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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Drewski/737NG Line Number list


ABX Air B762 N791AX (23141) arrived at Tel Aviv on 29/1 for freighter conversion.
Aeroflot A320 VQ-BIW (4579) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Moscow/Sheremetyevo on 1/2.
Aigle Azur A320 F-HBAO (4589) made its first flight on 28/1 in full scheme as F-WWIQ & was ferried from Toulouse to Finkenwerder the same day.
Air Arabia A320 A6-AND (4568) left Toulouse on delivery on 31/1, immediately entering service from Amman to Sharjah.
Air Berlin B738 D-ABKQ (37760) made its first flight on 1/2 & is due for delivery on 15/2. A319 D-ABGA (2383) was ferried from Dusseldorf to Prague on 1/2 for maintenance & painting prior to return to the lessor. Also see under Pegasus.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6470 A320 (4435) to Shenzen A/L 24/1 (Chinese built)
B-6473 A320 (4569) to West Air 31/1
JA05MC A320 (4555) to Star Flyer 2/2
PK-AXP A320 (4571) to Indonesia Air Asia 2/2
ZK-OAB A320 (4553) to Air New Zealand 29/1 in special scheme
Air France A343 F-GNIG (174) made an acceptance flight in new Finnair scheme from Paris/Orly on 28/1. It is due to become OH-LQG.
All Nippon B744 JA8962 was registered to WFBN as N596MS at Xiamen on 25/1.
Atlantic A/L L188 G-FIZU (2014) left Coventry on 1/2 on delivery to Conair.
Atlas Air. Former JAL B744F N356NA (26356 ex JA8911) left Roswell, NM on 29/1 bound for Singapore prior to service entry.
Azerbaijan A/L A320 4K-AZ54 (0331) was noted in full scheme at Malta on 27/1 awaiting redelivery following a period of storage.
Blue Bird Cargo B733F TF-TNM (29108 ex G-OGBB, PK-GHQ, N491MS) was delivered from Tel Aviv to Liege on 30/1 following freighter conversion.
BMI Baby. See under Thomson A/W.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-5447 B738 (40015) to Air China 1/2
B-5576 B738 (38011) to Shanghai A/L 2/2
JA335J B738 (40350) to JAL Express 28/1
VH-VUZ B738 (39921) to Virgin Blue 2/2
ZK-ZQD B738 (34203) to Qantas JetConnect 1/2
Cargolux B744F LX-ACV (24200 ex HL7479, HL7412, N794BA) was temporarily registered D-ALAA on 26/1 prior to delivery from Hamburg.
Cathay Pacific A343 B-LAK (1196) made its first flight on 28/1 as F-WWYD.
Central Charter Slovakia B733 OM-CCA (28333) was ferried from Ostrava to Shannon on 31/1 on return to the lessor. The carrier's only other aircraft, B735 OM-CCB (26704), is stored at Woensdrecht.
Dniproavia, a big operator of the E145, has placed an order for ten E190s, with options for a further five.
Dubrovnik A/L MD83 9A-CDC (49112) left Dubrovnik on 28/1 on delivery to Orient Thai.
Eastern A/W JS41 G-MAJV (41074) was cancelled from the UK register on 2/2 as exported to Colombia.
EasyJet A321 G-TTIE (2682) was cancelled from the UK register on 28/1 & will soon leave Shannon on delivery to Windrose Air as UR-WRI. B737 G-EZKB (32423) is currently at Dublin being painted as N432AM for AeroMexico. A320 G-EZUC (4591) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Gatwick on 3/2. As reported a while ago, easyJet will transfer two more A320s & another A319 to the Swiss subsidiary in the spring. It is now understood that the A320s will become HB-JZX/JZY & the A319 will be HB-JZZ.
Estonian Air CRJ9 ES-ACC (15262) arrived at Tallinn on delivery on 29/1.
Eurocypria. Correcting my last blog, B738 5B-DBR/N364LF (30720) became F-WTAC rather than F-WTAG & its ferry flight from Shannon to Toulouse was delayed until 29/1. C-GLBW (30671) was registered N858AM for Aeromexico at Perpignan on 27/1.
FedEx B77F N884FD (37137) made its first flight on 2/2.
Finnair. See under Air France.
Iberia A320 EC-HAF (1047) has now become EC-LKG & flew its first service as such on 28/1. Also see under Vueling.
JAL A306 JA8559 (641) was registered to GA Telesis on 21/1 as N5641 & left Tokyo/Haneda on 28/1 for storage at Lourdes. B744 JA8916 (26362) was registered to Transaero as N916UN on 1/2 & was ferried from Tokyo/Narita to Rome, NY for cabin configuration.
JAL Cargo. See under Atlas Air.
