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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights

ABSA Cargo. See under LAN Cargo.
ABX Air B762 N713AX (23058) arrived at Tel Aviv on 4/5 for freighter conversion & is due to join Atlas Air as N655GT.
Aeroflot has ordered 5 more A320s.
Aerosvit. See under Cimber Sterling.
Air Astana E190 P4-KCF (19000537) arrived at Almaty on delivery on 30/4.
Air Berlin A320 D-ABFU (4743) was ferried from Munich to Vienna on 25/4 on summer lease to Niki. D-ABDX (3995) was ferried from Munich to Ostrava on 3/5 for painting for Vueling. A321 D-ALSD (1607) was registered D-AIAA on 30/4 & delivered from Dusseldorf to Berlin/Schonefeld for Condor Berlin the same day. A321 D-ABCK (5133) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Berlin/Tegel on 2/5.
Airbus deliveries to other customers
B-6420 A319 (5105) to West Air 2/5
B-6856 A320 (4929) to Shenzhen A/L 25/4 (Chinese built)
N519AV A319 (5119) to Avianca 4/5
9V-TRF A320 (5120) to Tiger A/W 28/4
Air Canada has ordered a further pair of B773s.
Air Contractors/DHL A300F EI-OZB (184) was ferried from Leipzig to Kemble for scrapping on 2/5.
Air Europa B738 EC-LPQ (35496) arrived at Palma on delivery on 30/4. B738 EC-HKR (28536) is to become EI-RUF with Transaero.
Air France A388 F-HPJH (099) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Paris/CDG on 2/5. B773 F-GZNN (40376) made its first flight on 3/5.
Air One B734 EI-CWE (24232 ex G-UKLD, PH-BPE, N941PG) has become 5N-BOB for Aero Contractors & was due to be ferried from Naples to Lasham on 4/5 prior to delivery.
Air Seychelles B763 S7-FCS (28884) left Abu Dhabi on 2/5 heading for Miami, FL on return to the lessor. It will return to Africa in June when it joins the fleet pf Kenya A/W.
Alitalia A319 I-BIMU (5130) mentioned last week should, of course, read EI-BMU.
All Nippon B744D JA8099 (25292) left Tokyo/Haneda on 1/5 for scrapping at Tupelo, MS
Atlantic A/L. See under Swiftair.
Atlas Air. See under ABX Air.
AtlasJet B752 TC-OGS (29307) was delivered from Istanbul/Ataturk to Keflavik on 28/4 as TF-IST for Icelandair, so will no longer be joining Titan A/W as had been previously expected. Also see under Izmir A/L.
ATR deliveries to other customers
9Y-TTC AT72 (989) to Caribbean A/L 3/5 as F-WWLP
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-5635 B738 (38390) to Xiamen A/L 27/4
JA804X B738 (38026) to Solaseed Air 2/5
N8305E B738 (36683) to Southwest 3/5
N8306H B738 (36983) to Southwest 30/4
N8600F B738 (39882) to Southwest 2/5
Cargo Aircraft Management. See under Gestair Cargo.
Carpatair. See under Czech Connect A/L.
China Eastern has signed a MoU for 20 B773s.
Cimber Sterling ceased trading on 3/5. AT72 OY-RTF (496) was ferried from Vilnius to Sonderborg on 3/5 following lease to Aerosvit.
Condor Berlin. See under Air Berlin.
Continental A/L. See under UT Air.
Corendon Dutch A/L. See under Thomson A/W.
Czech Connect A/L B733 OK-CCA (29058) is to join Carpatair.
Danu Oro Transportas AT42 LY-RUM (10) was ferried from storage at Montpellier to Copenhagen on 4/5.
DHL. Deliveries of the next three B763Fs are expected to be G-DHLH (37808) in September, G-DHLJ (37809) October & G-DHLK (37810) November.
Donavia A319 VP-BBU (1630 ex C-GITT, XA-MXG, C-FBLJ) arrived at Vilnius for acceptance checks on 29/4.
EasyJet A320 G-EZUY (5146) made its first flight on 27/4 as D-AVVO, followed on 3/5 by G-EZUU (5150) as D-AXAA. A319 G-EZIG (2460) is to become SP-IBC for OLT Express & is due to be delivered from Southend later this month after painting into OLT Express scheme. G-EZIE (2446) left Southend on 2/5 as VP-BDZ for painting at Ostrava for RusLine. G-EZEF (2176), which had been withdrawn from service & parked at Southend, has been returned to service for the summer to give additional coverage.
Embraer deliveries to other customers
B-3135 E190 (19000535) to China Southern 27/4
B-3192 E190 (19000536) to Tianjin A/L 27/4
Emirates B773 A6-EGQ (41076) made its first flight on 2/5.
