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Lycoming R-680E Radial

Lycoming R-680E Radial
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Sat, Oct 30 2010

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Lycoming claims to have been founded in 1845 by "Madame Ellen Curtis Demorest",however, the early history of the company (especially prior to 1860) is unclear.Biographer Ishbel Ross notes that the marriage of Ellen Louise Curtis to William Jennings Demorest took place in 1858, somewhat later than the purported date of establishment of the company. In New York, New York, between c. 1860 and 1887, the Demorests published fashion magazines and operated the Demorest Fashion and Sewing-Machine Company producing "Madame Demorest" and "Bartlett & Demorest" sewing machines and selling Ellen Demorest's innovative paper patterns for dressmaking. During this period, Ellen Demorest patented several fashion accessories, while her husband patented improvements to sewing machines and an apparatus for the vulcanization of rubber. In the 1930s,

 Lycoming made a number of attempts to develop successful high-power aircraft engines. The 1200 hp (895 kW) O-1230 was Lycoming's attempt to produce an engine based on the USAAC's hyper engine concept, and used a variety of features to produce nearly 1 hp/in3 (46 kW/L) of engine displacement. However, by the O-1230's entry into service, it had been surpassed by other designs and the US$500?000 investment was not recouped. Another attempt was made to rescue the design by stacking two O-1230s to make the 2300 hp (1700 kW) H engine H-2470 but the only design to use it, the P-54, never entered production. The Curtiss XF14C was originally intended to be powered by the H-2470, but the engine's poor performance led to the adoption of an alternative radial engine on the prototype. (The XF14C did not enter production.)