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The information in this blog comes from a variety of sources, though particular credit must be given to the following sites, which are very highly recommended.
Chris Witt/Skyliner
Jethro/UK & Ireland Airline Fleet Listings
Puget Sound - Boeing test Flights


Aegean A/L. See under Non Airline.
Aer Lingus A320 EI-CVD (1467) left Dublin on 10/8 as AP-EDD on delivery to Islamabad for Air Blue.
Air Berlin A320 D-ABNC (5252) made its first flight on 11/8 as D-AXAI. B738 D-ABBE (30881) has become VP-BEI for Orenair & was noted at Munich on 15/8 from where it flew to East Midlands on 17/8 for painting. D-ABMH (37769) made its first flight on 16/8. Also see under OLT Express Poland.
Airbus single-aisle deliveries to other customers
B-6426 A319 (5256) to Tibet A/L 17/8
B-6953 A320 (5041) to Sichuan A/L 10/8 (Tianjin assembled)
PR-MYW A320 (5240) to TAM 13/8
VH-VNQ A320 (5218) to Tiger A/W 11/8
VT-IFA A320 (5259) to IndiGo 16/8
Air China A333 B-6503 (1333) left Toulouse on 11/8 on delivery to Tianjin.
Air Finland B752 OH-AFM (25623), which became EI-EXW, was noted at Perpignan on 14/8 as 8Q-MEI for Mega Global Air Services. It left Perpignan, still in basic Air Finland scheme, for Astana on 15/8.
Air Nostrum AT72 EC-HBY (578) was ferried from Valencia to Montpellier on 15/8 on return to the lessor.
Alitalia A321 I-BIXT (0765) left Rome/Fiumicino on 17/8 on delivery to Myanmar A/W International. MD82 I-DANF (53062) left Rome/Fiumicino on 17/8 for scrapping at Tupelo, MS.
All Nippon B788 JA816A (34521) made its first flight on 11/8.
ATR deliveries to other customers
9Y-TTC AT42 (989) to Caribbean A/L 14/8
Aviatrans K A320 UR-CKA (0393 ex VR-HYO, B-HYO, G-CVYD, N393NY, I-LINF, EI-EEX, SX-SMT, EI-EEX) has become UR-MUS for Khors Air & it was ferried from Kiev/Zhuliany to Tehran on 14/8 for lease to Zagros Air.
BA Cityflyer E190 G-LCYR (19000563) was registered on 10/8 & arrived at Exeter on delivery on 12/8. It positioned from Exeter to London City on 14/8 & entered service the same day. Also see under Non Airline.
Bingo A/W is expected to add A320 SP-ACK (2645 ex VT-DKV, EI-EXO) to its fleet. Also see under Olympic Air.
Boeing single-aisle deliveries to other customers
PK-LKF B739 (38723) to Lion Air 10/8
PR-GUR B738 (38877) to Gol 16/8
VT-JFC B738 (38030) to Jet A/W 10/8
Brussels A/L. Former Frontier A320 N937FR (2400) arrived at Shannon from Marana, AZ on 16/8 & will become OO-SSB after painting.
Cathay Pacific B773 B-KQC (39236) made its first flight on 12/8.
CityJet. Four of the company's B462s have been registered to Aruba LA MIA, a private operator, under a BAe approved storage program as P4-ARI, P4-GIA, P4-LOR & P4-TIZ. The only tie-up so far known is P4-GIU (E2349) ex EI-RJL. The other aircraft involved are suspected to be EI-RJK/M/V.
Continental A/L. See under UT Air.
EAT A306F D-AEAQ (729) was ferried from Dresden to Dublin on 16/8 for painting into DHL scheme.
Embraer deliveries to other customers
B-3208 E190 (19000562) to Hebei A/L 17/8
B-3209 E190 (19000564) to China Southern 15/8
Emirates B773 A6-EGW (35601) left Paine Field on 10/8 on delivery to Dubai.
Ethiopian A/L B788 ET-AOQ (34745) left Paine Field on 15/8 on delivery to Washington/Dulles, DC from where it was flown to Addis Ababa.
Eurolot DH8D C-GOCX (4417) arrived at Warsaw on delivery on 13/8 & will become SP-EQE.
FedEx B777F N886FD (41065) made its first flight on 16/8.
Flybe DH8D G-JEDJ (4058), which was ferried to Canada recently, was cancelled from the register on 14/8.
Hi Fly is to add two former Emirates A343s to its fleet. CS-TQY (190 ex A6-ERQ) is due for delivery in September & is to be followed in October by CS-TQZ (202 ex A6-ERR).
JAL B788 JA828J (38438) made its first flight on 16/8.
Jet2 B752 G-LSAN (26635) was delivered from Southend to Leeds/Bradford on 10/8. B733 G-GDFL (28568) was delivered from Southend to Newcastle on 15/8.
