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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Drewski/737NG Line Number list

Still quiet on the European scene with the majority of new Airbus & Boeing deliveries going to operators in the USA or the Far East.

Aer Arann entered voluntary administration on 26/8, though operations are continuing as normal.
Air Berlin A320 D-ABDH (2846) was ferried from storage at Dusseldorf to Paderborn on 25/8. It still wears full Azerbaijan A/L scheme & was to have become 4K-AZ77. It was followed on 27/8 by D-ABDI (2853) also still Azerbaijan scheme & which was to have become 4K-AZ78. B738 D-ABKO (37757) arrived at Berlin/Tegel on delivery on 26/8. A319 D-ABGB (2467) left Berlin/Tegel still in Air Berlin scheme on 25/8 on delivery to TAM as PT-TMF.
Air One B734 EI-DXC (26300) was ferried back from Norwich to Naples on 17/8 after painting all white.
Air Sweden A320 SE-RJM (0289 ex 9H-ABX, TC-ONC, A4O-MC, F-OHGB, A4O-EP, A9C-EP, F-WBGE) was registered on 18/8 & entered service on 20/8.
All Nippon. Expected delivery of the first production B787 to the carrier has slipped from 4Q10 to the middle of 1Q11 due, the manufacturer says, to problems with the aircraft's horizontal stabilizer & the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines. 
Blue1. See under SAS.
Brussels A/L is expected to acquire a pair of A320s next April for use on behalf of Club Med Charters.
China Southern Cargo B777F B-2081 (37313) was delivered from Paine Field, WA to Guangzhou on 24/8.
CSA B734 OK-EGP (28476) is to become VQ-BIE with UT Air & was ferried from Southend to Prague on 23/8 after painting.
Denim Air F50 PH-JXJ (20232) was ferried from Oristano-Fenosu to Maastricht on 25/8 following lease to flyOristano.
EasyJet A319 G-EZFZ (4425) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Gatwick on 25/8 & G-EZGA (4427) to Paris/CDG on 27/8.
Etihad A332 A6-??? (1070) was noted as F-WWYF at Toulouse on 22/8 in full scheme, but minus tail logo.
Exin Air An-26B SP-FDP (17311903) suffered an undercarriage collapse at Tallinn on 25/8 while preparing to depart to Helsinki. It will be recalled that sister ship SP-FDO (7310503) force-landed on the frozen Lake Ulemiste on 18/3 following a loss of power during a go-around while inbound to Tallinn from Helsinki.
FedEx MD10F N370FE (46608) was ferried from storage at Victorville, CA to Greensboro, NC on 19/8. B752F N915FD (24120) arrived at Paris/CDG from Memphis, TN on 25/8 for European operations.
Free A/W F50 SE-BRM (20207) was ferried from storage at Athens to Maastricht on 21/8, where it joins SE-BRS (20206) & SE-BRV (20199), which arrived last week.
Golden Air AT72 SE-MDH (917) was delivered all white from Toulouse to Angelholm on 26/8.
Hello. See under SAS.
Hi-Fly A345 CS-TQP (886) was noted at Toulouse on 22/8 still in full Kingfisher scheme.
IceJet suspended operations on 25/8 after failing to agree a new lease deal on its fleet of four Do328JETs. The aircraft have now been put up for sale & are:
TF-MIK (3147 ex N402FJ)
TF-MIO (3181 ex N423FJ)
TF-NPA (3220)
TF-NPB (3161 ex N409FJ)
A fifth aircraft, TF-MIL (3149 ex N403FJ), remains undelivered at Oberpfaffenhofen. 
JAL Cargo B744F JA8902 (26344) left Tokyo/Narita on 23/8 destined for storage at Victorville, CA.
Kalitta Air has acquired all 12 of the B742Fs previously operated by Northwest Cargo. The aircraft in question are:
N616US (21120) stored at Marana, AZ
N619US (21321) stored at Marana, AZ
N629US (22388) stored at Marana, AZ
N630US (21668) stored at Marana, AZ
N631NW (23111 ex N631US) stored at Marana, AZ
N632NW (23112 ex N632US) stored at Marana, AZ
N639US (23887) stored at Rome, NY
N640US (23888) stored at Marana, AZ
N643NW (22245 ex N808FT, N632FE, 9V-SQV, HL7401, N9401) stored at Walnut Ridge, AR
N644NW (24177 ex 9V-SKQ, N750SJ, ZS-SBJ) stored at Marana, AZ
N645NW (23736 ex N151UA) stored at Marana, AZ
N646NW (23737 ex N152UA) stored at Marana, AZ
Two so far unidentified aircraft were ferried from Marana, AZ to Oscoda/Wurtsmith, MO on 20/8 & 25/8.
