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BMW 132E Radial

BMW 132E Radial
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Fri, Apr 22 2011

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The BMW 132 was a nine-cylinder radial aircraft engine produced by BMW starting in 1933.

BMW took over the license for manufacturing air-cooled radial engines from US aircraft manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company on 3 January 1928. The nine-cylinder model Pratt & Whitney Hornet was initially manufactured virtually unchanged under the designation BMW Hornet. Soon BMW embarked on its own development. The result was the BMW 132 that went into production in 1933, which was essentially an improved version of the Hornet engine. A number of different versions were built. Aside from the carburettor designs used mainly in civilian aircraft, versions with direct fuel injection were manufactured for the German Luftwaffe. The engines had a displacement of 27.7 liters and generated up to 1,200 PS (880 kW)[citation needed], depending on model.