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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Drewski/737NG Line Number list

Aer Lingus A320 EI-DVL (4634) made its first flight on 25/2 (test reg not known). It will be painted in 1970s retro scheme at Chateauroux.
Air Berlin B738 D-ABKE (37743) was ferried from Berlin/Schonefeld to Eindhoven on 18/2 for painting for Pegasus A/L. A320 D-ABFQ (4613) made its first flight on 17/2. D-ABFP (4606) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Berlin/Tegel on 25/2. D-ALTD (1493) was ferried from Dublin to Dusseldorf on 21/2 after painting prior to delivery to Brussels A/L as OO-SNB. D-ALTE (1504) was ferried from Dusseldorf to Dublin on 21/2 for painting prior to delivery to Austrian A/L as OE-LBW.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6746 A320 (4580) to Capital A/L 19/2
N606NK A320 (4592) to Spirit A/L 23/2
N607NK A320 (4595) to Spirit A/L 24/2
PT-MXH A321 (4570) to TAM 22/2
ZK-OJQ A320 (4584) to Air New Zealand 22/2
Air China A333 B-6525 (1199) left Toulouse on 22/2 on delivery to Beijing.
Air Dolomiti AT42 I-ADLQ (606) was ferried from Mönchengladbach to Woensdrecht on 9/2 for painting. It was then ferried to Verona on 16/2 & is due to go to flyMe as 8Q-VAQ
Air Europa A332 EC-KOM (931) was ferried Stockholm/Arlanda to Madrid on 25/2 following lease to Novair & was replaced the same day by EC-JZL (814), which flew in the opposite direction.
Air France A320 F-GHQH (0156) was ferried from Paris/Orly to Kemble on 24/2 for scrapping.
Air Volga. See under Rusline.
Alitalia B763 EI-CRM (30009) was ferried from Rome/Fiumicino to Tel Aviv on 20/2 & is to go to Condor as D-ABUT.
Austrian A/L. See under Air Berlin.
Blue1 B712 OH-BLN (55053) was ferried from Helsinki to East Midlands for painting on 19/2.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
N535AS B738 (35200) to Alaska A/L 22/2
Brit Air CRJX F-HMLF (19010) arrived at Morlaix on delivery on 19/2.
Brussels A/L. See under Air Berlin.
China Southern A332 B-6528 (1202) left Toulouse in Skyteam colours on delivery to Guangzhou on 23/2.
Condor. See under Alitalia.
Danube Wings AT72 OM-VRC (307) was ferried from Ostrava to Bratislava on 24/2 with additional Confort A/L (Equatorial Guinea) titles (see Skyliner for photo).
EasyJet B737 G-EZKB (32423), now carrying N423AM, was noted at Dublin on 21/2 all white prior to delivery to Aeromexico. A319 G-EZGF (4635) made its first flight on 25/2 as D-AVWO.
Egyptair B773 SU-GDP (38290) arrived at Cairo on delivery on 24/2.
Eurowings CRJ9 D-ACNR (15263) is due to arrived at Dusseldorf on delivery on 26/2 & is in Lufthansa Cityline colours.
FedEx B77F N884FD (37137) was delivered from Paine Field, WA to Memphis, TN on 24/2.
Germania. Correcting last week, the ferry flight of B733 D-AGEB (24320) to Kemble was delayed to 25/2. A319 D-AHIM (3818) was ferried from Montpellier to Prague on 23/2 after painting & prior to delivery.
Golden Air Flyg. See under Moldavian A/L.
Hello MD90 HB-JIF (5362) was ferried from Zurich to Stockholm/Arlanda on 20/2 prior to ferrying to the USA for Delta as N934DN.
Highland A/W JS31 G-UIST (750) had its wings removed at Inverness on 24/2 & the dismantled aircraft then departed bound for Pinewood Film Studios. 
Iberia A343 EC-HQN (414), currently registered OE-IAN, was ferried from Madrid to Manchester on 22/2 for painting prior to service re-entry.
JAL A306 JA8657 (753) was registered to GA Telesis on 14/2 as N4753 & arrived at Lourdes on 24/2 for storage. B763 JA622A (40567) was delivered for Paine Field, WA to Tokyo/Haneda on 24/2.
Jazeera A/W A320 9K-CAA (2569) will be ferried from Kuwait City to Amman late this month prior to delivery to Sri Lankan as 4R-ABL.
