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Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company

Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company
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Fri, Dec 17 2010

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The Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company was formed in 1929 in Philadelphia. Later the company moved to Pottstown, Pennsylvania. An early product was a small 55 hp 3 cylinder engine. By 1933, Jacobs had developed its most famous engine, the L-4 seven-cylinder radial; it was better known as by its military designation, the R-755.Later developments included the 285 hp L-5 or R-830 (5.5x5=831.54/13.627L), and 330 hp L-6 or R-15 (5.5x5.5=914.696/14.989L).Jacobs engines were fitted to many US-built aircraft of the inter-wars period, including several Waco models. After World War II, Jacobs became a division of Republic Industries (not Republic Aircraft).