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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights

Air Astana F50 P4-IAS (20188) was ferried from Moscow/Sheremetyevo to Woensdrecht on 24/4 on return to the lessor.
Air Berlin. Latest fleet changes:
D-ABCJ A321 (5126) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Berlin/Tegel on 26/4
D-ABCK A321 (5133) made its first flight on 23/4 as D-AVZA
A320 (2619) has become SP-IAH for OLT Express & was ferried from Paderborn to Ostrava on 27/4 for painting.
D-ABKO B738 (37757) has become C-GOWG for Sunwing A/L & left Munich on delivery on 25/4
D-ABKY B738 (36886) flew its last revenue service on 20/4 from Dusseldorf to Munich & is to be transferred to TUIfly early next month
D-ALSD A321 (1607) was ferried from Dublin to Dusseldorf on 22/4 after painting into Condor scheme & is to become D-AIAA for Condor Berlin rather than the parent company.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6769 A320 (5114) to Capital A/L 26/4
B-6883 A321 (5124) to Air China 27/4
B-6902 A320 (5108) to Spring A/L 24/4
CC-BAW A320 (5125) to LAN A/L 26/4
JA01JJ A320 (5093) to Jetstar Japan 24/4
JA07MC A320 (5102) to Star Flyer 24/4
PK-GLJ A320 (4961) to Garuda Citilink 23/4 (VT-KRA ntu)
PK-RMP A320 (5073) to Mandala 21/4
PR-MYP A320 (5066) to TAM 25/4
VT-GOJ A320 (5112) to Go Air 27/4
Air China A332 B-6541 (1304) left Toulouse on 25/4 on delivery to Tianjin. B773 B-2090 (38669) was delivered from Paine Field to Beijing on 25/4.
Air Europa B763 EC-HSV (29387) was ferried from Chateauroux to Budapest on 22/4 after painting into Transaero scheme & prior to delivery as EI-RUY. Also see under Cyprus A/W.
Airlinair AT72 F-HAPL (654 ex F-OIJG) was delivered from Montpellier to Paris/Orly on 24/4.
Air Nostrum AT72 EC-LQV (995) left Toulouse on 26/4 on delivery to Zaragoza.
Air Onix. See under Estonian Air.
Alitalia A319 I-BIMU (5130) made its first flight on 23/4 as D-AVYA. A332 EI-EJN (1313) made its first flight on 24/4 as F-WWYM.
Alitalia CityLiner E190 EI-RNE (19000520) arrived at Rome/Fiumicino on delivery on 25/4.
All Nippon B772 JA741A (40900) was delivered from Paine Field to Tokyo/Haneda on 21/4. B763 JA8257 (23757) left storage at Tokyo/Haneda on 21/4 bound for Victorville, CA.
Amsterdam A/L A320 PH-AAY (0527) has been registered SX-DIO for Astra A/L & was delivered from Dublin to Thessaloniki on 26/4.
Arik Air. See under Hi Fly.
Astra A/L. See under Amsterdam A/L.
Astraeus B733 G-STRI (25011), stored at Sofia, was cancelled from the register on 25/4 as transferred to the UAE.
Austrian Arrows CRJ2 OE-LCR (7910) left Ljubljana on 24/4 for Shimkent, possibly on delivery to SCAT.
Avia Nova. See under Onur Air.
BMI. The re-branding of the fleet commenced on 25/4 when A320 G-MIDX (1177) positioned to East Midlands for cabin refit & painting into British A/W scheme. Further repaint/refits scheduled are:
G-DBCB A319 (2188) LHR to Shannon 13/5, returning to LHR 22/5
G-DBCC A319 (2194) LHR to Shannon 24/5, returning to LHR 2/6
G-MEDK A320 (2441) LHR to Shannon 3/5, returning to LHR 11/5
G-MIDS A320 (1424) LHR to East Midlands 26/5
The two A332s will not be retained & are to be returned to the lessor in October. Of these, G-WWBM (398) is due to be ferried from LHR to Malta on 19/5 for maintenance, after which it will position to Manchester for painting all white.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
HP-1821CMP B738 (41089) to COPA 20/4
N8305E B738 (36683) to Southwest 23/4
N38451 B739 (31646) to United A/L 20/4
PK-LJR B738 (37292) to Lion Air 23/4
VH-VZZ B738 (39445) to Qantas 25/4
British A/W. See under BMI.
Brussels A/L B462 OO-DJV (E2295) was ferried from Brussels to Kemble on 23/4 on return to the lessor.
China Eastern A332 B-6546 (1303) left Toulouse on 21/4 on delivery to Shanghai/Pudong.
City A/L E145 SE-RAC (145098) left Gothenburg on 23/4 heading for Goose Bay apparently for a new operator.
Condor Berlin. See under Air Berlin.
