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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Drewski/737NG Line Number list

This blog has now been appearing most weeks for two years. My stated intention when it first appeared was to attempt to cover fleet changes, etc among the European carriers & those portions of the fleets of other carriers from other parts of the world that operate into European airports. The scope, however, has broadened a bit in time with the addition of a Non-Airline section, all Middle Eastern & North African carriers, all changes involving wide-bodies, regardless of theatre of operation, & deliveries by the main manufacturers to carriers outside the normal scope. I don't currently envisage any further widening of this in the future.
My sincere thanks go to those individuals/websites mentioned in the credits above, without whom there would be no blog, & also to Alexandre/Aero Transport Data Bank & to Paul Dopson for his continued support as well as the many others who have provided snippets of information. I must also mention Steve Butler who I have to thank (blame?) for the original idea & to FlightGlobal for hosting this site. Finally, my thanks to my wife & my cat Mad Max for putting up with my devoting so much of my time pulling this together every week.
Additional contributors, particularly among those working for the airlines or aircraft manufacturers, would be very welcome.

ABX Air B762F N774AX (22789) left Tel Aviv on 30/3 bound for Cincinnati, OH following freighter conversion.
Aegean A/L B463 SX-DVD (E3362) was ferried from East Midlands to Stansted on 29/3 after painting all white for Sky Wings. Also see under Olympic A/W.
Aeroflot A320 VQ-BIT (4656) made its first flight on 25/3 as D-AXAB.
Air Algerie B738 7T-VKG (40861) arrived at Algiers on delivery on 31/3.
Air Arabia has transferred A320 A6-ABB (2166) to its Moroccan subsidiary as CN-NME & it had entered service by 27/3.
Air Arabia Maroc. See under Air Arabia.
Air Berlin A320 D-ABDD (2685) was noted at Dublin on 26/3 in full Azerbaijan A/L scheme & also wearing 4K-AZ83. B738 D-ABBH (32919) was ferried from Berlin/Tegel to Eindhoven on 27/3 for painting into Air Jamaica scheme. D-ABKF (37745) was ferried from Eindhoven to Munich on 28/3 after painting into Pegasus scheme, though will be registered to Izmir A/L as TC-IZC. A320 D-ABFS made its first flight on 1/4 as D-AXAE.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6749 A320 (4633) to Shenzhen A/L 31/3
CC-BAL A320 (4657) to LAN A/L 1/4
VT-IED A320 (4630) to IndiGo 30/3
Air Contractors AT42 EI-SLI (115) will be delivered from Edinburgh to CanaryFly Canarias Aeronautica next month. It never entered service with Air Contractors.
Air France A319 F-GRXI (2279) is now VQ-BQW with S7 A/L & was delivered from Maastricht to Moscow/Domodedovo on 27/3.
Air Italy. See under easyJet.
Air Southwest DH8C G-WOWD (286) was ferried from Exeter to Norwich on 29/3 for painting for Skytrans Australia.
All Nippon B763 JA623A (40894) left Paine Field, WA on 31/3 on delivery to Tokyo/Haneda.
AtlasJet B752 TC-ETG (26254) has become EI-ERF for I-FLY & was noted in full scheme at Istanbul on 25/3 awaiting delivery.
Austrian Arrows DH8C OE-LTP (554) was registered to WFBN as N837CA on 25/3 & left Innsbruck on 26/3 on delivery to Cleveland, OH. DH8D OE-LGC (4026) was ferried from Vienna to Hanover on 1/4 in basic scheme on wet-lease to Brussels A/L.
Avanti Air AT42 D-BTTT (603) has become SP-EDG for Eurolot & was delivered from Montpellier to Warsaw on 25/3.
Avion Express has received A320 LY-VEX (0375 ex A4O-ED, M-GABA). It departed Montreal on 31/3 & arrived at Milan/Malpensa on 1/4. It will take up the contract of SmartLynx Italia (see Skyliner for photo).
Azerbaijan A/L. See under Air Berlin & Belair.
Baboo DH8Ds HB-JQA (4017) & HB-JQB (4175) were ferried from Geneva to Munich on 26/3 for the application of Darwin A/L decals, returning to Geneva the following day.
Belair A320 HB-IOU (3006) is to become 4K-AZ84 for Azerbaijan A/L & is due to be ferried from Shannon to Budapest on 4/4 after painting.
BMI A332 G-WWBM (398) was ferried from Istanbul to Manchester on 31/3 following wet-lease to THY.
BMI Baby. See under Thomson A/W.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
HP-1717CMP B738 (40665) to Copa A/L 30/3
N955WN B737 (36671) to Southwest 31/3
VH-YFC B738 (39413) to Virgin Blue 1/4
Bombardier deliveries to other customers
C-GKQB DH8D (4359) to Porter A/L 31/3
N354NG DH8D (4354) to Colgan Air 25/3
British A/W B744 G-BNLU (25406) arrived back at Cardiff on 31/3 from storage at Victorville, CA for return to service.