Khors Air. See under Aviatrans K
LAN A/L B763 CC-BDG (41747) left Paine Field on delivery on 16/8.
Livingston A320 EI-EWO (2496 ex VT-KFC) was delivered from Woensdrecht to Pescara on 14/8.
Lufthansa Cityline B462 D-AVRP (E2303) left Cologne on 16/8 as A2-ABG on delivery to Air Botswana.
MAS A388 9M-MNB (081) left Toulouse on 10/8 on delivery to Kuala Lumpur.
Niki. See under OLT Express Poland.
Non Airline
D-ALHT A319CJ (4428) for Evergrande made an acceptance flight from Hamburg on 14/8. It became B-6435 & left Hamburg on delivery on 17/8.
G-BZAT B463 (E3320) & G-BZAX (E3356), formerly with BA Cityflyer & both currently stored at Kemble, were registered to Asian Express A/L of Tajikistan on 6/8 & will be prepared for delivery at Exeter.
G-CFJA E135BJ (14501045) was cancelled from the register on 13/8 & became PK-RJE for Dragon King prior to leaving Stansted on 17/8 on delivery.
G-CGNT B463 (E3374 ex SX-DVE) & G-CGNU (E3375 ex SE-DVF) formerly with Aegean & registered to Triangle Regional Aircraft Leasing & stored at Southend, are also due to go to Asian Express A/L & will also be prepared at Exeter. The former was ferried from Southend to Exeter on 14/8.
N279CS B733 (29337 ex G-EZYM, HB-IIK, 5N-VND) & N282CS (28558 ex G-OJTW, B-2614, N542MS, 5N-VNJ) registered to GECAS arrived at Lasham from Lagos on 16/8.
RA-73026 A319CJ (4679) for Rossiya Special Flight was delivered from Toulouse to Moscow/Vnukovo on 14/8.
Norwegian Air Shuttle B738 LN-NGC (39016) made its first flight on 16/8.
OLT Express Poland A320s SP-IAG (2668 ex OE-LEO) & SP-IAI (5115 ex OE-LEJ) were noted at Vienna on 10/8 reregistered for Niki, but still in OLT scheme. Rather bizarrely they have not taken up their old registrations, but have been registered OE-LEL & OE-LEM respectively. A320 SP-IAH (2619) & A319 SP-IBA (3865) were restored to Air Berlin at Paderborn on 17/8 as D-ABDB & D-ABGS respectively. AT42 SP-KTF (257), stored at Billund was restored to Nordic Aviation Capital as OY-PCE on 15/8.
Olympic Air A320 SX-OAQ (3748) was wet-leased to Bingo A/W from 2/8. A319 SX-OAG (3950) was ferried from Athens to Sofia on 17/8 on return to the lessor.
Orenair. See under Air Berlin.
SAS will add former Virgin Australia B737 VH-VBO (33418) to its fleet as SE-REX. It left Brisbane on 13/8 for Shanghai/Pudong.
Spanair A321 EC-INB (1946), temporarily registered EI-EUJ, made an acceptance flight for Mihin Lanka from Perpignan on 14/8 & is to become 4R-MRD. A320 EC-HXA (1497), now registered to ILFC as EI-EUS, was ferried from Dublin to Shannon on 17/8 for painting for a new operator.
Sun-Air. See under Swiss Jet.
Swiftair will add AT72 EC-LSN (192 ex PR-AZZ) to its fleet & it was ferried from Toulouse/Francazal to Billund on 17/8 prior to delivery.
Swiss Jet D328JET HB-AEU (3199) was delivered from Zurich to Billund on 8/8 for Sun-Air & registered OY-JBB on 10/8.
Thai A/W A388 HS-TUC (100) made its first flight on 13/8 as F-WWAT.
Transaero B744 N747KD (28025 ex 9V-SPQ) left Singapore on 14/8 en route to Melbourne, FL for cabin configuration & will become EI-XLO.
UPS B763F N353UP (37877) made its first flight on 10/8.
UT Air. Former Continental A/L B762 N67158 (30437) was ferried from Greensboro, MS to Shannon on 17/8 prior to delivery to UT Air.
Virgin Atlantic A333 G-VINE (1231 ex G-VINE, N771RD) was restored to the register on 13/8 & was ferried from Gatwick to Manchester for painting on 14/8.
Windjet ceased operations on 11/8 after a proposed merger with Alitalia fell through. The following aircraft have been ferried to various airports on return to the lessor.
EI-*** A320 (0542) from Malta to Dublin 15/8
EI-DFN A320 (0204) from Pisa to Malta 12/8
EI-DNP A320 (0421) from Rimini to Malta 12/8
EI-DVU A319 (0660) from Palermo to Dublin 12/8
EI-ECY A319 (2723) from Palermo to Dublin 11/8
EI-ELG A320 (0877) from Rimini to Dublin 11/8
EI-ESG A319 (2797) from Verona to Dublin 12/8
Zagros Air. See under Aviatrans K