Cyprus A/W A319s 5B-DBO (1729) & 5B-DBP (1768) have been sold to GECAS & left Larnaca on 22/4 heading for Bangor, ME & then onward to Greenwood, MS. A332 5B-DBS (505) has become EC-LQO for Air Europa & was delivered from Toulouse to Palma on 24/4.
Eagle Air took delivery of JS31 G-FARA (740) at Reykjavik on 21/4 & it will become TF-ORD.
EasyJet A319 G-EZID (2442), which became VP-BDY, is now reported destined for RusLine & not Kuban A/L (see Skyliner for photo). G-EZIE (2446), currently stored at Southend, was cancelled from the register on 25/4 as transferred to Bermuda & is due to become VP-BDZ, also for RusLine. The reason behind the non-standard markings that recently appeared on A319 G-EZEZ (2360) is now revealed - see:
El Al. See under Thomson A/W.
Embraer deliveries to other customers
B-3145 E190 (19000529) to China Southern (not B-3138 reported last week)
Emirates A388 A6-EDV (101) was due for delivery from Finkenwerder to Dubai on 27/4 (delayed from 21/4). A6-EEA (108) made its first flight on 23/4 as F-WWSI & was followed on 26/4 by A6-EDZ (107) as F-WWSD.
Estonian Air B733 ES-ABJ (28873) is thought to be the aircraft that has become UR-KRA for Ukrainian start-up Air Onix & which was delivered from Tallinn to Simferopol on 26/4.
FedEx B777F N864FD (37735) made its first flight on 26/4.
Flybe DH8D G-JEDK (4065) was ferried from Exeter to Maastricht on 23/4 for storage &/or customer preparation.
FreeBird A320 TC-FBO (5096) was delivered from Toulouse to Antalya on 24/4.
Hawaiian A/L A332 N386HA (1302) left Toulouse on 27/4 on delivery to Honolulu.
Hi Fly A345 CS-TFX (912) is to be registered to Arik Air as 5N-JIA.
Holidays Czech A/L A320 OK-HCA (4699) was ferried from Bournemouth to Prague on 24/4 after painting into "Prague airport" scheme (see Skyliner for photo).
Icelandair B752 TF-LLX (29311) arrived back at Keflavik on 19/4 following lease to SBA A/L.
JAL B788 JA826J (34836) & JA827J (32837) were delivered from Paine Field to Tokyo/Narita on 26/4.
Kolavia. See under Onur Air.
Korean Air B744F HL7606 (24199) was registered to Boeing as N779BA on 20/4 & left Seoul on 25/4 for storage at Marana, AZ.
Kuban A/L. See under easyJet.
Lagun Air. See under Privilege.
Lufthansa A320 D-AIZK (5122) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Frankfurt on 25/4.
Malev B737 HA-LOP (29354), now registered EI-EUY, was noted at Shannon on 24/4 in full Transaero scheme awaiting delivery. HA-LOR (29355) was delivered from Shannon to Moscow/Domodedovo on 25/4 as EI-EUZ for Transaero.
Minoan Air is a Greek start-up who expect to commence operations in June. Their first aircraft is F50 SX-BRM (20207 ex PH-KVF). It was first reported at Maastricht on 23/4 & was flown from there to Woensdrecht on 27/4 (see Skyliner for photo).
Moscovia. See under Transavia.
Niki A320 OE-LEJ (5115) was ferried from Vienna to Ostrava on 25/4 for painting for OLT Express & will become SP-IAI.
B748BBJ (37075) for the Qatar Amiri Flight was ferried from Paine Field to McConnell AFB, KS via Vancouver all white on 25/4 for VIP outfitting.
TZ-TAC B707 (21049) of Tombouctou Aviation was ferried from Constanta to Manston on 24/4 apparently for sale.
9H-AVK A319CJ (4622) for Comlux Malta left Indianapolis on 26/4 on delivery to Malta following VIP cabin outfitting.
OLT Express. See under Air Berlin & Niki.
Onur Air is due to take delivery of A320 TC-OBS (0543 ex OO-COH, N605AW, EI-EEL). This former Avia Nova machine is currently parked at Shannon. A321 TC-OAE (0663) has become EI-ETJ for Kolavia & was delivered from Istanbul/Ataturk to Moscow/Domodedovo on 27/4.
Pegasus B738 TC-CPD (40726) left Boeing Field on 25/4 on delivery to Istanbul/Sabiha Gokcen.
Privilege is adding former Lagun Air EMB145 EC-KSS (145230 ex D-ACIR) to its fleet & it undertook an acceptance flight from/to Alverca on 25/4.
Qantas B744 VH-OJB (24373) was ferried from LAX to Victorville, CA for storage on 26/4.
Qatar A/W A320 A7-AHU (5127) made its first flight on 19/4 as F-WWDT.
