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50 Hour Check on C-46 Commando

50 Hour Check on C-46 Commando
posted by flyvertosset
Mon, Oct 18 2010

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This plane is one of two that still flies with Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife NWT. They deliver food and supplies to 5 settlements and villages north of Yellowknife and do this 5 days a week. Getting a 50 hour check. 

The Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp is a two-row, 18-cylinder, air-cooled radial aircraft engine with a displacement of 2,804 in³ (46 L), and is part of the long-lived Wasp family.

The R-2800 is considered one of the premier radial piston engines ever designed and is notable for its widespread use in many important American aircraft during and after World War II. During the war years, Pratt & Whitney continued to develop new ideas to upgrade this already powerful workhorse, most notably water injection to give emergency power in combat.