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Shvetsov Ash-62 in a Lisunov Li-2

Shvetsov Ash-62 in a Lisunov Li-2
posted by flyvertosset
Thu, Nov 24 2011

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Shvetsov Ash-62 installed in a Lisunov Li-2.

Shvetsov was a Soviet design bureau founded in Perm, USSR, in 1934, to produce the Wright Cyclone-derived Shvetsov M-25. Originally headed by A.D. Shvetsov, the OKB became the primary provider of radial piston engines for Soviet aircraft industry (Mikulin's and Klimov's OKB were assigned to creation of in-line engines). After the founder's death in 1953, the OKB was taken over by Pavel Soloviev.

The Lisunov Li-2, originally designated PS-84 (NATO reporting name: Cab), was a license-built version of the Douglas DC-3. It was produced by the GAZ-84 works at Moscow-Khimki, and subsequently at GAZ-33 at Tashkent-Vostochn. The project was directed by aeronautical engineer Boris Pavlovich Lisunov.

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