Rossiya is to receive A319CJ RA-73025 (4024 ex F-WHUF, RA-32001 ntu) & it was flown from Toulouse to Maastricht as F-WHUF for painting on 26/4.
Royal Jordanian A321 JY-AYU (5128) made its first flight on 21/4 as D-AVVE. A320 JY-AYF (2692), which has been stored at Amman with the registration N692AG reserved for ACG Acquisitions, is destined for Garuda as PK-GLF
RusLine. See under easyJet.
Ryanair B738 EI-EVO (40297) arrived at Dublin on delivery on 25/4.
Southern Air B744F N401SA (27044 ex 9M-MPH, N420AC) was delivered from Tel Aviv to Bishkek on 24/4 following freighter conversion. B777F N777SA (37989) was delivered from Paine Field to Cincinnati on 26/4 in partial DHL scheme.
Spanair A321 EC-HPM (1276), now registered EI-EUT, was ferried from Dublin to Istanbul/Ataturk on 27/4.
S7 A/L A320 VQ-BRG (5134) made its first flight on 19/4 as F-WWDA. VQ-BRC (5106) was delivered from Toulouse to Moscow/Domodedovo on 25/4.
Thomas Cook B752 G-WJAN (28674) arrived back at Manchester on 24/4 after winter lease to WestJet. G-TCBA (28203) left Toronto on 24/4 still as C-GJZB on return to Manchester following winter lease to Jazz Air & was restored to the UK register on 26/4.
Thomson A/W fleet update:
G-BYAU B752 (27220) was withdrawn from service on 8/4 & ferried from Lourdes to Shannon the same day. It then positioned from Shannon to Gatwick minus titles, etc on 26/4
G-CDZL B738 (30465) was ferried from Shannon to East Midlands on 18/4 for painting for El Al & returned to Shannon to 26/4. It is to become 4X-EKM
G-CDZM B738 (30466) was withdrawn from service at Prestwick on 15/4 & flown to Shannon the same day. It is destined to join El Al as 4X-EKR
B738 (35134) arrived back at Luton on 22/4 following winter lease to Sunwing A/L
G-FDZB B738 (35131) left Toronto on 24/4 for Luton following winter lease to Sunwing A/L
G-TAWJ (38108) made its first flight on 24/4
THY A333 TC-JNP (1307) was delivered from Toulouse to Istanbul/Ataturk on 26/4. A321 TC-JRZ (5118) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Istanbul/Ataturk on 27/4.
Titan A/W. It has come to light that B733 G-ZAPZ (25401) suffered a tail strike on departure from Chambery on 14/4 while operating AWC76B to Gatwick, where the aircraft landed without incident. The Aviation Herald reports that damage to the aircraft was "substantial". The aircraft was ferried from Gatwick to Stansted on 21/4 where it entered the Titan hangar.
Transaero. See under Air Europa & Malev.
Transavia B738 PH-HSG (39262) made its first flight on 25/4. PH-HZK (30391) returned to service on 23/4 following winter lease to Moscovia as VQ-BPF.
TUIfly. See under Air Berlin.
UPS B763F N351UP (37874) was delivered from Paine Field to Indianapolis on 23/4.
UT Air B735 VP-BPQ (28907 ex N16646) flew an acceptance flight from/to Sofia on 25/4 prior to delivery.
UT Air Ukraine AT72 UR-UTH (994) was delivered from Toulouse to Kiev/Zhuliany on 25/4.
Virgin Australia A332 VH-XFD (1306) left Toulouse on 26/4 on delivery to Sydney.
Wind Rose E195s UR-WRF (19000169) & UR-WRG (19000157) are due to be returned to the lessor in May & June.
Wizz Air A320 HA-LWP (5139) made its first flight on 25/4 as F-WWIH & HA-LWO (5123) was delivered from Toulouse to Budapest on 27/4.
World A/W MD11 N277WA (48743) was ferried from Miami, FL to Goodyear, AZ for storage on 26/4.
XL A/W France B738 F-GZHB (34902) left Montreal on 24/4 on return to Paris/Orly following winter lease to CanJet.



Tjchur said:

Hi John,

Thanks a lot for your great summaries. Some corrections from my side:

1) The UTair B737-500 is VQ-BPQ, VP-BPQ is a Polet Saab 2000.

2) RA-73025 is for SLO Rossiya (they have been separated from Rossiya several years ago and only operate for government agencies).

3) PH-HZK has been with Transavia all winter, I think PH-HZL was in Russia.



# April 28, 2012 5:20 AM

John Dyer said:

Thank you, Thomas. I will incorporate the corrections in the next blog



# May 1, 2012 10:11 AM