Oshkosh 2008

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Oshkosh 2008
posted by Orville
Fri, Aug 1 2008

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dakota67 wrote re: Oshkosh 2008
on Sat, Aug 2 2008 11:58 PM

Ah yes...the magnificent "D" model of the North American P-51. In fact they were almost as magnificent as the Vought F4U-4 Corsair! Do I hear gasps of shock and outcries of horror? Who is this upstart South Pacific Richard Cranium who dares to even suggest thet there was a better performing mass-produced WWII single-engined combat aircraft? Well, castigate me if you will. But perhaps first take a look at my my blogsite and ponder before you consign me to ye merrie olde Tower of Londonium. And if not convinced as to the veracity of my outrageous viewpoint; well may I be forgiven and pardoned...and is there honey still for tea???