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Missing PDF Files

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DeccanAviator Posted: Tue, Jul 21 2009 12:42 AM

I am missing the following pdf files in the archives page of

1. All issues from October 1970 to December 1970, in particular the Dec. '70 issueSleep that reported Caledonian's takeover of BUA.

2. Aspecific issue (either first 2 weeks of July 1987 or last 2 weeks of June '87) that carried an article entitled the "Caledonian punchbag" (or something similar). It was about BCal, just about 2 weeks prior to the announcement of their takeover by BA.

I wanted to read upon those articles and do some research related to the topics mentioned.

Can anyone help?

How do we make sure that the relevant staff at reed Business Publications, who I believe are the owners of flightglobal (and Flight International) take note of this post so that they can add the requested files to their collection of publicly accessible pdf online files in the archives section?

Will they notify my when the job is done?

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