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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, both of which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings

Adria A320 S5-AAC (0114) has become XY-AGG with Myanmar A/W International & was ferried from Kuala Lumpur to Mingaladon on 27/10 following painting into full scheme.
Aeroflot A333 VQ-BCQ (1058) was delivered from Toulouse to Moscow/Sheremetyevo on 29/10. It wears Sky Team colours. A321 VQ-BEA (4058) is at Finkenwerder awaiting delivery. VQ-BED (4074) made its first flight on 20/10 as D-AVZT. Also at Finkenwerder, VQ-BEE (4099) is nearing completion, VQ-BEF (4103) was noted recently in the paint shop & VQ-BEG (4116) is on the production line. 
Air Berlin DHC-8 D-ABQJ (4274) arrived at Berlin/Tegel on delivery on 24/10. This was the last of the ten aircraft ordered by the airline. B733 D-ADIJ (25041) was ferried from Ostrava to Eindhoven on 24/10 for painting & is to join Boliviana de Aviacion as CP-2552. A320 D-ABFA (4101) was noted this week fully painted at Finkenwerder. Also see under TUIfly Germany.
Air Bridge Cargo. See under Air France Cargo.
Air Dolomiti B463 I-ADJG (E3169), which was recently restored to the UK register as G-BSNS, has become ZS-SMO for Bionic Aviation & left Kemble on 27/10 for Malaga.
Air France accepted its first A388, F-HPJA (33) at Finkenwerder on 30/10 & it was flown to Paris/CDG the same day. This is the first of twelve for the airline & will be introduced on the Paris/CDG to New York/JFK route next month, where it will replace two rotations currently flown by B777s. At 538 seats, this will be the highest-density configuration aircraft delivered to date. Following New York/JFK, the next destinations are thought to be Dubai & Johannesburg. A320 F-GKXU (4063) made its first flight on 29/9 as F-WWBF & was delivered from Toulouse to Paris/CDG as AFR372V on 28/10. F-GKXV (4084) made its first flight on 29/10 as D-AVVA, while F-GKXX (4105) was noted unpainted at Finkenwerder on 28/10. F-GFKL (0101) left Paris/CDG on 29/10 as AFR385V destined for Orlando/Sanford & an appointment with the scrapman. Having been out of service since early April, B744 F-GITC (25344) was ferried from Paris/CDG to Vatry for further storage on 28/10.
Air France Cargo B744F F-GIUB (33096) is to be delivered to Air Bridge Cargo as VQ-BFX next month.
Air Slovakia B752 OM-ASA (24370) was registered to Pegasus Aviation as N580SH on 19/10 & left Istanbul en route to Miami, FL on 23/10.
Alitalia MD-11F EI-UPA (48426) was registered as N986AR for Centurion Air Cargo on 23/10 & ferried from Dothan, AL to Acadiana RAP, LA for painting on 27/10. B763 EI-CRO (29383), which was temporarily registered N171LF for ILFC, has become 5Y-KYY for Kenya A/W & was delivered from Miami, FL to Nairobi on 25/10. A320 EI-DTK (4075) made its first flight on 7/10 as F-WWBN & was flown from Toulouse to Finkenwerder the same day, before returning to Toulouse on 14/10. EI-DTL (4108) made its first flight on 29/10 as F-WWDS & was ferried from Toulouse to Chateauroux in full scheme the same day (possibly for storage as delivery not due until December?).
AnadoluJet moved a step closer to putting B737 N297MD (34297) into service when it was ferried from Shannon to Istanbul on 30/10.
Arkefly returned B752 C-FLOX (26158) to Skyservice A/L after summer lease when it left Amsterdam on 26/10 bound for Toronto as SSV9801.
Astraeus B752 G-STRW (24543) flew its last revenue service from Keflavik to Gatwick as AEU501W on 30/10 & then positioned to Lasham the same day as AEU501P at the end of its summer lease to the airline. A320 G-STRP (0136) left Southend on 27/10, visiting several UK airports during the day before landing at Gatwick where it has remained ever since. It is still all white & devoid of titles.