Brussels A/L. See under Austrian Arrows.
Cargolux. See under World A/W.
Cathay Pacific B773 B-KPS (39322) was delivered from Paine Field, WA to Hong Kong on 30/3.
Cyprus A/W A320 5B-DCM (2343) arrived at Larnaca on delivery on 29/3, still as M-ABDC.
Darwin A/L. See under Baboo.
EasyJet A320 G-EZUE (4646) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Gatwick on 30/3. B737 G-EZJZ (32421) made an acceptance flight from Dublin on 31/3 in full Air Italy scheme & will become EI-IGT.
El Al B763 4X-EAL (27477 ex OO-CTA, N477AN, VN-A761, N477AN, B-2497, PR-VAB, N477AN) was noted in full scheme still as N477AN at Porto Alegre on 25/3 & was due for delivery on 29/3.
Embraer deliveries to other customers
LV-CIF E190 to Austral 28/3
Ethiopian A/L B752 ET-ALY (28480) was registered to Pegasus Aviation as N592SH at Dubai on 28/3.
Euro Atlantic B772 CS-TFM (28513) was redelivered from Singapore to Lisbon on 28/3.
Eurolot. See under Avanti Air.
Flybe. It would appear that the carrier is no longer intending to take DH8D G-FLBG. It was due to be built as C-GHVF (4350), but this aircraft was cancelled on 28/3 & c/n 4350 is now being offered for sale in South Africa. G-JECS (4142) flew its last revenue service on 25/3 & was withdrawn at Exeter the same day 25/3, with G-JECT (4144) also flying its last revenue on 26/3 & withdrawn at Exeter the same day.
Germania A319 D-ASTA (4663) made its first flight on 31/3 as D-AVYF.
Iberia has leased A320 EC-JFH (2104) to Vueling & it positioned from Madrid to Barcelona on 26/3. EC-FDB (0173) was ferried from Madrid to Southend on 1/4 for painting into Vueling scheme. EC-FQY (0356) was ferried back to Madrid from Chateauroux on 1/4 after painting into Vueling scheme.
I-Fly. See under AtlasJet.
Izmir A/L. See under Air Berlin.
Jet2. See under Thomson A/W.
KLM B737 PH-BGN (38125) arrived at Amsterdam on delivery on 29/3, followed on 1/4 by PH-BGO (38126).
KLM Cityhopper F50 PH-LXR (20277) left Maastricht all white on 26/3 on delivery to Sky Aviation of Indonesia.
Lufthansa A321 D-AIDF (4626) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Frankfurt on 31/3.
Lufthansa Cityline E195 D-AEBG (19000423) arrived at Munich on delivery on 1/4.
Mint A/W B752 EC-LHL (24544) left Rosario on 31/3 returning to Madrid following lease to PAL A/L.
Niki A321 OE-LEZ (4648) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Vienna on 30/3.
HZ-A3 A320CJ (0764 ex G-BXTA, G-VTAN, SE-RCH, VT-OGE, F-WJOQ, VP-BXS, HZ-AJ3) of Alpha Star Aviation left Toulouse on redelivery to Riyadh after cabin configuration.
N182AQ B763 (24495 ex A4O-GJ, A9C-GJ) was ferried from storage at Maastricht to Sanford, FL on 30/3.
16+01 A343 (274 ex D-AIGR, 98+47) was handed over to the Luftwaffe at Hamburg on 30/3.
Nordstar. Former Ryanair B738 VQ-BKR (33559 ex EI-DAZ, N592MS) was delivered from Shannon to Moscow/Domodedovo on 29/3.
Nordwind. See under Small Planet A/L.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B733 LN-KKY (29245) was ferried from Lasham to Dublin on 28/3 for painting prior to return to the lessor.
Olympic A/W A320 SX-OAM (3990) was ferried from Athens to Bournemouth on 29/3 for painting into Aegean scheme. Although now in service with Aegean, SX-OAS (4094) will not take up its new registration of SX-DGC until 7/4.
Oman Air E175 A4O-EB (17000234) left Brazil on delivery on 30/3.
Onur Air A320 TC-OBP (0496 ex C-GTDC, EC-JIB, EI-EDD, C-GTDC, N201LF) arrived at Istanbul on 1/4 on delivery from Miami, FL. (NOTE: corrected c/n & pi's)
Pegasus A/L B738 TC-AJP (35983) was noted on the Renton flightline on 30/3. Also see under Air Berlin. TC-AAR (28624) was ferried back to Istanbul on 1/4 following wet-lease to Rak A/W (see Skyliner for photo).
Qantas A388 VH-OQK (063) made its first flight on 1/4 as F-WWSK.