LAN Cargo B763F CC-CZY (30780) was delivered from Santiago to Rio de Janeiro/Galeao as PR-ACG for ABSA Cargo on 24/8.
Libyan A/L A320 5A-LAH (4405) made its first flight on 24/8 as F-WWBX & was ferried from Toulouse to Finkenwerder the same day. This is the first of seven for the airline, with four to be delivered this year & three in 2011. Presumably, these will replace TS-IND (0348) & TS-INE (0222) currently on lease from Nouvelair.
Lufthansa A388 D-AIMC (044) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Frankfurt on 25/8.
Lufthansa Cityline E190 D-AECH (19000376) arrived at Munich on delivery on 27/8. Also see under UT Air.
Luxair B735 LX-LGP (25439) has become 4L-AJA for Euroline Georgia & was ferried from Luxembourg to Maastricht on 23/8 for repainting from Luxair scheme. It left there on 26/8 in basic Euroline scheme bound for Tbilisi.
Malev F70 HA-LME (11575) was ferried from storage at Budapest to Norwich on 26/8 for painting into Georgian International A/L scheme, with whom it will become 4L-GIC.
A7-AAZ B737BBJ2 (37545) of the Qatar Amiri Flight was redelivered from Basel to Rabat-Sale on 23/8.
G-BZAV B463 (E3331) left Southend on 25/8 on delivery to Cobham Aviation Services & is to become VH-NJY.
N493AG B737BBJ (36493) has become P4-AFK with Premier Avia JSC & left Basel on 25/8, routing via Nice to Moscow/Sheremetyevo.
N737GG B737BBJ (29136) was cancelled from the US register on 23/8 & registered to the Chad government on 25/8 as TT-ABD.
VP-BOQ B735 (27153), formerly with Aeroflot-Nord & now registered to AerCap, left storage at Woensdrecht on 27/8 bound for Keflavik.
VP-CAK B733 (28760), registered to DVB Bank, was ferried from storage at Bruntingthorpe to Keflavik on 27/8. It had been expected that this was would be broken up at Bruntingthorpe. 
Nordwind A/L B752 VQ-BKE (28484 ex N716TW), formerly with TWA & American A/L, was delivered from Miami, FL to Manchester on 27/8 & will doubtless continue on to Moscow/Sheremetyevo in due course.
Northwest Cargo. See under Kalitta Air.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B738 LN-DYE (39003) had been rolled out at Renton, WA by 25/8.
Open Skies B752 G-BPEJ (25807) was reregistered F-GPEJ on 18/8 & positioned from Gatwick to Paris/Orly on 22/8. G-BPEK (25808) was ferried from Brussels to Gatwick 22/8 for maintenance, cancelled from the UK register on 25/8 & had become F-GPEK by the following day.
Regional F100 F-GNLJ (11344) was ferried from Lille to Norwich on 27/8 for painting, presumably for a new operator.
SAA is expected to retire its last B744 at the end of next month. Only two remain in service, ZS-SAZ (29119) & ZS-SBS (28960).
SAS is to lease its eight MD90s to an unidentified US operator (almost certainly Delta A/L) for five years. Five of them are currently leased out to Blue1, who are replacing them with B712s, while the other three are with Hello, who have already transferred three to Delta A/L. Withdrawal of the MD90s will begin in 3Q10 & be completed by the end of 2Q11. 
Saudi Arabian A333 HZ-AQD (1141) was delivered from Toulouse to Jeddah on 23/8. A320 HZ-AS21 (4414) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Jeddah on 24/8. 
Sun Express B738 TC-SNT (40755) had been rolled out at Renton, WA by 23/8 & was noted on the flightline 25/8.
THY A333 TC-JNI (1160) was noted at Toulouse in full scheme as F-WWKH on 22/8.
Transaero B735 VP-BYO (28922 ex N23661) left Rome, NY on 24/8 on delivery to Moscow/Domodedovo. Former United A/L B772 EI-UNV (28714 ex N205UA) was delivered from Syracuse Hancock, NY to Moscow/Domodedovo on 26/8. The carrier now has six B772s in service, four from United A/L & two former Singapore A/L machines, with a further two Singapore A/L examples due later this year.
United A/L. See under Transaero.
UT Air took delivery of former Lufthansa Cityline CRJ2 VQ-BGQ (7200 ex D-ACJF) at Khanty-Mansisyk on 22/8. This is the carrier's sixth CRJ2. Also see under CSA.