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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights

ABX Air B762F N708AX (22571) left Tel Aviv for Cincinnati on 20/6 following freighter conversion & is due to go to Atlas Air as N652GT.
Aer Lingus A320 EI-DET (2810) was ferried all white from Dublin to Shannon on 19/6 on return to the lessor.
Aeroflot A333 VQ-BPJ (1328) made its first flight on 22/6 as F-WWTO
Aerosvit B735 UR-VVU (26323) has become UR-KRC for Air Onix & was delivered from Moscow/Domodedovo to Simferopol on 29/6. Also see under Cimber Sterling.
Air Arabia A320 A6-ANK (5206) made its first flight on 22/6 as F-WWBE.
Air Berlin A319 D-ABGQ (3700) has become EC-LRZ for Vueling & was delivered from Berlin/Tegel to Barcelona on 15/6. A320 D-ABFB (4128) was delivered from Dusseldorf to Barcelona on 20/6 as EC-LSA for Vueling. B738 D-ABAP (28070) has become D-ASXK for Sun Express Germany & was delivered from Munich to Dusseldorf on 22/6. B737 D-ABBW (30642) was ferried from Shannon to Munich on 24/6 after painting into Yakutia scheme & is due to become VP-BIB. B738 D-ABAR (28072) has become TC-SNV & was ferried from Munich to Anatalya on 27/6 on delivery to Sun Express.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6422 A319 (5208) to Sichuan A/L 30/6
B-6882 A320 (4997) to Air China 20/6 (Tianjin assembled)
B-6885 A321 (5199) to Air China 23/6
B-6898 A320 (5185) to Capital A/L 29/6
B-6920 A321 (5197) to Sichuan A/L 27/6
B-6923 A321 (5192) to China Eastern 21/6
B-6925 A321 (5210) to Shanghai A/L 29/6
B-LPD A320 (5189) to Hong Kong A/L 29/6
CC-BAY A320 (5213) to LAN A/L 30/6
HL8257 A321 (5173) to Asiana 30/6
HS-TXA A320 (5198) to Thai Smile 30/6
N195AV A320 (5195) to Avianca 23/6
N510VL A320 (5207) to Volaris 30/6
N855VA A320 (5179) to Virgin America 22/6
PR-ONJ A319 (5193) to Avianca 22/6
RP-C6320 A320 (5194) to SEAir 30/6
VT-IEX A320 (5190) to IndiGo 28/6
XA-VCT A320 (5163) to Interjet 20/6
Air China A332 B-6549 (1330) made its first flight on 27/6 as F-WWTQ.
Air Europa A332 EC-LKE (461) was ferried all white from Madrid to Palma on 20/6 prior to return to Orbest.
Air Finland B752 OH-AFJ (26269) had the registration N967FD applied at Gatwick on 22/6 & left on 27/6 on delivery to Victorville, CA for FedEx. Sadly, the carrier ceased operations on 26/6 & filed for bankruptcy. The last two active B752s, OH-AFI (26330) & OH-AFM (25623), are now parked at Perpignan.
Air France A343 F-GLZT (319) was ferried from Amsterdam to Perpignan via Chateauroux on 25/6 following painting for Air Madagascar & had become 5R-EAA by 30/6 when it entered service from Paris/CDG.
Air Iceland DH8B C-GLRT (445) arrived at Reykjavik on delivery on 29/6.
Air Madagascar. See under Air France.
Air Namibia is reportedly planning to acquire a pair of A330s from Emirates.
Air New Zealand B744 ZK-NBW (29375) has become HL7620 for Asiana Cargo & was delivered from Tel Aviv to Beijing on 29/6 following freighter conversion.
Air Nigeria. See under EgyptAir.
Air Nostrum AT72 EC-HJI (562) was ferried from Valencia to Toulouse on 25/6 & is due to go to Trip Linhas Aereas. EC-HRG (580) has become PR-TKN & left Toulouse on 26/6 on delivery to Trip Linhas Aereas. EC-LRU (1032) was delivered from Toulouse to Valencia on 29/6.
Air Onix. See under Aerosvit.
Air Seychelles B763 S7-FCS (28884) has entered service with Ethiopian A/L as ET-AQG. Also see under Jet A/W.
Alba Star is due to take delivery of B734 N720VX (24129), which was noted at Miami, FL in full scheme on 20/6.
Alitalia MD82 I-DANG (53176) left Rome/Fiumicino on 19/6 for scrapping at Tupelo, MS. A332 EI-EJO (1377) made its first flight on 22/6 as F-WWTN.
