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The end of the monopoly on the Linate-Fiumicino route: Easyjet gets 7 slots
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Easyjet will be the competitor of Alitalia on the Milan Linate – Rome Fiumicino route. U2 has won the tender for the acquisition of seven slots that the Antitrust Authority imposed to Alitalia to sell. Alitalia was the unique company which operated this route, the most important (and most profitable) route in Italy, a true golden goose.

The Authority has therefore declared that the decision will be operative from the date on which EasyJet will be able to ensure the effective launch of the service. This will allow EasyJet to compete with Alitalia offering an alternative service on the route between Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate, particularly in the morning and evening.

Meridianafly-Air Italy (which had requested to have the slots assigned to Easyjet) with a note contested the decisions approved by Antitrust "considering this absolutely unfounded and detrimental to their rights and interests."

The Antitrust decision is adopted at the end of three year period granted by the government at the time of the revival of the Italian company and the merger with Airone.

Alitalia appealed , another  time, this decision (precedent 4 appeals were dismissed) and the question will be decided on 11 th November.

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