Atlantic A/W B463 OY-FJE (E3234) was ferried from Vagar (Faroe Islands) to Southend on 23/10 as FLI0100 at the end of its lease.
Avient Aviation is adding a MD-11F to its fleet. N408SH (48408 ex HL7372, N988PG, PR-LGD) was noted at Miami, FL in full scheme on 25/10 awaiting delivery & it will, presumably, join the Zimbabwean register. The carrier also currently operates:
Z-ALT DC-10-30F (47818 ex 9V-SDG, PP-VMS, N519MD, N115WA, S2-ADB, N537MD, G-LYON, N537MD, 5X-ROY)
Z-ARL DC-10-30F (47907 ex OO-SLB, N10MB)
Z-AVT DC-10-30F (46590 ex G-BFGI, N68065, N401JR)
Z-WTV Il-76T (73410279 ex CCCP-86723, RA-76372, S9-BOM, 3C-QQD)
Blue Wings A320 D-ANNA (0916) became N590SH for Pegasus Aviation on 22/9 & left Istanbul on 27/10 bound for San Jose, Costa Rica
BremenFly B734 D-ABRE (27826) was ferried from Warsaw to Cologne on 23/10 as BFY9010 following a period of storage.
British A/W B744 G-BNLU (25406) flew its last revenue service on 18/10 as BAW58 from Cape Town to LHR & then left LHR on 24/10 as BAW9150 destined for storage at Victorville, CA, where it joined G-BNLG (24049). G-BNLH (24050) left Cardiff as BAW9151 on 25/10 also bound for Victorville, CA. G-BNLA (23908) was ferried from LHR to Cardiff for storage on 26/10 as BAW9172, having flown its last revenue service as BAW34N from Miami, FL arriving back at LHR that same morning. A320 G-BUSG (0039) was ferried from LHR to Gatwick on 23/10 as BAW9266, apparently for a period of storage.
British A/W Cityflyer B463 G-BZAX (E3356) was ferried from Kemble to Norwich on 27/10 as CFE02P for painting. EMB170 G-LCYF (17000298) joined the UK register on 29/10 & is due to arrive at Exeter on delivery on 31/10.
Centurion Air Cargo MD-11F N701GC (48434), operating CWC431 from Miami, FL to Montivideo, made a heavy landing in fog at its destination. The starboard main gear was badly damaged & it is suspected that the starboard wing spar is also damaged. The aircraft may be a write-off. Also see under Alitalia.
CSA A320 OK-GEB (1450) left Prague on 24/10 en route to La Tontouta, Noumea on a four-week lease to Aircalin.
Cyprus A/W A320 5B-DBB (0256) was ferried from Larnaca to Shannon as CYP014P on 28/10, possibly for storage.
Denim Air Fk100 PH-LNE (11322) was delivered from Woensdrecht to Rotterdam on 28/10.
EasyJet B737 G-EZJT (3245) flew its last revenue service on 27/10 as EZY558 from Belfast to Newcastle & was then ferried to Southend as EZY8001 that evening prior to return to the lessor. A319 G-EZFN (4076) made its first flight at Finkenwerder on 15/10 as D-AVYV & was flown to Dinard the following day (presumably for painting?) before returning to Finkenwerder on 26/10. G-EZFO (4080) made its first flight on 21/10 as D-AVYW & was ferried from Finkenwerder to Dinard on 26/10. G-EZFP (4087) made its first flight on 26/10 as D-AVYX.
Emirates B773 A6-ECV (35594) left Paine Field, WA on 29/10 on its delivery flight to Dubai. A6-ECW (38981) & A6-ECX (38982) were both noted of the production line last week.
FinnComm ATR72 OH-ATK (848) was delivered to Helsinki back on 9/10.
Flyglobespan B738 G-CEJP (29646) was ferried from Norwich to Lasham in full Ethiopian scheme as GSM733E on 27/10.