Ethiopian A/L B738 ET-ANA (30494) is to be disposed of to Transaero as EI-RUC.
FedEx is planning to take its total order for B777Fs to 45.
Gestair Cargo B763F EC-LKV (24729) was registered to Cargo Aircraft Management as N220CY on 30/4.
Globus. See under Malev.
Icelandair. See under AtlasJet.
Iraqi A/W. See under Royal Falcon Air Services.  
Izmir A/L A320 TC-IZL (1730 ex N486TA) was delivered from Southend to Istanbul/Ataturk on 27/4 as TC-ATJ for AtlasJet.
Kenya A/W. See under Air Seychelles.
Kolavia MetroJet. See under Onur Air.
LAN Cargo is to dispose of B763Fs N314LA (32573) & N524LA (35816) to ABSA Cargo as PR-ADY & PR-ADZ respectively.
Livingston is to take delivery of former Spanair A320 EI-EUA (2210 ex EC-IYG), which was noted in Livingston scheme at Shannon on 2/5.
Lufthansa B733 D-ABEM (25416) left Frankfurt on 1/5 for scrapping at Tulsa, OK. B748 D-ABYA (37827) arrived at Frankfurt on delivery on 1/5 (see Skyliner for photo). A319 D-AKNG (0654) was ferried from storage at Sofia to Hamburg on 4/5.
Malev B738 HA-LOM (30672) subsequently registered EI-EWK, was noted at Shannon on 2/5 in S7 A/L & is to be delivered as VP-BDF for operations by Globus.
Minoan Air F50 SX-BRM (20207) was delivered from Maastricht to Heraklion on 28/4. The carrier is also acquiring SX-BRS (20206), SX-BRT (20230) & SX-BRV (20199).
Niki. See under Air Berlin.
B-3999 B737BBJ (41090) for Beijing A/L was delivered from Hamburg to Beijing on 27/4 following VIP cabin outfitting
M-IABU A343 (955 ex M-ABUS) for Global Jet Luxembourg left Basel for Karlsruhe on 3/5 following VIP cabin outfitting 
OLT Express. See under easyJet.
Olympic Aviation AT72 SX-BIG (290), now registered to Nordic Aviation, was ferried from storage at Birmingham to Sonderborg on 30/4.
Onur Air A321 TC-OAK (0954) was registered EI-ETL at Istanbul on 30/4 prior to delivery to Kolavia MetroJet.
Orbest A333 CS-TRH (833) was ferried from Toulouse to Lisbon on 30/4 following winter lease to XL A/W France.
Pegasus B738 TC-CPE (38178) arrived Istanbul/Sabiha Gokcen on delivery on 4/5.
Royal Falcon Air Services B763 JY-JRD (26237 ex A4O-GZ, A9C-GZ, N90GZ) has become YI-AQW with Iraqi A/W.
RusLine. See under easyJet.
Ryanair B738 EI-EVP (40293) arrived at Dublin on delivery on 28/4. B738 EI-DHJ (33819) was ferried from Prestwick to Norwich on 4/5 for painting for a new operator.
SAS. See under Spanair.
Sichuan A/L has ordered two A332s.
Silkway Azerbaijan Cargo B763F 4K-SW808 (41068) made its first flight on 2/5.
Sky Europe. The fuselage of B733 OM-CLB (24246), once part of this long-defunct airline, was taken by truck to an anti-terrorist training centre in Budapest on 3/5.
SmartLynx. See under Thomas Cook.
