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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Drewski/737NG Line Number list

Due to other commitments, next week's blog may be posted one day later than usual

ABX Air B762 N796AX (23146) arrived at Tel Aviv on 27/2 for freighter conversion.
Aer Lingus. FlightGlobal reports that the carrier is switching an order for three A333s, due in 2013 & 2014, to three A359s to be delivered no earlier than 2018. Aer Lingus already has six A359s on order with four for delivery in 2015 & two in 2016. In addition, the airline is to sell one of its eight A330s, will return three currently leased Airbus A321s & sell an additional unspecified short-haul aircraft. I assume that the A321s referred two are the three already withdrawn from service & slated for Ural A/L - EI-CPC (0815) & EI-CPF (0991), which are parked at Shannon & EI-CPD (0841), which is parked at Bordeaux. Stop press - EI-CPF (0991) due to be ferried from Shannon to Bordeaux on 4/3 for cabin configuration.
Afriqiyah A332 5A-ONH (1043) was ferried from Tripoli to Paris/CDG on 3/3, possibly for interim storage. The carrier has converted three of its outstanding orders for A320s to A321s.
Air Asia X has ordered three A332s for delivery from 2014.
Air Baltic F50 YL-BAW (20148) was ferried from storage at Maastricht to Vilnius on 26/2.
Air Berlin. The delivery flight of A320 D-ABFP (4606) was delayed from 25/2 to 28/2. D-ABDD (2685) was ferried from Berlin/Tegel to Budapest on 28/2 prior to return to the lessor. D-ALTB (1385) was delivered from Dusseldorf to Vienna on 25/2 as OE-LBV for Austrian A/L. D-ALTE (1504) was ferried from Dublin to Dusseldorf on 1/3 following painting for Austrian A/L, with whom it will become OE-LBW. A320 D-ABFQ (4613) is destined not to join the airline. Having only made its first flight on 17/2, it left Finkenwerder on 2/3 routing via Dubai en route to Guangzhou for China Southern.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
N599AV A320 (4599) to Avianca 2/3
VT-IEB A320 (4609) to IndiGo 28/2
VT-IEC A320 (4614) to IndiGo 3/3
9V-TAU A320 (4561) to Tiger A/W 26/2
Air Dolomiti AT42 I-ADLL (518) was ferried from Verona to Mönchengladbach on 28/2 prior to return to the lessor.
Air Europa B738 EC-HBM (28382) was ferried from Madrid to Norwich on 28/2 for painting prior to return to the lessor.
Airlift Service B733 Z3-AAN (24365) had reverted to its previous registration of EI-DJK at Shannon by 4/3.
AtlasJet will add former Bahrain Air A320 A9C-BAZ (0645) to its fleet. The aircraft undertook an acceptance flight in full AtlasJet scheme from Istanbul on 26/2.
Austrian A/L. See under Air Berlin.
Baboo E190 HB-JQE (19000163) left Lille on 28/2 on delivery to Trip Linhas Aereas with whom it will become PP-PJJ.
Bahrain Air. See under AtlasJet.
Belair A320 HB-IOZ (4631) made its first flight on 4/3 as D-AXAX.
Blue1 B712 OH-BLN (55053) was ferried from East Midlands to Helsinki on 1/3 after painting into Star Alliance scheme. Also see under Golden Air.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-5560 B738 (38013) to Shandong A/L 25/2
PK-LHO B739 (37278) to Lion Air 28/2
9M-MLJ B738 (39319) to MAS 2/3
British A/W A320 G-BUSH (0042) was ferried from Gatwick to Lourdes on 2/3 for storage prior to sale/lease. It joins G-BUSG (0039) & G-BUSI (0103) there.
Bukovyna Aviation MD82 UR-CHX (53162) was ferried from Istanbul to Mehrabad on 1/3 on lease to Iran Air Tour.
Business Air took delivery of former TUI A/L Nederland B763 HS-BID (24848 ex SE-DKS, OY-KDN, PH-AHY) on 4/3 when it left Shannon on delivery to Bangkok.