Alitalia Cityliner E175 EI-RDF (17000337) arrived at Rome/Fiumicino on delivery on 25/6, with EI-RDG (17000338), EI-RDH (17000339) & EI-RDI (17000340) following on 28/6.
All Nippon B788 JA809A (34494) was delivered from Paine Field to Tokyo/Haneda on 21/6, with JA810A (35406) following on 25/6. JA811A (34502) made its first flight on 20/6.
Anadolu Jet. See under THY
Asiana B772 HL8254 (40198) made its first flight on 22/6.
Asiana Cargo. See under Air New Zealand.
Atlas Air. See under ABX Air.
AtlasJet B752 TC-OGT (29308 ex EC-HIR) was registered to Titan A/W as G-POWH on 18/6. A332 TC-ETP (343) had registration N772RD reserved for Ryan International & was ferried from Istanbul/Ataturk to Zurich on 28/6. A320 TC-ATM (2753 ex VT-DKT, OE-IBE) was delivered from Budapest to Istanbul/Ataturk on 29/6.
ATR deliveries to other customers
PR-ATP AT72 (1026) to Azul Linhas Aereas 26/6
PR-PDB AT72 (1028) to Passaredo Linhas Aereas 26/6
Austrian A/L B738 OE-LNO (30419) was ferried from Vienna to Kemble for storage on 27/6.
Azerbaijan A/L B763 4K-AZ82 (41063) was delivered from Paine Field to Atlanta, GA for winglet fitting on 27/6.  
BA Cityflyer E190 G-LCYR (19000563) is due for delivery to Exeter in early July.
Balear Cargo. See under Miniliner.
Belavia. The delivery flight of B733 EW-336PA (26312 ex N14383, G-BZZG, G-TOYC, VQ-BHD) from Shannon to Minsk was delayed from 15/6 to 19/6.
Belle Air MD82 ZA-ARD (49104) was registered to the Bank of Utah on 20/6 as N918AV & left Tirana all white on 23/6 bound for San Jose, Costa Rica.
Bluebird Cargo B733F TF-BII (23260) left Keflavik on 14/6 on delivery to Northern Air Cargo at Anchorage, AK on 14/6 & was registered N361NC on 18/6.
Blue Islands AT42 G-DRFC (007) suffered an undercarriage after landing at Jersey on 16/6.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-5645 B738 (38922) to China Southern 19/6
C-FWIJ B738 (39072) to WestJet 28/6
ET-APL B738 (40965) to Ethiopian A/L 22/6
HL8249 B739 (37636) to Korean Air 25/6
HP-1824CMP B738 (39399) to Copa A/L 27/6
JA344J B738 (39193) to JAL 21/6
N894NN B738 (31147) to American A/L 15/6
N8312C B738 (38809) to Southwest 25/6
N8313F B738 (38810) to Southwest 28/6
N8604K B738 (39883) to Southwest 21/6
N34455 B739 (41743) to United A/L 29/6
PK-LGV B738 (38721) to Lion Air 22/6
VH-YFJ B738 (41001) to Virgin Australia 29/6
VH-YIH B738 (38712) to Virgin Australia 18/6
9M-MLO B738 (39325) to MAS 26/6
Bombardier deliveries to other customers
C-GGMI DH8D (4413) to Jazz Air 28/6
British A/W. See under Eastern A/W.
Brussels A/L B733 OO-VEG (28568 ex OO-VEG, EI-TVQ) was registered to Jet2 as G-GDFL on 22/6. OO-VEH (28571), currently parked at Perpignan, is due to go to Korongo A/L of the Congo. A319 OO-SSN (1963 ex C-FWTF, N572SX, C-FWTF, N259AD) was registered at Woensdrecht on 21/6 prior to delivery. B462 OO-DJV (E2295), currently parked at Kemble,  was registered to Trident Turboprop as G-CHHA on 26/6.
Bulgaria Air E190 LZ-BUR (19000551) arrived at Sofia on delivery on 27/6. This is the third of nine ordered by the carrier.
China Eastern A343 B-2380 (129) was ferried from Shanghai/Pudong to Lourdes on 21/6 on return to the lessor. B-2381 (131), B-2382 (141), B-2383 (161) & B-2384 (182) have also been withdrawn from service. A332 B-5902 (1324) left Toulouse on 27/7 on delivery to Shanghai/Pudong.
Cimber Sterling B737 OY-MRF (28009) has become UR-AAP for Aerosvit & was delivered from Copenhagen to Kiev on 29/6.