Jet Time B733 OY-JTZ (29083 ex D-AWOH, D-AHIB, LY-STG), formerly with Star1 A/L, was delivered from Abu Dhabi to Copenhagen on 25/2. NOTE - the previous identity has yet to be confirmed.
Jet2. See under TUIfly.
KLM B737 PH-BGM (39255) made its first flight on 18/2.
LOT E145 SP-LGF (145308) left Warsaw on 23/2 on return to the lessor.
Lufthansa A321 D-AIDE (4607) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Frankfurt on 21/2. D-AIDF (4626) made its first flight on 23/2 as D-AZAO.
Lufthansa Cityline CRJ2 D-ACLY (7119) left Cologne on 23/2 en route to Bombardier at Toronto. Also see under Eurowings.
Moldavian A/L S2000 ER-SFA (56) was registered SE-LXK for Golden Air Flyg on 23/2.
Niki A321 OE-LEW (4611) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Vienna on 24/2.
G-BTVT B462 (E2200) was ferried from Southend to Norwich for painting on 21/2. It became G-TYPH for BAe Systems on 23/2 & will be based at Warton to operate the Farnborough & Munich shuttles. It is currently expected at Exeter on 14/3 for mods & will replace B461 G-BLRA (E1017), which will be scrapped.
HB-IIQ BBJ (30752) was ferried to Norwich on 20/2 for painting into the colours of Gulf Air, who will use it between Bahrain & Geneva from late March.
VP-CAS A319CJ (4583) for a private customer left Finkenwerder for Tulsa, OK on 23/2 for cabin configuration (see Skyliner for photo). 
Norwegian Air Shuttle B738 LN-DYM (39005) made its first flight on 21/2. Arriving on delivery on 23/2 were LN-DYK (39046) at Stavanger & LN-NOR (39412) at Oslo.
Nouvelair. Former Karthago B733 TS-IED (25032) has become XA-VIM & left Dinard on 25/2 on delivery to VivaAerobus. A320 TS-INH (4623) made its first flight on 23/2 (test reg not known).
Novair. See under Air Europa.
Onur Air. See under Wizz Air.
Pegasus B738 TC-AGP (40728) was rolled out on 21/2. Also see under Air Berlin.
Rusline CRJ2 VQ-BIY (7546 ex N446CA) arrived at Stockholm/Arlanda on delivery on 18/2, with VQ-BIX (7539 ex N443CA) following on 23/2. Both wear Air Volga scheme.
Ryanair B738 EI-DCB, which became N328MS, was noted in full OK A/W scheme at Dublin on 21/2 & is to become B-5578. EI-EPC (40312) was noted on the Renton flightline on 24/2.
Safi A/W A343 YA-TTB (015) was due to ferry from Kabul to Lourdes on 21/2, possibly for scrapping. The flight has, however, been delayed as the aircraft does not have a permit to fly in European airspace with an Afghan registration.
Star1 A/L. See under Jet Time.
Swiss International A320 HB-JLP (4618) made its first flight on 21/2 as F-WWBP.
Tailwind A/L B734 TC-TLC (25112) was ferried from Benghazi to Istanbul on 19/2 following lease to Air Libya.
Thai International A333 HS-TEQ (1037) was ferried from Bordeaux to Hamburg on 21/2 for seat installation prior to delivery. The other four aircraft (HS-TER/S/T/U) are still parked at Bordeaux & will follow between now & June.
THY B773 TC-JJL (40793) arrived at Istanbul on delivery on 24/11.
TUIfly B738 D-AHFB (27982) was ferried from Hanover to Shannon on 21/2 for painting at end of lease & is believed to be the second B738 for Jet2, to be registered G-CGFD.
TUIfly Netherlands B763 PH-AHY (24848) has become HS-BID for Business Air & was noted in full scheme at Shannon on 18/2 awaiting delivery.
Virgin Atlantic A333 G-VSXY (1195) was delivered from Toulouse to Zurich on 24/2 for pre-in service fittings. It is named "Beauty Queen".
Wizz Air A320 HA-LPH (2688) was ferried from Norwich to Budapest on 20/2 after painting for Onur Air. HA-LWH (4621) made its first flight on 22/2 as F-WWBV.
Yamal B734 VQ-BII (25773 ex VT-JAM, TC-SGD, N773SJ) was noted in service on 19/2.