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Maintenance / Operations procedures to reduce fuel comsumption!



When we pass through a crisis time like this one, the first thing to do is REDUCE COSTS.
In aviation business the most expensive factor is the fuel cost.

In the last 6 months the brazilian airlines are experiencing new procedures to reduce that cost.

In operations the companies are using the following actions (Fleet B737):

1 - Decreasing the APU use.
2 - After landing, shutdown the engine 1 for taxi.
3 - Start the APU only after the landing.
4 - Retarding the flaps extensions.

Besides the usual procedures to reduce fuel comsumption during Take-off, climb, cruise and landing.

The usual procedures saves a lot of fuel in a year.

In the maintenance they are reducing the run up test time, trying to perform an exelent trim in the engine system to prevent the fuel loss.

This package of procedures can reduce the fuel comsumption and save money, increasing the airline health and helping the airlines to pass nicely through that crisis.

Seeing from out of the aviation industry it seems a little bit absurd, but the actions that has been taken,  save a company without decrease the flight safety.

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World crisis is affecting Brazil's airlines.

 Brazil's airlines shows that the crisis is hard to handle.


In the last month only 4 of 14 brazilians airlines showed a profitable result, it is a sign that the crisis came strong to our economy, the decrease of a loadfactor shows that  April is a not so profitable month.

It is a preview that the future can be bleak.


I hope not, once it can destroy and ruin the aviation bussines.