Cargolux B744F LX-ACV (24200 ex HL7479, HL7412, N794BA, D-ALAA) was delivered from Hamburg to Luxembourg on 3/3, all white with tail logo.
Cathay Pacific A333 B-LAK (1196) left Toulouse on 26/2 on delivery to Hong Kong.
Central Charter A/L. See under Danube Wings.
China Southern A388 B-6136 (031) made its first flight on 3/3 as F-WWSF & was flown from Toulouse to Finkenwerder the same day.
Cyprus A/W A320 5B-DBC (0295) left Larnaca on 1/3 heading for Muscat en route to another customer.
Danube Wings is to be the recipient of former Central Charter A/L B733 OM-CCA (28333) & it has been painted in that carrier's scheme at Shannon.
EasyJet. New aircraft to be delivered shortly are:
G-EZGF A319 (4635) first flight 1/3 as D-AVWO
G-EZGG A319 (4640) first flight 1/3 as D-AVWP
G-EZUD A320 (4636) first flight 1/3 as D-AXAZ
G-EZUE A320 (4646) first flight 4/3 as D-AVVP
A320 G-TTOJ (2257) flew its last revenue service on 2/3 & was ferried from Gatwick to Shannon on 3/3 prior to return to the lessor. This was the last of the former GB A/W machines with the carrier. B737 G-EZKE (32426) & G-EZKF (32427) flew their last revenue services on 29/1 & 21/2 respectively, both leaving Luton on those days for Dublin. G-EZKE (32426) is to be painted all white & will be delivered to Jordan Aviation as JY-JAT in mid March. This leaves just five B737s with easyJet.
El Al. See under Pullmantur Air.
Embraer deliveries to other customers
LV-CIE E190 (19000414) to Austral Lineas Aereas 25/2
XA-MAC E190 (19000408) to Aeromexico Connect 1/3
FlyDubai B738 A6-FDP (40243) made its first flight on 1/3.
Freebird A321 TC-FBG (0771) was ferried from storage at Istanbul to Sharjah on 3/3, possibly on return to Asiana.
Germania B733 D-AGEE (24238) was ferried from Dusseldorf to Woensdrecht for maintenance prior to storage on 28/2. A319 D-AHIM (3818) was delivered from Prague to Berlin/Tegel on 3/3.
Golden Air AT72 SE-MCA (212) was ferried from Norrkoping to Stockholm/Arlanda on 28/2 in basic Blue1 scheme prior to wet lease.
Iberia A320 EC-FNR (0323) entered service with Vueling on 1/3.
JAL withdrew its last two B744s from service on 1/3. Over a period of 41 years the carrier was the largest operator of the B747. B788 JA822J made its first flight on 1/3 as N1003W.
Jetstar A332 VH-EBQ (1198) left Toulouse on 26/2 on a non-stop delivery flight to Sydney. This is thought to have taken just under 20 hours.
JetTime B737 OY-JTZ is now confirmed as c/n 29083 ex LY-STG.
Jordan Aviation. See under easyJet.
KLM B737 PH-BGN (38125) was rolled out on 26/2.
Lufthansa is in negotiations to purchase 30 A320neo.
Lufthansa Cityline E195 D-AEBF (19000423) arrived at Munich on delivery on 2/3. B462 D-AVRD (E2257) was ferried from Basel to Kemble on 3/3 on return to the lessor.
Mint A/W. See under Thomson A/W.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B738 LN-DYN (39006) was rolled out on 26/2. LN-DYL (40867) arrived at Stavanger on delivery on 2/3. B733 LN-KKH (24328) was ferried from Lasham to Dublin on 26/2 for painting all white prior to return to the lessor. LN-KKV (25613) was ferried from Shannon to Southend on 28/2 after painting all white prior to return to the lessor. LN-KKU, which was registered N581MS on 16/2, left Lasham on 27/2 as PK-CKJ on delivery to Sriwijaya Air.
Onur Air. See under Wizz Air.
Pegasus A/L B738 TC-AEP (40724) made its first flight on 26/2.
