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Ghana Airways cmmence training by Orville in Women in Aviation
14 March 1960 - Eight African girls who are to be receptionists for Ghana Airways. They start training...
Thu, Jun 9 2011 83 0
Someone from home by Orville in Women in Aviation
9 Aug 1960 - Britain's Queen of Beauty Joyce Kay of Liverpool is greeted by a compatriot TWA...
Tue, Jun 7 2011 46 0
BOAC stewardess Olivia Cheng stars in airline trainee film by Orville in Women in Aviation
30 May 1963 Olivia Cheng, a Hong Kong based BOAC stewardess. Photo caption taped to the back of...
Tue, Jun 7 2011 161 0
RAF Top Gun by apgphoto in The Need for Speed -from the fast to the furious, speed is of the essence here
So its not an F14 "Top Gun" but these guys are certainly best at low level, an RAF Tornado...
Fri, Oct 5 2007 121 1
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