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December 2009 - Posts

What day is it?? Where am I??

Hi All;

Something different for a change to the Afghanistan run, pictures on Fotopic as per usual and Flickr .

Little did I know when I boarded TF-ELK, fresh from a C-check on Sunday morning that it would turn into something of a tour of half the world!! The schedule looks like this but could and probably will change! Abu Dhabi to Damascus with 17 show horses for a show there. Then on to Hong Kong to collect a full load then on to Dhaka, Bangladesh for a crew rest there then on to Lahore to drop the freight and then back to Dhaka for another crew rest. Then, over to Singapore to collect another load the onwards to Dammam in Saudia Arabia. A crew rest there then over to Jeddah to collect another load and down to Bamako in Mali. At the moment it should be then back to Abu Dhabi but we have been warned that it could change.

Anyway, when we got to Damascus and proceeded to turn off the runway, the nosewheel steering failed so we ended up staying in Damascus for rather longer than planned, just over two days.

TF-ELK now looking rather boring bereft of its Etihad scheme.


Abu Dhabi Sunday 29/11/09:

VT-AYC Air India Express 738.

A9C-BAU Air Arabia A320.

AP-BEH PIA 733, picture on Fotopic.

9K-CAF Jazeera A320, picture on Fotopic.


Then it was 17 horses to;

Damascus Sunday 29/11/09:

A7-ADB Qatar A320.

HZ-APD, APE Saudia MD-90’s.

YI-AQA Iraqi Airways CRJ900, picture on Fotopic.

A9C-BAV Air Arabia A320.

YK-AQB, AQF Syrianair YAK-40’s, picture on Fotopic.

5Y-AXE Ishtar Airlines 727, picture on Fotopic.

YV1004 Conviasa A340, picture on Fotopic. Must be friendly with Mr Chavez!

YK-AYF Syrianair TU-134, immaculate and picture on Fotopic.

SX-BTF, BTG SkyWings Airlines DC-9’s.

TC-ETF Saudia A321.



EC-JVO Syrian Pearl Airways 146 still impounded here.


Damascus Tuesday 01/12/09:

EC-JQG Air Europa A330, picture on Fotopic/Flickr.

A6-EIG Etihad A320.

YK-AQD, AQF Syrianair Yak-40’s.

9K-CAE Jazeera A320.

JY-JAG Jordan Aviation 767, still in full Silverbird colours.

A7-ADW Qatar A321.

A6-EKT Emirates A330.

EP-CPT Caspian Air TU-154, picture on Fotopic/Flickr.

SU-BPZ AMC 738, picture on Fotopic/Flickr.

TC-JFU Turkish 738.

F-GKXO Air France A320.

EP-MHO Mahan Air A310.

TC-OGS Saudia 757.


Hong Kong Wednesday 02/12/09:

I am sat in room number 9052 whilst writing this, it has excellent views over one side of the airport and also one runway. The bed is almost as wide as the runway!! This room is also high enough to see most of the cargo apron so with an SBS box you’re laughing.

RP-C8609 Philippines A320.

RP-C3340 Philippines A330.

RP-C7777 Philippines 777.

A6-EFE Emirates 77F.

VT-VJP Kingfisher A330.

VT-JWG, JWL Jet Airways A330’s.

9V-SQI, SWI, SWK Singapore 777’s.

9V-SKE Singapore A380.

N758SA Southern Air 742F.

D-ACGB Air Cargo Germany 744F.

N571UP, 578UP UPS 744F’s.

JA402J JAL Cargo 744F.

HS-TJH Thai 777.

HS-TEF Thai A330.

9M-MMF Malaysian 734.

9M-MRC Malaysian 777.

PH-CKB KLM Cargo 744F.

N741WA World 744F.

HL7421 Asiana 744.

P2-ANA Air Nuigini 767.

HL7608 Korean 744.

B-16828 Mandarin Airlines E190.

A7-AFP Qatar A330.

C-FIUJ Air Canada 777.

ZS-OKG Air New Zealand 772.

VH-QPC, QPJ Qantas A330’s.

TF-AMI Saudia/AAI 744F.

TF-ELK Air Atlanta A300F, my ride.

HS-PGN Bangkok Airways A319.

VT-EJJ Air India A310.

D-AIHT Lufthansa A340.

N527FE, 596FE Fedex MD-11F’s.

N700CK Kalitta 747F.

VQ-BFX Air Bridge Carriers 744F, all white with titles.

HB-JMH Swiss A340.

N119UA, 174UA United 744’s.

F-GSPX Air France 772.

G-GSSC Global Supply Systems 744F.

B-3903 Deerjet 125.


Hong Kong Thursday 03/12/09:

I have included one picture on Fotopic/Flickr of the freight apron taken from room 9052 in the Regal to give you an idea of the view.

N831NW Delta A330.

JA617A, 618A ANA 767’s.

HL7480 Korean 744.

B-LDA, LDB, LDC, LDD, LDE, LDF, LDG Air Hong Kong A300F’s.

3B-NBL Air Mauritius A330, new scheme and picture on Fotopic/Flickr.

F-GUOC Air France 77F.

N128UA United 744.

VT-JWQ Jet Airways A330.

RP-C3240 Cebu Pacific A320.

HS-ABC Air Asia A320.

9V-SFB, SFN Singapore Cargo 744F’s.

RP-C7777 Philippines 777, picture on Fotopic/Flickr.

9V-JSH Jetstar A320.

OH-LQE Finnair A340.

C-FIVR Air Canada 773.

PH-CKD KLM Cargo 744F.

9V-SWM Singapore 773.

B-MAG, MAQ Air Macau A321’s.

HS-TGZ Thai 744,

N50KC G5.

B-KGP G550.

N818HK G550?, not in my Db.

N338MM G4.

B-8020 Da2000.

N888FR G4.

N68888 CL605, not in my Db.

B-LIM G550, picture o Fotopic/Flickr.

B-8085 G200.

B-KVC G550.


B-LSS G200.

B-KID G550.

M-ODKZ Da900.

N452PA Polar 744F.

N740CK Kalitta 744F.

HL7721 Korean 777.

JA8356 ANA 767F.

RP-C-8605 Philippines A320.

B-HSH A320 ex Dragonair outside HAECO, all white fuselage Orange engines and tail.

Dhaka and Lahore next...