Qatar A/W B773 A7-BAN (38246) left Paine Field, WA on 1/4 on delivery to Doha. 
Ryanair B738 deliveries have been:
EI-EPA (34987) arrived at Dublin 30/3
EI-EPB (34986) arrived at Dublin 30/3
EI-EPC (40312) arrived at Dublin 31/3
EI-EPD (40310) arrived at Dublin 31/3
EI-EPE (34984) arrived at Dublin 26/3
EI-EPF (40309) arrived at Dublin 26/3
EI-EPG (34985) arrived at Dublin 1/4
EI-EPH (40311) arrived at Dublin 1/4
Also see under Nordstar.
Sky Wings. See under Aegean A/L.
Small Planet A/L B752 LY-FLA (27203) has become VQ-BKM & was ferried all white from Brussels to Istanbul on 26/3 prior to delivery to Nordwind.
Small Planet A/L Polska. See under Thomas Cook.
S7 A/L B738 VQ-BKV (37084) was noted on the Renton flightline on 30/3. Also see under Air France.
Tassili A/L B738 7T-VCB (40885) made its first flight on 25/3.
Thai A/W A333 HS-TET (1086) was ferried from Bordeaux to Hamburg on 29/3 for cabin configuration.
Thomas Cook A320 G-TCAC (1411) flew its last revenue service on 6/3 & was noted at Manchester on 31/3 as SP-HAB all white prior to delivery to Small Planet A/L Polska for operations on behalf of Polish start-up Yes A/W. B752 G-TCBA (28203) left Toronto on 28/3 still as C-GJZB routing to Abu Dhabi via Manchester following winter lease to Jazz Air. G-WJAN (28674) left Toronto for Manchester on 29/3 still as C-GJZS also following lease to Jazz Air. G-TCBA & G-WJAN were both restored to the UK register on 31/3. B752 G-TCBB (29945) entered service on 1/4.
Thomson A/W B752 G-BYAH (26966) was ferried from Manchester to Shannon on 26/3 in partial Allegiant Air & registered G-LSAM on 29/3 prior to summer lease to Jet2. It was ferried from Shannon to Lasham on 30/3. B733 G-THOL (28594) flew its last revenue service back on 20/2 & was ferried from Luton to East Midlands on 28/3, prior to becoming G-TOYL for BMI Baby. B738 G-FDZD (35132) arrived at Luton on 30/3 following winter lease to Sunwing A/L, with G-FDZE (35137) following it later in the day, still as C-GDZE, which was restored to the UK register on 31/3.
THY A321s TC-JRM (4643) & TC-JRN (4654) were delivered from Finkenwerder to Istanbul on 30/3. A333 TC-JNL (1204) was delivered from Toulouse to Istanbul on 30/3. Also see under BMI.
Transaero B742 VP-BQC (22725) was ferried from Rome, NY to Moscow/Domodedovo on 26/3 following major bird strike repairs. 
Travel Service B738 OK-TVR (38018) was rolled out at Renton on 30/3.
TUIfly B738 D-AHFO (27987) is likely to be out of action for a while following a tail strike at Tenerife on 27/3. The strike occurred at high speed & the crew abandoned take-off. Damage is said to be substantial. 
TUIfly Nederland B738 PH-TFD (38014) arrived at Amsterdam on delivery on 31/3.
Turkuaz Air A321 TC-TCF (0775) was registered to ILFC as N831LF on 24/3, followed by TC-TCE (0666) as N851LF the next day. Both are parked at Jeddah.
UPS B744F N583UP (25867 ex LX-GCV) was delivered from Hong Kong to Amarillo, TX for painting on 29/3.
UT Air CRJ2 VQ-BGI (7119 ex D-ACLY, C-GGDW) left Bradley, CT on 31/3 on delivery, but had to return there after take-off.
Uzbekistan A/W A320 UK32017 (4651) left Finkenwerder on 1/4 on delivery to Tashkent.
Viking Hellas A320 SX-SMT (0393) was ferried from storage at Southend to Manchester on 31/3.
Virgin Atlantic A333 G-VKSS (1201) was delivered from Zurich to Gatwick on 26/3 following cabin outfitting.
Vueling. See under Iberia.
Wideroe. The DH8A delivered from Canada on 25/3 is now known to be registered LN-WIV (343).
World A/W B744F N742WA (27071) positioned from Amsterdam to Luxembourg on 26/3 following painting for wet-lease to Cargolux.
Yes A/W of Poland should soon take delivery of A320 N566BB (0566 ex HB-IJG, TC-JLC, XA-MXF). It left Mexico City on delivery on 31/3. Also see under Thomas Cook.


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Thanks for the kind words John, and thanks for all the great reports you have posted over the last 2 years. You have certainly done yourself proud, and i know the community hold this blog in high regard

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