Contactair F100 D-AFKC (11496) was ferried from Stuttgart to Saarbrucken for storage on 15/6.
Eastern A/W S2000 G-CDEB (36) positioned from Eindhoven to the Isle of Man on 24/4 following painting into British A/W scheme.
EasyJet A320 G-EZUZ (5187) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Gatwick on 19/6. G-EZWA (5201) made its first flight on 20/6 as D-AVVQ & was delivered from Finkenwerder to Gatwick on 26/6.
EgyptAir A332 SU-GCJ (709) was noted at Cairo in full Air Nigeria scheme on 17/6 awaiting delivery. B738 SU-GED (40802) made its first flight on 21/6.
Embraer deliveries to other customers
B-3139 E190 (19000548) to China Southern 20/6
N351JB E190 (19000549) to JetBlue 26/6
XA-ACN E190 (19000552) to AeroMexico Connect 22/6
Emirates B773 A6-EGT (35600) left Paine Field on 29/6 on delivery to Dubai. Also see under Air Namibia.
Etihad B773 A6-ETK (39866) left Paine Field on 28/6 on delivery to Abu Dhabi.
EVA Air Cargo MD11F B-16101 (48542) has become OH-NGA with Nordic Global A/L & entered service from Helsinki on 29/6.
FedEx A310F N456FE (318) was ferried from Memphis, TN to Victorville, CA for storage on 11/6, with N445FE (297) following on 15/6.
Finnair A319 OH-LVE (1791) was ferried from Helsinki to Lisbon for painting all white prior to return to the lessor.
Flybe E175 G-FBJG (17000344) was registered on 27/6 & arrived at Manchester on delivery on 29/6.
FlyDubai B738 A6-FAA (40254) made its first flight on 20/6. A6-FDZ (40253) arrived at Dubai on delivery on 26/6.
Garuda B744 PK-GSI (24956) is to be leased to Orient Thai A/L as HS-STB from 1/7.
Globus. See under Malev.
Gulf Air A320 A9C-AP (5171) made its first flight on 18/6 as D-AXAP.
Hawaiian A/L A332 N389HA (1316) left Toulouse on 20/6 on delivery.
Hong Kong A/L A332F B-LNW (1320) left Toulouse on 22/6 on delivery to Hong Kong. A332 B-LNL (1322) was delivered from Toulouse to Gatwick on 29/6.
Iberia A343 EC-HDQ (302) was noted at Bordeaux as F-WJKL on 18/6.
Jet A/W A332 VT-JWD (751) was noted at Amman on 20/6 in full Air Seychelles scheme.
Jet2. See under Brussels A/L.
KLM B773 PH-BVG (38867) arrived at Amsterdam on delivery on 16/6 & PH-BVI (35947) made its first flight on 28/6.
Korean Air B773 HL8250 (37650) left Paine Field on 25/6 on delivery to Seoul. A388 HL7619 (096) made its first flight on 27/6 as F-WWAP.
Korean Air Cargo B777F HL8252 (37638) made its first flight on 24/6.
LAN A/L B763 CC-BDD (40799) was delivered from Paine Field to Los Angeles, CA on 15/6 & CC-BDE (40592) made its first flight on 24/6.
Lufthansa A333 D-AIKR (1314) was delivered from Hamburg to Munich on 22/6 following seat installation. A321 D-AIDU (5186) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Munich on 26/6. B733 D-ABXO (23873) left Frankfurt on 27/6 for scrapping at Tulsa, OK. B744 D-ABTC (24287) flew its last revenue service on 23/6 & is to be broken up. A320 D-AIZM (5203) made its first flight on 29/6 as D-AVVR. B748 D-ABYC (37828) left Paine Field on 30/6 on delvery to Frankfurt.
Lufthansa Cityline B462 D-AVRA (E2256) was ferried from Cologne to Kemble on 20/6 on return to the lessor. E195 D-AEBP (19000552) arrived at Munich on delivery on 29/6.
Malev B737 HA-LOI (29350) was delivered from Dublin to Vilnius on 20/6 as EI-EUW for Transaero. HA-LOB (29346), temporarily registered EI-EUV, is now OK-SWT & was delivered from Shannon to Prague for Smart Wings on 22/6. B738 HA-LOK (30669), temporarily EI-EWL, became VP-BDG & was delivered from Shannon to Moscow/Domodedovo on 20/6 in S7 A/L scheme for operation by Globus. B737 HA-LOP (29354), now registered EI-EUY, was delivered from Shannon to Moscow/Vnukovo on 30/6 for Transaero.
