Mixed fortunes #1: even budgies feel the heat

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Mixed fortunes #1: even budgies feel the heat
posted by EnoAeroPics
Sun, Dec 4 2011

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This year's theme for the Flight fronty cover competition is "The essence of thisdgreat industry". The essence this year is, I think, that fortunes are mixed, with growth in some areas and slowdown in others. I selected four images to reflect or symbolize developments in four areas: passenger airlines, business aviation, cargo carriers and the helicopter industry. Large intercontinental airlines in  the west are confronted with mounting losses and dropping share prices. Budget carriers are still doing relatively well, but they are threatened by the prospect of a double dip in the economy and governmental budget cuts that will bite into the income of private individuals, who may postpone leisure activities, including holdidays. Even airlines in the eastern hemisphere, where growth has been huge, face a slowdown as demand from westerrn countries drops. This first image in my series shows the last passengers boarding a flight of budget carrier (budgie for short) Ryanair at Eindhoven airport in The Netherlands (EHEH) on 30 June 2011. The aircraft is Boeing 737-8AS c/n 33546/ln1269 EI-DAH.

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