Pullmantur Air B744 EC-LGL (26555 ex 9V-SPH) has become 4X-ELH for El Al & was ferried from Madrid to Amsterdam on 28/2 for painting from Pullmantur scheme.
Qatar A/W B773 A7-BAM (38245) made its first flight on 28/2. A320 A7-AHG (4615) made its first flight on 3/3 as D-AXAV.
Regional E145 F-GVGS (145385) will be delivered to Passaredo Linhas Aereas as PR-PST in April.
Romavia B462 YR-BEA (E2227) was restored to the UK register on 2/3 as G-BVMS. It is currently stored at Bucharest.
Ryanair B738s EI-ENY (35042) & EI-ENZ (40308) arrived at Dublin on delivery on 26/2 (the latter is the 300th B738 to be delivered to the carrier). EI-EPE (34394) was rolled out on 2/3. EI-EPA (34987) made its first flight on 3/3. EI-DCC (33561) & EI-DCD (33562) were withdrawn from service at Prestwick on 7/2 & 14/2 respectively. Both are possibly for a Turkish operator. The former left Prestwick on 27/2, possibly for Dublin. EI-DAZ, which became N592MS back in November, has been painted at Shannon as VQ-BKR for Nordstar.
SAA A332 ZS-SXY (1210) made its first flight on 2/3 as F-WWYS.
Safi A/W A343 YA-TTB (015) was ferried from Kabul to Lourdes for storage or scrapping on 1/3.
Saga A/L A333 TC-SGJ (407) was ferried from storage at Istanbul to Abu Dhabi on 26/2.
SAS F50 LN-RNE (20179) was ferried from storage at Norwich to Oslo on 25/2.
Skywings A/L A320 N376BV (0376 ex 3B-RGY, G-MEDB, VT-EYA) was delivered to Istanbul for cabin outfitting on 4/3 following storage at Goodyear, CA.
Swiftair AT72s EC-KUL (809) & EC-KVI (824) left Madrid on 26/2 bound for Port of Spain & will be based in Trinidad & Tobago operating for Caribbean A/L.
Tassili A/L B738 7T-VCA (40884) made its first flight on 26/2.
Thomas Cook A320 G-FTDF (0437) flew its last revenue service way back on 4/1 & has been parked at Manchester ever since. The carrier will lease B752s EC-LBC (26276) & EC-LHL (24544) from Mint A/W this summer. They will be based at Newcastle.
Thomson A/W B738 G-FDZU (37253) arrived at Gatwick on delivery on 2/3. G-FDZW (37254) was rolled out on 28/2.
THY A319 TC-JLS (4629) made its first flight on 28/2 as D-AVWM. B773 TC-JJM (40794) made its first flight on 3/3. Also see under Turkuaz Air.
TNT. The next B734F for the carrier is EI-DOS (28881 ex N460PR, PK-GWZ) & it arrived Liege on 3/3 following freighter conversion at Guangzhou.
Transavia B738 PH-HSD (39260) was noted on the flightline at Renton, WA on 26/2 & made its first flight on 2/3.
TUI A/L Nederland B738 PH-TFD (38014) was rolled out on 2/3. Also see under Business Air.
Turkuaz Air A320 TC-TCD (3308), which was registered N568MS last year, was noted all white at Zurich as TC-JBI recently all white prior to delivery to THY.
Virgin Atlantic A333 G-VKSS (1201) was delivered from Toulouse to Zurich on 28/2 for pre-in service fittings.
Vueling. See under Iberia.
Wizz Air A320 HA-LPH (2688) was noted at Budapest on 28/2 also carrying TC-OBO prior to delivery to Onur Air. HA-LWI (4628) made its first flight on 1/3 as F-WWDH. HA-LWH (4621) was ferried back from Finkenwerder to Toulouse on 3/3, still as F-WWBV.
World A/W B744F N742WA (27071 ex 9V-SPF, N270RP, F-GTIR, N270RP) was ferried from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam on 3/3 for painting following freighter conversion.