MAS A388 9M-MNB (081) made its first flight on 25/6 as F-WWAJ.
MEA A320 F-OMRB (5152) was delivered from Toulouse to Beirut on 20/6.
Miniliner F27F I-MLHT (10382) was ferried from Palma to Bergamo on 19/6 after Balear Cargo failed to start operations.
Nordic Global A/L. See under EVA Air Cargo.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B738 LN-NGB (39015) made its first flight on 20/6.
Olympic A/L AT72 SX-BIL (437) was registered SE-MGN for West Air Sweden on 29/6.
Orbest. See under Air Europa.
Orient Thai A/L. See under Garuda.
Philippine A/L B773 RP-C7775 (35555) left Paine Field on 20/6 on delivery to Manila. 
Privatair B738 HB-IIR (30295) was noted in full Smart Wings scheme at Shannon on 19/6 & was delivered from Shannon to Prague on 29/6 as OK-TVW.
Qatar A/W B788 A7-BCB (38320) made its first flight on 25/6.
RAM AT72s CN-COG (1035) & CN-COH (1034) were noted at Toulouse in full scheme on 24/6.
Ryan International. See under AtlasJet.
SAS. See under Spanair.
Saudi Arabian A/L changed its name back to Saudia on 29/5. B773 HZ-AK15 (41052) made its first flight on 20/6.
Skyways. A number of the carriers F50s have been ferried to various airports during the last few days on return to the lessor:
SE-LEA (20116) from Jonkoping to Maastricht 29/6
SE-LEC (20112) from Halmstad to Angelholm 29/6
SE-LED (20111) from Jonkoping to Maastricht 28/6
SE-LEH (20108) from Jonkoping to Maastricht 28/6
SE-LEL (20110) from Jonkoping to Maastricht 27/6
SE-LEU (20115) from Jonkoping to Maastricht 27/6
SE-LEZ (20128) from Halmstad to Malmo 29/6
SE-LIR (20151) from Kristianstad to Borlange 28/6
SE-LIT (20194) from Jonkoping to Borlange 27/6
Smart Wings. See under Malev & Privatair.
Spanair MD83 EC-GVO (49642) has reverted to SE-DHF & was ferried from Madrid to Stockholm/Arlanda on 20/6 for SAS (SE-RJG NTU). EC-GCV (53165) has become SE-RJH for SAS & was ferried from Madrid to Stockholm/Arlanda on 26/6. 
Sun Express Germany. See under Air Berlin.
S7 A/L. See under Malev.
Thomson A/W A320 G-OOPT (1605), currently parked at Kemble, was cancelled from the UK register on 29/6 as exported to Turkey.
THY B739 TC-JYF (40982) made its first fight on 22/6 as N982TK & TC-JYD (40978) arrived at Istanbul/Ataturk on delivery on 29/6. A319 TC-JUD (2452 ex TC-IZL) entered service on 22/6. B738 TC-JHN (40981) left Boeing Field on 26/6 on delivery to Istanbul/Ataturk. TC-JGK (34409), TC-JGL (34410) & TC-JGO (34413) have returned to the carrier following lease to Anadolu Jet. A321 TC-JSB (5205) was delivered from Finkenwerder to Istanbul/Ataturk on 28/6.
Titan A/W. See under AtlasJet.
Transaero. See under Malev.
Transavia B738 PH-HZB (28374) was ferried from Lasham to Amsterdam still as ZS-ZWQ on 29/6 following lease to Comair.
TUI A/L Netherlands will operate Miami Air B738 N739MA on lease this summer & it arrived at Amsterdam on delivery from Miami on 28/6.
Tunisair A320 TS-IMT (5204) made its first flight on 21/6 as F-WWIZ.
VIA A320 LZ-MDM (2804) has been registered F-WTDA to Macquarie Finance & was noted at Montpellier as such on 28/6.
Virgin Atlantic A333 G-VNYC (1315) was delivered from Toulouse to Zurich on 29/6.
Vueling. See under Air Berlin.
West Air Sweden. See under Olympic A/L.
Wind Rose E195 UR-WRG (19000157) had been reregistered VP-CQS at Exeter by 21/6 in preparation for return to the lessor.
Wizz Air A320 HA-LWQ (5196) was delivered from Toulouse to Budapest on 29/6.
World A/W MD11F N383WA (48412) was ferried from Victorville, CA to Baltimore, MD on 28/6 for return to service.
Yakutia. See under Air Berlin.