FlyLAL Charters B735 LY-AWF (26707) was ferried from Vilnius to Dushanbe on 30/10 from where it will operate on behalf of Tajik Air.
Freebird A320 TC-FBY (0283), which reverted to its previous marks of N754US back on 6/10, was ferried from Zurich to Keflavik on 28/10. I had expected this to go a Bulgarian operator, but this now looks less likely.
Hello MD-90 HB-JIC (53576) was flown from Basle to Stockholm/Arlanda on 25/10 for maintenance before being ferried to the USA where it will join Delta A/L as N919DN. Sister ship HB-JIB (53553) is due to follow on 31/10 & will also join Delta A/L as N918DH.
Iberworld A333 EC-JHP (670) joined the European exodus on 20/10, when it left Madrid bound for Adi Sumarmo & lease to Garuda for the Hajj.
JAL B773 JA743J (36130) left Paine Field, WA on delivery on 28/10.
Jet4you. See under JetairFly.
JetairFly B734 OO-JAM (28867) had become CN-RPH with Jet4you by 24/10.
Kalitta Air has a "new" B742F N704CK (23391 ex JA8171). This former JAL machine was registered on 19/10 & ferried from Victorville, CA to Oscoda-Wurtsmith, MI two days later. It replaces the previous N704CK (22299 ex B-1894, B-18752), which was written-off at Brussels on 25/05/08. Prior to that, the registration had been used on a B741F (20528 ex JA8112), which was allocated N40489 in 2003 before being broken up at Oscoda-Wurtsmith, MI soon after. 
Kenya A/W. See under Alitalia.
KLM Cityhopper E190 PH-EZH (19000319) arrived at Amsterdam on delivery on 24/10.
Korean Air B773 HL7784 (37136) left Paine Field, WA on delivery on 27/10.
Lufthansa A321 D-AISX (4073) made its first flight on 20/10 & was delivered from Finkenwerder to Frankfurt on 28/10 as DLH8851. D-AISZ (4085) made its first flight on 27/10 as D-AVZW. D-AIZA (4097) left the paint shop at Finkenwerder this week, while D-AIZB (4120) is well advanced on the production line.
MK A/L B742F G-MKHA (23071) has escaped the scrapman's axe as it was ferried from Kemble to Filton on 25/10 as BGB123 & then positioned to Luxembourg as BGB902 on 30/10.
Novair. See under Orbest.
Olympic Air A320 SX-OAM (3990) was delivered from Bordeaux to Athens on 26/10 following painting into full scheme. SX-OAP (4065) made its first flight on 12/10 as D-AVVL. SX-OAS (4094) is currently at Finkenwerder all white & still carrying D-AVVB.
Oman Air A332 A4O-DC (1049) was delivered from Toulouse to Muscat as OMA024 on 26/10. A333 A4O-DD (1063) was ferried from Toulouse to Chateauroux as F-WWYN on 23/10.
Orbest A332 CS-TRA (461) was ferried from Lisbon to Stockholm/Arlanda as OBS029P on 29/10 for winter lease to Novair.
Petro Air Fk100 9A-BTE (11416) positioned from Zagreb to Tripoli on 30/10 for operations by Trade Air.
Ryanair will reportedly retire no further B738s before December next year. A further eight are due for delivery during November - EI-EFV (35017), EI-EFW (35018), EI-EFX (35019), EI-EFY (35020), EI-EFZ (38489), EI-EGA (38490), EI-EGB (38491) & EI-EGC (38492). The first four have already made their maiden flights, the fifth & sixth have appeared on the flightline & the other two are next to each other on the Renton production line.
S7 A/L A310 VP-BTK (427) left Moscow/Domodedovo on 29/10 bound for Orlando/Sanford, FL & scrapping. 
Saga A/L B738 TC-SGI (28069) now sports Ariana Afghan titles & tail logo & has been in service on the route from Istanbul to Kabul since 24/10. A333 TC-SGJ (407) has been repainted into full THY scheme prior to Hajj operations.