Spanair MD87 EC-FFA (53209) was registered to SAS as SE-DMN on 24/4 & ferried from Madrid to Stockholm/Arlanda on 4/5. A320 EC-ILH (1914), which recently became EI-EUH, was delivered from Perpignan to Barcelona on 28/4 as EC-LRE for Vueling. Also see under Livingston. The latest disposition of this former carrier's A320/321 fleet is as follows:
EC-HPM A321 (1276) to EI-EUT parked at Istanbul/Ataturk
EC-HQZ A321 (1333) at Bruntingthorpe for scrapping
EC-HRG A321 (1366) to EI-EUD parked at Perpignan
EC-HRP A320 (1349) to EI-EUC parked at Dublin for Vueling
EC-HXA A320 (1497) to EI-EUS parked at Dublin
EC-IAZ A320 (1631) parked at Shannon
EC-ICL A320 (1682) parked at Shannon
EC-IEJ A320 (1749) to EI-EUF to Vueling as EC-LQL
EC-IIZ A320 (1862) to EI-EUG parked at Dublin
EC-IJU A321 (1843) to D-ALAB parked at Shannon
EC-ILH A320 (1914) to EI-EUH to Vueling as EC-LRE
EC-IMB A320 (1933) to EI-EUI to Vueling as EC-LQZ
EC-INB A321 (1946) to EI-EUJ parked at Perpignan
EC-INM A320 (1979) to EI-EUK to Vueling as EC-LQJ
EC-IOH A320 (1998) to EI-EUB parked at Dublin for Livingston
EC-IPI A320 (2027) to EI-EUL parked at Dublin
EC-IVG A320 (2168) to EI-EUM to Vueling as EC-LQN
EC-IYG A320 (2210) to EI-EUA parked at Shannon for Livingston
EC-IZK A320 (2223) to EI-EUN to Vueling as EC-LQM
EC-JJD A320 (2479) to EI-EUO to Vueling as EC-LRA
EC-JNC A320 (2589) to EI-EUP to Vueling as EC-LQK
EC-KEC A320 (1183) to SE-RJE parked at Shannon for SAS
EC-KOX A320 (1383) to SE-RJF parked at Shannon for SAS
EC-KPX A320 (1407) to EI-EUE parked at Perpignan
Swiftair B733F EC-KRA (24679 ex 9V-TRA, SX-BGK) was delivered to Coventry on 27/4 for Atlantic A/L & was registered G-JMCM on 30/4.
S7 A/L. See under Malev.
Thomas Cook B752 G-JMCG (26278) left Toronto as C-GJZD on 28/4 on return to Manchester following winter lease to Jazz Air & was restored to the UK register on 30/4. SmartLynx A320 YL-LCI (0724) positioned from Stockholm/Arlanda to Newcastle on 30/4 on summer lease to Thomas Cook. It is white with a Thomas Cook tail logo. Also see under Thomas Cook Scandinavia.
Thomas Cook Scandinavia A332 OY-VKF (309) positioned from Oslo to Manchester on 28/4 on summer lease to the parent company.
Thomson A/W B738 G-FDZD (35132) left Toronto on 1/5 on return to Luton following winter lease to Sunwing A/L. G-CDZH (28227) was cancelled from the register on 2/5 & has become PH-CDF with Corendon Dutch A/L.
Titan A/W. See under AtlasJet.
Transavia B738 PH-HSG (39262) arrived at Amsterdam on delivery on 2/5. A slip of the finger last week - for PH-HZK (30391), read PH-HZL.
Travel Service B738 OK-TVV (38027) made its first flight on 27/4. OK-TVN (29643) was reregistered SP-TVZ on 24/4 for Travel Service Poland.
Travel Service Poland. See under Travel Service.
TUI A/L Belgium B738 OO-JAQ (35148) was ferried from Montreal/Mirabel to Brussels on 4/5 following winter lease to CanJet.
TUIfly B738 D-ATUH (34689) left Toronto on 30/4 heading for Hannover following winter lease to Sunwing A/L.
Turkmenistan A/L B712 EZ-A107 (55187) arrived back at Ashgabat on 28/4 following cabin outfitting at Marana, AZ.
United A/L. See under UT Air.
UPS B763F N352UP (37875) made its first flight on 30/4.
UT Air. Correcting last week, the B735 was VQ-BPQ (28907) not VP-BPQ & it was delivered from Sofia to Khanty-Mansiysk on 2/5. VQ-BPS (28909 ex N16648) arrived at Moscow/Vnukovo on delivery on 28/4. The carrier is to acquire the remaining eight former Continental A/L B762s from United A/L. Further B738s being obtained by the carrier include EI-RUD (30495 ex B-2665) & EI-RUG (28610 ex VT-SGF) - also see under Air Europa & Ethiopian A/L for more.
UT Air Ukraine AT72 UR-UTI (1000) was delivered from Toulouse to Kiev/Zhuliany on 28/4.
Volotea A/L. Another B712 to be delivered to the carrier should be N908ME (55172), which ferried from Victorville, CA to Miami, FL on 29/4 & is in full Volotea scheme. N906ME (55170) left Jacksonville, FL on delivery on 3/5.
Vueling. See under Air Berlin & Spanair.
WikiFly is an Italian start-up, which is expected to take delivery of B734 N353AS (25313 ex SX-BKA) & which made an acceptance flight from/to Bucharest/Baneasa on 4/5.
XL A/W France. See under Orbest.
XL A/W Germany B738s being returned from Montreal/Mirabel following winter lease to CanJet have been:
D-AXLD (35093) to Hannover as C-GDGQ on 1/5
D-AXLE (30724) to Frankfurt as C-GDGT on 1/5 
D-AXLF (28218) to Dublin as C-GDGY on 30/4. It arrived all white, but was then painted into tour operator Oger Turk Tur scheme - see Skyliner for photo