Historical image

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Historical image
posted by Beaver
Wed, Jul 1 2009

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Varese2002 wrote re: Historical image
on Thu, Sep 17 2009 10:48 AM

An overview of the Olympia Aero Show 1913 (London). Presumably a series of overview shots were made and this one fall off. Another one was placed, giving more of a view of the Royal Aero Club Model Section.


To be seen from left to right are a Caudron Tractor Biplane (G.3), the unique Porter Helicoptere and the Breguet Biplane.

Varese2002 wrote re: Historical image
on Sun, Sep 27 2009 12:46 PM

See also


for a description of the fourth machine of Robertson Porter, the Gyroparachute (powered by a 50 hp Gnôme)