SAS A343 OY-KBM (450) joined the ever-growing collection of stored aircraft at Lourdes when it was flown there from Zurich in an all white scheme for storage on 28/10.
SAT A/L took delivery of former Maersk B735 RA-73013 (28721 ex OY-APH) on 29/10 when it was delivered from Moscow/Vnukovo to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
SATA ATP CS-TGX (2025) has been painted all white & was ferried from Norwich to Southend on 26/10 for preparation for Air Aceh of Indonesia, to whom it should be delivered next month.
Seagle Air suspended operations on 22/10 & most of its aircraft have already been returned to their lessors as follows:
OM-HLA B733 (23773) ferried Bratislava to Bucharest on 27/10 as CGL900P
OM-HLC B733 (25119) ferried Bratislava to Bournemouth on 20/10 as CGL990P
OM-HLD A320 (0234) ferried Bratislava to Montpellier on 22/10 as CGL479P
OM-HLE A320 (0453) ferried Bratislava to Sofia on 23/10 as CGL800P
OM-HLX B733 (24011) ferried Bratislava to Sofia on 23/10 as CGL900P
The remaining B733, OM-HLB (25011), remains stored at Bratislava.
Sky Wings A/L MD-83 SX-BTM (49627) left Athens for Mehrabad on 24/10 on lease to an unidentified operator.
Strategic A/L A320 F-GSTS (0420) entered service on 25/10 after a short period of storage.
TAP A320 CS-TNT (4095) made its first flight on 23/10 as F-WWDI & was ferried from Toulouse to Finkenwerder the same day.
Thomas Cook A320 G-VCED (0193) is due to be retired on 2/11 & will be broken up. The following are due to be withdrawn from service & returned to the lessors next year - A320s G-BYTH (0429) & G-GTDL (0476) both in February plus B752 G-JMCF (24369) in March.
Thomson A/W B733 G-THOE (26313) had the markings OD-HAJ reapplied at Luton on 28/10 & was cancelled from the UK register the same day. It was still in an all white scheme.
THY. See under Saga A/L.
Transavia B738 PH-HSS (32348) left Amsterdam on 28/10 on return to Gol at the end of its summer lease.
Travel Service. See under Travel Service Hungary.
Travel Service Hungary has returned B738s, HA-LKC (27991) & HA-LKD (27985), to TUIfly Germany. They may revert to their previous marks of D-AHFK & D-AHFL respectively, though both are reported to be up for sale. HA-LKC was ferried from Budapest to Hannover on 28/10. However, HA-LKB (30294 ex OK-TVE, HA-LKB, OK-TVI) has now rejoined fleet from the parent company.
TUIfly Germany. The following aircraft will be painted into Air Berlin colours over the next few months & will be used on routes recently transferred to Air Berlin - B737s D-AHIA (29082), D-AHXA (30714), D-AHXB (30717), D-AHXC (34693), D-AHXD (30726), D-AHXE (35135), D-AHXF (35136), D-AHXG (35140), D-AHXH (35282), D-AHXI (35141) & D-AHXJ (35277) plus B738s D-AHFS (28623) & D-AHFW (30882). Also see under Travel Service Hungary.
United A/L B744 N193UA (26890) moved storage locations on 22/10 when it was ferried from Goodyear, AZ to Victorville, CA.
Viking A/L returned its two leased Canadian-registered B738s to Sunwing A/L on 27/10. Both set off for Toronto, with C-FEAK (30292) leaving from Manchester, while C-FYLC (33029) departed from Gatwick as SWG9001.
Virgin Atlantic B744 G-VROM (32339) arrived back at Gatwick from Amsterdam on 28/10 as VIR812P. It has a silver fuselage with a light green tail & red engine cowlings & the registration is taped on. It is due to become CP-2603 prior to departing to Santa Cruz, Bolivia at 17.00 on 31/10 on delivery to AeroSur.
Wizz Air A320 HA-LPY (4109) is currently on the production line at Finkenwerder.