SX-BMC (27143)
Oman Air A332 A4O-DB (1044) was delivered from Toulouse to Muscat on 2/10.
Polet Flight. See under Darwin Air.
Qatar A/W B773 A7-BAF (37661) left Paine Field, WA on 29/9 on delivery to Doha.
Regional EMB190 F-HBLJ (19000311) arrived at Clermont-Ferrand on delivery on 24/9. Fk100 F-GPXI (11503) was ferried from Morlaix to Woensdrecht as BZH4250 on 7/10 on return to the lessor.
Rossiya will ground its remaining Tu-154Ms by 1/11 - a sad day indeed. The airline recently took delivery of its first An148. Two more are expected before the end of the year.
Ryanair B738 EI-EFV (35017) made its first flight on 25/9.
Saga A/L B734s TC-SGD (25773) & TC-SGE (25775) were ferried from Algiers to Istanbul on 27/9 on return from lease to Air Algerie & were followed by A313 TC-SGB (562) on 5/10.
SAS B735 LN-BRX (25797) was ferried from Shannon to Oslo on 1/10 & will be returned to service. LN-BRR (25648) has become N637SR (though does not appear on the US register as such) with Wells Fargo Bank Northwest & was ferried from Oslo to Bournemouth on 28/9 to be painted all white. CRJ-900 OY-KFK (15244) left Canada on 4/10 on delivery to Copenhagen. Also see under BMI.
Seagle Air B734 OM-HLA (23773) had returned to the airline by 30/9 following lease to Olympic A/L.
Sky Europe B738s OM-NGG (34753) & OM-NGJ (34755) were registered to Lufthansa Technik on 14/9 as D-ALAA & D-ALAB respectively. Both were noted all white at Budapest on 1/10. The former OM-NGC (32696), now with GECAS as OK-GCE, was ferried from Ostrava to Shannon on 9/10.
Surinam A/W. It is now known that the former Air France A343 being acquired by the airline is F-GLZG (049).
THY has leased Jet A/W B773 VT-JEC (35159). It was noted in full scheme at Istanbul on 8/10 & will become TC-JJD.
Titan A/W will take delivery of B763 G-POWD (30847) in December. Recently operating with Skymark as JA767D, this aircraft was registered to GECAS as N308TL on 1/10.
Transavia has returned B738 PH-HST (32576) to Gol & it departed Amsterdam on 1/10. B737 PH-XRC (29347) became OY-TDZ with the airline's Danish subsidiary on 25/9.
Transavia Denmark. See under Transavia.
Tui Travel has cancelled ten of the twenty-three B787s that the group has on order. The Boeing site shows that a total of eighty-three B787 orders have now been cancelled.
UT Air B735 VP-BXU (27318 ex N14605) arrived at Khanty-Mansiysk on delivery on 26/9 & was followed by VP-BXY (27328 ex N37615) on 7/10. Both are former Continental machines. The airline is to obtain up to fifteen former Lufthansa CRJ-200s as replacements for some of its Tu-134s.
Vladivostok Avia. See under Aer Lingus.
Vueling. See under Clickair.