Jet A/W is to be the recipient of former Livingston A332 EI-EOL (597 ex I-LIVN) & it was ferried from Chateauroux to Bordeaux on 29/1 after painting. EI-EON (551 ex I-LIVM) is due to follow shortly.
Jet2. See under Thomson A/W.
Livingston. See under Jet A/W.
Lufthansa Cityline. See under UT Air.
MNG Cargo. See under Solinair.
Moscow A/L B733 EI-DNH (25614), now registered to Boeing Capital, left storage at Moscow/Vnukovo on 2/2 bound for further storage at Goodyear, AZ.
A6-AJE A318CJ (4211) for Al Jaber Aviation was ferried from Finkenwerder to Tulsa, OK on 3/2 as F-WHUD for cabin configuration.
EC-335 A332MRTT (1033) was ferried from Getafe to Toulouse on 3/2 following conversion. It will become ZZ330 for the RAF.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B733 LN-KKU (27337) was ferried back from Dublin to Lasham on 29/1 after painting all white. B738 LN-NOR (39412) was rolled out at Renton, WA by 29/1. With thanks to ATDB, further B738s due for delivery this year are set to include:
LN-DYK (39046)
LN-DYL (40867)
LN-DYM (39005)
LN-DYN (39006)
LN-DYO (40868)
LN-DYP (39047)
LN-DYQ (40869)
LN-DYR (40870) 
LN-DYS (39007)
LN-DYT (39048)
Olympic A/L B734 SX-BKD (25362), now registered to AerSale as N362AS, was ferried from Istanbul to Bucharest on 1/2, with SX-BKF (25430), now registered N304AS, following two days later.
Pegasus is to take delivery of former Air Berlin B738 D-ABKG (37746), which was ferried from Hamburg to Berlin/Schonefeld on 29/1 after painting. It is understood that it will be registered TC-CCP.
Pullmantur Air B744 EC-KQC (26549) was ferried from Singapore to Madrid on 29/1 following Hajj operations with Garuda followed by a D check.
Qantas A388 VH-OQH (050) left Toulouse on 1/2 on delivery to Sydney.
Ryanair B738 update as follows:
EI-ENN (35036) arrived at Dublin on delivery on 29/1
EI-ENO (40302) arrived at Dublin on delivery on 29/1
EI-ENP (40304) arrived at Dublin on delivery on 29/1
EI-ENV (35039) first flight 29/1
EI-ENW (40306) first flight 1/2
EI-ENX (40305) on flightline 31/1
EI-ENY (35042) rolled out 2/2
EI-DAX (33557), recently registered N594MS, is to become B-5577 with OK A/W.
Saga A/L B738s TC-SGF (28249) & TC-SGG (30706) left Istanbul on 28/1 en route to the USA on return to the lessor.
Saudi Arabian A320 HZ-AS44 (4564) left Toulouse on 31/1 on delivery to Jeddah, with A321 HZ-ASJ (4577) leaving from Finkenwerder the same day. A321 HZ-ASK (4590) made its first flight on 28/1 in full scheme as D-AZAJ
Sevenair is to change its name to Tunisair Express. The carrier currently operates three AT72s, with a fourth on order, & one CRJ9.
Solinair has added B734F S5-ABV (24128 ex D-AHLO, SP-KEN, TC-MNI, EC-JSS, N728CF) to its single A300F. It was noted Ljubljana on 2/2 in full MNG scheme as it had originally been intended for them as TC-MCI.
Thomas Cook B752 G-TCBC (29946) was delivered from Southend to Manchester on 29/1.
Thomson A/W. It is now understood that B733 G-THOL (28594) will be the aircraft for BMI Baby, with G-THOP (28740) going to Jet2. B738 G-FDZT (37248) arrived at East Midlands on delivery 2/2.
Transaero. See under JAL.
TUIfly Nordic B738 SE-RFT (38097) made its first flight on 28/1
UT Air. Former Lufthansa Cityline CRJ2 VQ-BGP (7165 ex D-ACJE, C-GGDO) arrived at Khanty-Mansiysk on delivery on 3/2.
Viking Hellas is to re-brand itself as Fly Hellas from 1/5 & close its Gatwick base this month in an effort to distance itself from collapsed namesake Viking A/L. In future, the carrier's aircraft will operate from its bases in Athens & Cyprus.
Virgin Atlantic. The prospective A333 G-VLUV (1206) is to be leased to China A/L as B-18391 & was noted as F-WWYH at Toulouse on 28/1 in full China A/L scheme. G-VSXY (1195) will be delivered on or around 21/2, with G-VKSS (1201) following in May.
Vueling is to sub-lease six A320s from Iberia for eight months starting from April & will take over some Iberia services out of Madrid. 
XL A/W France B738 F-HJUL (38819) arrived at Paris/Le Bourget on delivery on 30/1.