Historical image

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Historical image
posted by Beaver
Wed, Jul 1 2009

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rapier wrote re: Historical image
on Wed, Jul 8 2009 5:42 PM


Fiat C.R. 20 (Idro) .....

The Fiat C.R. 20

On the Italian stand in the annexe is also exhibited an

Italian service machine, the Fiat C.R.20, fitted with 450 h.p. Fiat engine.

This machine, although of Fiat design, was,we understand, constructed by the Macchi factories. Certainly the very beautifully-made wooden floats were made by that firm.

The machine, concerning which, unfortunately, but little information can be obtained, is a single-seater

fighter, of all-metal construction with the exception of the floats, and is unusual in that it has rigid wing bracing in the form of a Warren girder.

The floats bear strong evidence of Schneider Trophy influence in their design, and indicate how raring has, in this instance, taught the constructors something which can be applied to a service type of machine.

The Fiat C.R.20 shows the usual broad and flat nose radiator which one associates with the machines of this firm, and is very like a machine exhibited at one of the Paris Aero Shows, when, however, the fighter exhibited was a landplane.

(From "Flight" July 18, 1929)