Sopwith Pup

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Sopwith Pup
posted by Beaver
Wed, Jul 1 2009

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apgphoto wrote re: Historical image
on Mon, Jul 6 2009 12:04 PM

Shuttleworth Collection's Sopwith Pup

hardingj58 wrote re: Sopwith Pup
on Sat, Jul 18 2009 10:08 AM

The basic design was developed into a litde two-seater, known as the Dove, which was produced in some numbers in 1919. All the Doves save one had slightly swept-back wings of only 25ft span. The straightwing Dove, registered G-EBKY, was rebuilt to resemble a Pup by Warden Aviation, Ltd., in 1936, and is still flying today (010154), wearing the serial number N.5180. This machine differs from the true Pup design in several ways, however, and is not a wholly accurate reproduction of the original Pup N.5180.