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Starting a Museum # 12

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Published Thu, Aug 29 2013 8:07 AM

We ended the last blog with the following statement: "The next piece for the collection will arrive on a flatbed truck and will need a crane to be offloaded."  We had no idea when we wrote it, that something would happen twoo weeks later when we got an e-mail from the Simulator Museum in Someren Holland.
They were offering us a D-4 Link Trainer, fully operational with all manuals and a spare parts package and a Frasca 101G simulator similar to the one we got from the BC Aviation Museum recently.

 D-4 Link Trainer

We are going to focus on the D-4 Link trainer first and the museum is lucky to have a founding member in Holland who has agreed to help us with the logistics etc.

As he works for KLM we might have a chance of getting a favorable air freight price to Vancouver. if that does not materialise we will look at shipping both simulators in a container or part of a container. It all depends on price.

We also need to pay for crating the simulator/s at the museum and transport cost from Someren to shipping point as well as custom broker fees and any taxes levied on the simulators. According to the Canada Border Services we will most likely have to pay GST of 5% on the declared value which is also the fair market value. We are talking to some people about this issue and a price will be set for the simulator/s.

We are very thankful to the Dutch museum for this offer and it was good that I kept in touch with them after I visited the museum last year when I was doing research on starting a simulation museum in North America.

To get a D-4 in working condition is a scoop for the museum. I know how hard they are to find out there. I have looked for the last year and have found nothing except a Singer (not working) that was on sale at Surplus Canada. The museums around the country are holding on to their Link trainers and do not want to depart with them.

We are talking to the BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) Aerospace Technology campus about getting their students involved in the museum, as volunteers and on the board. The Dean is having a meeting this week about how they can support us and we will be reporting on the progress in our next blog. 

Our first AGM will be held on October 14th at 1:00pm at the Boundary Bay Airport, Delta BC. If you want to attend you have to sign up for a Founding Membership on our website.

Museum Website

We are also asking again if you have any simulator artefacts, photos etc. please send us an e-mail :




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