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African Girls for Stewardesses by Maverick in Women in Aviation
Six South African girls training at London Airport to become BOAC stewardesses. Published 26th April...
Thu, Jun 30 2011 397 0
Africa sends some Potted Sunshine by Maverick in Women in Aviation
Air receptionist Joan Bray of Epsom, Surrey admires some native hand painted Central African Gourds...
Thu, Jun 30 2011 65 0
BOAC's newest glamour girl by Orville in Women in Aviation
3 Feb 1965 - The fastest girl in town has started working for BOAC. She's called Cindie (Collins...
Tue, Jun 7 2011 148 0
BOAC stewardess Olivia Cheng stars in airline trainee film by Orville in Women in Aviation
30 May 1963 Olivia Cheng, a Hong Kong based BOAC stewardess. Photo caption taped to the back of...
Tue, Jun 7 2011 161 0
Farnborough Air Show - Flight van by Orville in Historical Farnborough Airshows
Spot the Flight van.
Tue, Jul 13 2010 218 0
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